File this under: Stupid is as stupid does.

Ben Affleck is an actor, period, that is his field of expertise. But like most Hollyweird super stars, riddled with guilt over the enormous success her has earned for not actually doing anything of substance, Ben feels it necessary justify his success by portray (the only thing that he actually knows how to do) himself as a human rights activist. the money and adulation that has come along with his fame and success in the movie industry has addled poor Ben brain, and quiet frankly, left him unable to distinguish fantasy (the place where he makes his living) from reality.

Dear Ben, it seems, took a few short days out of his demanding schedule to visit a third world nation, do some publicity shoots, make symbolic token charity work and basically pimp himself out for publicity reasons. Now in typical Hollyweird parlance, Ben has become an expert on the Congo. After all, that is how it works in Hollyweird, if you play a scientist in a movie, bingo bango bongo, you’re a fricking scientist. Never mind the fact that you have never taken a single physical science course in your entire life, Hollyweird magic transforms you into a scientist.

Exclusive: Ben Affleck to Testify Before Congress as an Africa Expert

With a vicious spate of mass killings plaguing the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a Senate panel is calling on experts to appear before U.S. lawmakers next week. One of them is Hollywood actor and serial activist Ben Affleck, The Cable has learned.

Affleck is slated to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee next Wednesday to discuss the troubled central African country of 75 million people. The Argo director has shown a keen interest in Congo in recent years through his philanthropic organization, the Eastern Congo Initiative. But not everyone thinks Affleck’s resume qualifies him to testify on Capitol Hill. When the Seattle-based advisory firm working for Affleck, WilliamsWorks, tried to set up a similar event in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives, Republicans did not accept, according to a Congressional aide familiar with the matter. “It was floated and turned down,” said the aide.

It’s unclear if Republicans declined due to scheduling issues or philosophical differences. One GOP aide at the House Foreign Affairs Committee said the meeting would be inappropriate given the wide offering of other experts available to speak on the issue. “People serious about resolving problems – especially problems related to life and death – want to have serious conversations with experts and leaders in the field; not celebrities,” the aide said. Defending Affleck’s presence, a separate aide said it doesn’t have to be an “either-or decision,” noting that experts could speak alongside the actor during a hearing. “I think there’s value in having someone like Ben there,” said the aide. “He’s pretty invested in the issue.”

Other experts who will be appearing before the Senate panel on Wednesday include Russell Feingold, the U.S. special envoy for the Great Lakes region and Congo; Roger Meece, former U.S. ambassador to Congo; and Raymond Gilpin, the National Defense University’s academic dean.*

On the other hand, Ben Affleck is by profession a professional paid liar. That is after all, what acting is, it is compromised of individuals, who are paid to lie convincingly enough that the average person is willing to suspend their disbelief for the duration of the movie they are watching. Most actual experts on pretty much any subject, simply cannot hold a candle to the like of Ben Affleck when it come to giving a first rate stellar performance on behalf of whatever cause they are supporting. Ben will be able to go before congress and give an Oscar winning dramatic performance in support of… whatever, not because he is an expert on, well anything other than acting, but because, as a highly skilled successful professional actor, that is what he is an expert at.


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