File this one under: How delusional can you get.

The Bill O’Reilly interview with Barack Obama put on display a Barack Obama suffering from delusions. Delusions of unwarranted persecution, delusions of grandeur, delusions righteousness, and delusions of intellectual superiority and delusions of political positioning. In short they exposed Barack Obama as a arrogant narcissistic megalomaniac. Or, as a Klingon once described Captain James T Kirk, “a swaggering, overbearing, tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood”.

More Obama-O’Reilly: “Richard Nixon was more liberal than I was”

Actually, this is a point I make from time to time, too. I ask people to name the President who put peacetime government limits on wages and prices, and created the EPA. Not everyone remembers that Richard Nixon took all of those actions, all of which were ill-considered — and all of which Congress authorized, implicitly and explicitly. But the real entertainment in this taped segment of the Bill O’Reilly-Barack Obama Super Bowl interview that first aired last night isn’t Obama’s attempt to use Nixon to make himself look moderate, but the claim that no one would care about four dead Americans in Benghazi and the incompetence that caused it if it weren’t for those darned kids at Fox News, or something.

While Nixon may have done a number of things that were leftish, Barack Obama politically falls to the left of Comrade Stalin. To make the assertion that Nixon was more liberal then he is, is nothing short of a complete psychotic break from reality.


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