Time for the Ugly Truth to come out?

Pretty much everyone with more than two functional braincells has known for a very long time that Moonbeam Browns High Speed Train to Nowhere was never going to be built. Yes, it is one of those dirty little secrets that is and has been right out in the open all along. California has the highest per capita concentration of batshit crazy enviro-Nazi’s on earth. We can’t even get these Marxist imbeciles to allow us to build desalination plants to provide California with fresh drinking water, who in God’s name ever thought they would go along with a high speed train?

Well, Moonbeam and his Marxist cohorts pushed the high speed train to nowhere even knowing that the environmental crowd would object, protest and file enough lawsuits to ensure that it would never get built. So, knowing this, one absolutely must logically ask… WHY?

The answer, sadly is painfully obvious. Graft and corruption. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent on various “Studies” and they can’t even come up with a route that doesn’t go from nowhere to nowhere. The Democrat strangle hold on California is nowhere as strong as most people think. The Democrats used every illegal trick in the book to gerrymander California in such a manner as to give them political control of the State. But that control is a lot more tenuous than either the Democrats or the Fifth Column Treasonous Media let on.

The simple truth about California politics is this, most Californian’s are…. apolitical. To make matters even worse, they are the stereotypical poster children for the term “Low Information Voters”. In other words, easily swayed by flashy highly deceptive television commercials aired just days before any election. Throw in around 5 million illegal immigrates from Mexico, a damned surprising percentage of whom cast votes in California (for whomever the Democrats tell them to of course) and the democrats manage to retain a very comfortable margin of fraud here.

Are California Democrats abandoning Gov. Brown’s beloved high-speed rail boondoggle?

The latest indication that Gavin Newsom wants to succeed fellow Democrat Jerry Brown as California’s governor is his public denunciation of the increasingly unpopular bullet train project, which Mr. Newsom once supported.

“I would take the dollars and redirect it to other, more pressing infrastructure needs, and I am not the only Democrat that feels this way,” said Mr. Newsom, the state’s lieutenant governor, in radio interview last week. And I’ve got to tell you, I am one of the few that just said it publicly.” …

“We don’t have the federal dollars that we were hoping for—only about $3 billion has come forward. The private sector hasn’t stepped up,” the lieutenant governor noted. …

The goal of Mr. Newsom’s ostensibly well-meaning criticism of the governor, then as now, is to present himself as the level-headed, honest guy in Sacramento. But the lieutenant governor, a rising star in the party, is also transparently aligning himself with public opinion.


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