Stupidity in Spades.

Switzerland is being cast as an oppressive xenophobic nation of bigots by leaders of the European Union and the useless imbeciles running the New York Slimes. Why? Because a majority of Swiss citizen have dared to do the unthinkable. In a recent referendum, Swiss voters have decided to protect Swiss sovereignty. The Swiss have decided to place greater restrictions on who can immigrate to Switzerland and who can work in Switzerland. In short, the Swiss have taken the unprecedented action of deciding that it is the right and prerogative of, that’s right, of the Swiss themselves to decide who can be Swiss, or who can be in their country.

Swiss Immigration Vote Raises Alarm Across Europe

BERLIN — Swiss and European leaders reacted warily on Monday to Swiss voters’ narrow approval of a proposal to limit the number of foreigners allowed to live and work in Switzerland.

A bare majority voted in a referendum on Sunday to cut immigration quotas and require that Swiss nationals be given priority in hiring. The result could have far-reaching implications for relations between Switzerland and the 28-member European Union, of which it is not a member.

Laurent Fabius, France’s foreign minister, said Monday that the European Union would have to reconsider its relationship with Switzerland.

“It is a vote that causes concern because it means that Switzerland wants to withdraw into itself,” Mr. Fabius told RTL radio.
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Viviane Reding, vice president of the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, told the BBC that Switzerland could not “pick and choose” among its agreements with the bloc, adding, “it is a whole package they have signed up to.” She said that the Swiss government must now explain how it intends to apply the results of the referendum.

That warning was echoed by other European officials. “We have been extremely clear about what it means to have free movement of people as part of our overall agreement with Switzerland, and we have established that this is an initiative that does run counter to the principle of free movement of people between the European Union and Switzerland,” Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen, a spokeswoman for the European Commission, told reporters in Brussels on Monday. She added, “so now what we will have to do is judge the consequences of this for our relations with Switzerland.”

She stressed that free movement was an element of the bilateral agreements with Switzerland, adding that any breach of the principle “will have implications in our relations with Switzerland.”

While staying outside the European Union, Switzerland, which is surrounded by countries that are members of the bloc, has opted to increase cooperation with the bloc. Its ties are governed by around 100 bilateral agreements, based on a free trade deal struck in 1972. That leaves it potentially vulnerable to retaliation from the bloc.

European Union foreign ministers were expected to meet on Monday in Brussels and were expected to have further comments on the Swiss vote.

In Switzerland, Simonetta Sommaruga, the justice minister, in comments Sunday to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, called the outcome “a pivotal decision with far-reaching consequences” that reflected a growing unease about a rising population of immigrants in recent years.

Switzerland has one of the highest proportions of foreigners in Europe, amounting to about 27 percent of the country’s population of roughly eight million. Many job seekers have arrived from countries hit hard by the European economic crisis.

In neighboring Germany, Switzerland’s largest trading partner, Wolfgang Schäuble, the pro-European finance minister, said the vote must be viewed as a signal for politicians elsewhere in Europe.

“I think that we all have to take this very seriously,” Mr. Schäuble, who has spent decades working toward tighter European integration, told the German public network ARD. “We regret this decision. It will cause a lot of difficulties for Switzerland.”

The referendum on the changes to the country’s liberal immigration law was a rebuke to the Swiss government, the banking industry and business leaders, who had lobbied against the restrictions, warning that such a move could endanger Switzerland’s prosperity.

The admonitions failed to drown out the warnings of the rightist Swiss People’s Party, which introduced the referendum, saying it was necessary if Switzerland was to retain its identity in the face of immigration.

The European Union leadership is comprised as a majority of openly Socialist/Marxists individuals, whom nearly to the individual suffer from the Diversity Multicultural psychological disorder. And while the officials quoted go on in considerable detail to reference inter-European Union immigration, in typical Socialist/Marxist diversity multicultural dishonesty, they specifically and intentionally leave out the real impetus for Switzerland and the other nations of Northern Europe where strict immigration reforms are growing movements.

Let me spell it out in no uncertain terms… Islamic invasion. These countries where stricter immigration regulation movements are gaining strength, are nations that have faced constantly increasing levels of Islamic immigration, and with those Muslims immigrates, massively increased crime levels specific to those Muslim Immigrates. The vast majority of those Muslim immigrants simply refuse to integrate into the societies of their new host nations. They consider the laws, morals and ethics of their host nations as not applying to them, and bring violence and crime with them on a scale that nations like Switzerland or the Netherlands have never had to endure before.

The Swiss have therefore decided that it is in Switzerland’s national interests to restrict immigration to individuals much more carefully vetted to integrate into Swiss society, likewise the same applies to those allowed to work in Switzerland. Switzerland has decided that for the good of Switzerland, the Swiss should be given preferential treatment in employment opportunities, and their culture protected from outside damaging influences.

If, like the New York Slimes or the European Union leaders you suffer from the suicidal diversity multicultural psychological disorder, then Switzerland’s actions seem like a criminal xenophobic bigoted attempt at nationalism. When in truth, Switzerland’s actions are nothing less or more than a sovereign nation exercising it’s inalienable right to national sovereignty.


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