You can now add Dr Michio Kaku to the imbecile list.

Today, on a personal note, is a day of intense sadness for me. Dr Michio Kaku, professor of Physic’s at New York City College, exposed himself to be a High Priest of the Cargo Science Cult, rather than an actual Physicist. I have for many years enjoyed watching Dr Kaku deliver talks designed to bring the more complex concepts of Physics down to a level understandable by regular everyday people who just happen to be lacking a degree in Physics. One of the Gold standards of truth in Physics is, that while the math behind the laws of physics might be complex and difficult to understand, what the math describes in physical terms really isn’t incomprehensible to most people. In fact, unless you are talking about quantum physics, it’s mostly common sense.

Dr Michio Kaku has committed a genuinely grievous transgression in purely scientific terms. This transgression is why I am now tragically forced to move Dr Kaku into the column of High Priest of the Cargo Science Cult. What is the transgression you ask? Dr. Kaku has stepped significantly outside his field of expertise while at the same time employing his position as an expert in his field to provide a position of authority to make assertions for which he is unqualified to make. This is commonly known as an appeal to authority logic fallacy. It is a fundamental logic flaw that no genuinely serious scientist should ever fall for, nor allow themselves to be placed in by other seeking to advance their ideological position.

CBS Blames Global Warming for Bad Winter

During the February 13 broadcast of CBS This Morning, host Charlie Rose and his guest turned to the topic of this year’s harsh winter, calling the extreme cold an example of global warming.

Guest Michio Kaku, a physics professor from New York City College–not a climatologist, but a physicist–claimed that the “wacky weather” could get “even wackier” and its all because of global warming. “What we’re seeing is that the jet stream and the polar vortex are becoming unstable. Instability of historic proportions. We think it’s because of the gradual heating up of the North Pole. The North Pole is melting,” professor Kaku said.

“That excess heat generated by all this warm water is destabilizing this gigantic bucket of cold air… So that’s the irony, that heating could cause gigantic storms of historic proportions,” the prof explained.

This was all because of global warming, Rose insisted.

Kaku went on to say that the weather “instabilities” we are seeing are because of the “erratic nature of the jet stream” and the “polar vortex.”

Kaku also said that it is too late to change any of this:

Well, the bad news is that the north polar region continues to rise in temperature, it seems to be irreversible at a certain point, so we may have to get used to a new normal. That is, a north polar region that is melting, causing more instability in this bucket, causing more things to spill out, which means more extremes. Some winters could be very mild, other winters could be horrendous.

According to The Weather Channel, the Polar Vortex is not the sort of weather system that directly affects the surface. In fact, the polar vortex is an upper atmosphere system, not one that impacts directly on the surface of the earth.

Further, the idea that the polar vortex has become “unstable” is not necessarily true.The Weather Channel notes that the upper atmosphere system sometimes shifts, helping to sweep weather systems in the lower atmosphere to drift far afield from more common patterns.

CBS Host Norah O’Donnell also took the occasion of the discussion to claim that 2014 will be the hottest summer ever.

In making the assertions that he made for CBS, Dr Kaku firmly placed himself on the pedestal right next to the disgraced scientist and Nobel Prize wining physist, Dr William Bradford Shockley Jr. Like Dr Kaku, Dr Shockley stepped outside of his area of expertise while employing his position of authority as a Nobel wining Physicist to justify his assertions for which he had no scientific credentials. In Dr Shockley’s case, Dr Shockley attempted to make the assertion that intellectual capacity was an entirely a function of genetic ethnicity.

While it is heart breaking to see Dr Kaku parroting the Marxist Ponzi scheme of Global Warming, one must always keep in mind, that scientists are human beings they are not infallible, nor are they God’s. What is painfully obvious here is that Dr, Kaku has fallen to for Marxist/Socialist propaganda. He has drunk the kool-aid as it were, and in so doing, cast so much of his previous work into doubt.

One of if not the primary reason that actual genuine scientists are so careful not to do what Dr. Shockley and now Dr Kaku have done, is that once you step outside your field of expertise and start making pronouncement while clinging to the mantle of your expertise, is that now having proven that you lack a fundamental grasp of the most basic of logic, it cast doubts upon any work that you might have accomplished in your field of expertise. In other words, if this individuals can make this significant and profound of an error in logic how can the veracity of any of his work be considered valid, without it being examined in excruciatingly detail.

Everything Dr Kaku has ever done in the field of physics has basically been cast into doubt. If he lacks the fundamental grasp of logic that should have prevented him from falling into the appeal to authority logic fallacy, then where else has his failure in logic led to his making unfounded and egregious assertions based on similar failures in basic logic.


4 thoughts on “You can now add Dr Michio Kaku to the imbecile list.

  1. “In fact, unless you are talking about quantum physics, it’s mostly common sense.”

    ^^ Yes, everything is (mostly) common sense – unless it isn’t. So, we have some incredible (even unbelievable) things that we know of – not to mention the undiscovered – from the small, micro, to the large, macro.

    For example, we think that we know that electrons DISAPPEAR and reappear, that they can exists at the two places at the same time (what matter can, are sub-atomic particles -even- matter; & if they aren’t, why can’t they move faster than the speed of light, for example, as there is no infinite weight-energy requirements in that case), then if it’s true that space is expanding at an exponential rate – and there, really, is a horizon beyond which that expansion occurs faster than the speed of light…

    You know, there are questions-and-answers which will, apparently, never have a resolution (at least, not one capable of human understanding, right) and a scientist must have an open mind – anyone, really – in order to be able to reach new knowledge – also correct?

    So, if we’re to put a label on one of the greatest minds alive, then – what are we doing.

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