Jessica Luther: Stupid and evil on public display.

Jessica Luther is engaging in your typical liberal, hey you can’t judge us because we don’t have any morals rhetoric, and quiet frankly, it’s both sickening and perverse.

Painting Wendy Davis as a bad mother is political sexism at its worst

Here we go again: sexist tropes being used against a high-profile female political candidate.

A recent article in the Dallas Morning News by the paper’s senior political writer Wayne Slater purported to correct the biography of Wendy Davis, the democratic candidate for Texas governor. Davis made headlines last summer for her pink-tennis-shoe wearing filibuster against a severely restrictive anti-abortion bill. In his piece, Slater charged that he was telling a fuller version of Davis’ life story because “some facts have been blurred” in the version she and her campaign have been telling.

Davis has portrayed herself as a tough single mother who made it through Harvard Law School and went from living in a trailer park to working her way up to a Texas state senate seat. Since Slater’s article was published last weekend, conservative media has jumped on it as evidence that Davis is not the (American) dream candidate.

NEWS FLASH Jessica, calling Wendy Davis a bad mother isn’t sexist, it’s minimizing the horrors of exactly who and what Wendy Davis really is. Let me make this simple enough that even a liberal Marxist useless imbecile like you can understand Jessica, advocating for murdering babies doesn’t make you a bad mother, it makes you a MONSTER. Being a gold digger who abandons the children you only had to cement your gold digger statues makes you a bad mother. Telling the truth about a sociopath who manipulates and uses everyone around them including their own children isn’t sexist, it’s the damned truth.

Now I understand that explaining facts, the truth, morals, ethics, and principals to a Liberal/Marxist/Democrat is like trying to describe the color red to someone born blind, it’s something that you useless imbeciles will just never ever be able to understand. On the other hand, their are a whole lot of people out there reading the vile repugnant garbage you write who haven’t sold their souls to the ideology that the End Justifies the Means, who can still understand what evil is when it’s pointed out to them. Yes, Jessica Luther, like it or not, you and Wendy Davis are just plain evil.


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