Is this the beginning of America’s Gestapo midnight raids?

Thanks to Edward Snowden just about every American knows that the United States Government is spying on American citizens in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. They track our phone calls, email, and pretty much anything we post on the internet without needing probable cause or a search warrant. The authorization for these actions are rulings from a Secret Court whose ruling are Top Secret and unchallengeable by any citizen for any reason what-so-ever.

We are told by a supposedly benevolent Federal Government, that these actions are being taken in our “Best Interests”. That with regard to the actions of the NSA, the FBI and the IRS, we are told that we need to sit down and shut up because our fearless and righteous leaders know what is best for us and we just aren’t smart enough or well enough informed to make reasonable or rational decisions on these matters.

Is this the future that we have to look forward to? Is this what Barack Obama was really talking about when he promised to “Fundamentally Transform” America? Have we become the new East Germany complete with our very own version of the Stasi?


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