Watch out for the Squirrel.

House Speaker John Boehner has recently had to backtrack on his intended backstabbing of the country. Many pundits and writers have expressed frustration and curiosity as to why Boehner would be so determined to push amnesty at a time when the GOP is positioned to take control of the Senate. The answer is hidden in John Boehner’s previous actions. In 2010 the house saw an influx of TEA Party congressmen and women that significantly altered the balance of political power within the GOP. As these new Representatives exercised their new political clout, the GOP became decidedly more conservative. John Boehner’s response was to strip TEA Party congressmen and women from positions where they could exercise their considerably more conservative principals.

Make no mistake about it, John Boehner might be a Republican, but he is no conservative, nor is he a friend to any conservative. A political shift to the right, towards a more conservative stature represents a clear and present threat to John Boehner’s political ideology. Conservatives are taking over the GOP and that threatens John Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s power base, and they are bound and determined to prevent that from happening, even if doing so means scuttling the chances of the GOP taking control of the Senate in Nov. As far as Boehner and McConnell are concerned, losing control of the GOP to Conservative TEA Party individuals is a worse fate than the Senate remaining under the control of the Democrats.

How the Tea Party Cornered John Boehner on Immigration

Wednesday morning at a small meeting of conservative House members called the Conservative Opportunity Society, the topic was immigration—specifically, John Boehner. Despite the loud protestations of his rank-and-file, the House Speaker had come back from the the GOP’s retreat in Cambridge, Maryland seemingly determined as ever to get amnesty legislation to the floor in 2014.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen laid it out in blunt terms. “I can’t think of a stupider thing for the Republicans to do,” Rasmussen told the assembled lawmakers (he thinks the GOP should tackle immigration reform in 2015, after the midterms).

Only 24 hours later, the Ohio Republican finally relented, abruptly hitting the brakes on his immigration push.

Boehner told reporters that distrust of Obama was an insurmountable hurdle to bringing forward legislation. The real story of Boehner’s sudden reticence was the building fury of hardline amnesty opponents in Congress and the grassroots activists who had been melting the Capitol phone lines.

And while it would be deeply naïve to believe the push for amnesty is dead, Boehner’s retreat Thursday was just the latest time his conservative critics have been able to thwart his determined push to tackle the issue since the 2012 elections.

In the weeks leading up to the big reveal of Boehner’s immigration “principles,” anti-amnesty groups like the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), NumbersUSA, and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) had begun revving up their messaging machines. Heritage Action’s website began filling itself with anti-amnesty posts. Tea Party Patriots leaders began bashing the GOP leadership, with co-founder Jenny Beth Martin hawking the group’s petition.

On Wednesday, grassroots group ForAmerica launched a Facebook campaign urging activists to call Boehner’s office. The result? 5,500 phone calls in 24 hours with the message “no secret deals on amnesty,” the group’s spokesman said.

In the middle of it all, conservative war horse Phyllis Schlafly dropped her own bomb, issuing a report with the thesis that immigration reform would result in the demographic extinction of the GOP.

The Fifth Column Treasonous Media spent much of 2010, 11 and 12 doing every reprehensible thing they could conceive of to demonize the TEA Party folks. The success of their efforts cannot be over stated, so successful were they, that even normally rational conservatives fell for their lies and propaganda in incomprehensible numbers. The media was aided and abetted by Boehner and McConnell, which accounts for a significant percentage of their success in deceiving conservatives and rank and file Republicans that the TEA Party folks were evil incarnate.

There is simply no way to say this so that it is over stated or exaggerated, it is not bombastic hyperbolic rhetoric in any way shape or form. Propaganda works. Not only does it work, but every singles human being is subject to it’s influence, regardless of your political persuasion or intellectual gravitas. Most importantly, you are subject to it every single waking hour of ever single day of your life. Every singles thing that you think you know has been subtly influenced by propaganda from someone.

Tragically, most people reading this will take offense at this revelation, you will instead retreat into the fantasy that you are the exception, you are not manipulated by political propaganda, and are a free thinking individual capable of recognizing attempts to manipulate you by others. Reality on the other hand couldn’t be further from the truth. EVERYONE (and yes, that even means me) is subject to political manipulation via propaganda, the key, is to know and acknowledge that this is true, and work to discover where and how you have been manipulated. To understand what propaganda you have fallen for and how that propaganda has affected your actions and principals, ethics and morals.

Example 1) if you think that TEA Party individuals are extremists, far right wing nuts, untrustworthy or puppets for certain segments of the Republican Party, then you have fallen for anti-TEA Party propaganda. In short, you have been deceived by various individuals and groups attempting to ensure that the leadership of the GOP remains in the hands of Center-left moderate Republicans.

Example 2) If you think that Sarah Palin is a quitter, a publicity hound, vapid empty headed wannabe cult of personality reality star only interested in lining her pockets, who has no real accomplishments or leadership skills, again, you have been deceived and manipulated to an embarrassing and shameful degree.

Those of you, whether conservative or liberal, lacking the intellectual gravitas to perform a fearless and searching moral inventory will dismiss these examples as ridicules hyperbolic rhetoric. Nobody wants to think, let alone admit that they were deceived and manipulated into betraying their most deeply held and cherished morals, ethics and principals. It goes against all human nature to do this, for most people, it is utterly impossible. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, it’s a Grand Canyon that runs as deep and wide as the Valles Marineris through the human psyche, through your psyche and mine.

The only difference between you and me here, is that I am aware of this fact and acknowledge it as a reality. I know that I am being lied to and manipulated on a daily basis, I know that I fall for the propaganda all to often. I make a conscience effort as ask, who profits if I believe this to be true. It’s not enough, to as the saying goes “Follow the Money” before you can start following the money and have it tell you anything meaningful, you have to understand that you are already deceived and biased.

The path out of the valley of death, is difficult, confusing and fraught with danger, but it is not impossible, it’s just difficult and scary. But it is a path you will never ever follow if you are already convinced that you are on the right path, that you cannot be deceived or manipulated or that you have not been deceived and manipulated. You are (yes, me too), have been and will continue to be deceived and manipulated for the entire rest of your life, you have and will continue to fall for the propaganda, but that does not mean that the situation is hopeless. You can learn, if you are willing, to recognize when you are being deceived and manipulated, when you are falling for the propaganda, and you can learn to reject the propaganda, and genuinely think for yourself.


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