This is what Democrats are really like.

Democrats are by and large the world biggest liars, they claim to be for tolerance, but refuse to tolerate any point of view but their own. They claim to be opposed to violent hateful rhetoric, but are the first to use it.

Feminist Laura Levites To Cathy McMorris Rodgers: “I Want To Rip Out Your Uterus And Eat It”

Then there’s Laura Levites who decided to equal the atrocities of Silverman and Lizz Winstead, another outspoken and outrageously profane abortion activist. The sad truth is that there are too many abortion activists to name who blaspheme, mock dead fetuses, and foam at the mouth with venom for those who are pro-life. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is decidedly pro-life and for it she is facing threats from the demon possessed pro-abortion crowd, who revel in death and have no shame in saying so.

Laura Levites took to Twitter and let the hatred spew forth. Warning: The tweets are graphic and contain inappropriate language. But this is what modern day feminism looks like.

Laura Levites @LauraLevites

I want to rip out the uterus of that pro life Cunt Cathy McMorris Rodgers and eat it, so I can see the surprised look on her frigid face.
8:11 PM – 28 Jan 2014

Or this.

Democratic Official Allan Brauer Wishes Death on Ted Cruz Aide’s Children

Allan Brauer, the communications chair for the Democratic Party of Sacramento, Calif., told an aide to Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Tex.) on Friday that he hoped her children “die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.”

Amanda Carpenter @amandacarpenter

GOP beat gun control, changed Obama’s mind on Syria, is holding the line on amnesty. We can defund Obamacare, too!

Allan Brauer @allanbrauer

@amandacarpenter May your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.
9:20 AM – 20 Sep 2013

Don’t fool yourself, or allow them to fool you, this really is exactly who and what the Democrats are. It’s the inescapable consequence of selling your soul to the ideology that “The End Justifies the Means”.


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