File this one under: Hmmmm

Ok, this particular idea has been floating around in one form or another for well over 100 years. What idea is that you ask? The notion of dividing California up into multiple smaller States. While the idea is surprisingly popular among the citizens of California, don’t bet your farm on it ever happening. The Democrats own California lock, stock and barrel, they didn’t violate just about every law on the books gaining that control over California (and the 8th most powerful economy on earth) just to allow the citizens of California to take it back away from them by dividing the State up into smaller States where they would no longer have complete control.

Plan To Split California Into Six States Gets OK To Gather Signatures

SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) – Supporters of a plan to divide California into six sates can begin collecting signatures to get the proposal on the ballot.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen announced that the proposed ballot initiative – known as Six Californias – could move forward Tuesday.

Under the plan, from venture capitalist Tim Draper, most of the Bay Area would be considered “Silicon Valley.” Napa, Sonoma and Marin Counties would become part of “North California.”

Valid voter signatures are needed from 800,000 to put the measure on the ballot statewide.

Even if voters approve the plan, it would face an uphill battle in congress.

“If the federal government approves the proposed creation of six new states, all tax collections and spending by the existing State of California would end, with its assets and liabilities divided among the new states. Decisions by appointed commissioners and elected leaders would determine how taxes, public spending, and other public policies would change for the new states and their local governments,” reads the summary from Bowen’s office.


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