Irony Alert: (Or should that be vomit Alert?) The New York Slimes is claiming political corruption is down.

Once upon a time, way before I was born (50 some odd years ago) The New York times managed to garner a reputation as the Paper of Repute. Hard to imagine that they pulled that off considering that in 1932 the Slimes won a Pulitzer Prize for a complete work of fiction by Walter Duranty depicting Joesph Stalin as a miracle man and great humanitarian. A Pulitzer Prize which the New York Slimes still claims while proudly standing behind the indisputably proven lies that Duranty wrote.

Now the New York Slimes is just adding insult to injury by claiming that political corruption in America is less than it was during the previous century, and then basically goes on to blame the public perception of rampant political corruption… On those pesky partisan bloggers.

It Only Seems That Political Corruption Is Rampant

A 2007 compendium of misdeed, “The Almanac of Political Corruption, Scandals and Dirty Politics,” concluded that fewer than 1 percent of the nearly 12,000 people who had served in Congress had been expelled, indicted or tried for crimes.

That probably is because few investigators were looking for crimes for much of that period. Still, the F.B.I. has stated that the arrest rate among the general public for white-collar crime — the sort that constitutes most political corruption — was more than 6 percent in the late 1990s.

“There’s a large majority of voters who believe it’s just endemic,” the book’s author, Kim Long, said in a telephone interview from Denver. “There’s no evidence that indicates it’s the case — zero.”
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Representative John W. Jenrette Jr., right, was convicted in a high-profile scandal. John Duricka/Associated Press

Well, perhaps not zero — particularly at lower levels of government. A 2012 study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago calculated that 31 of the approximately 100 Chicago aldermen who had served since 1973 — and four of the seven governors — had been convicted of corruption. A 1992 F.B.I. sting involving bribery and horse-racing legislation netted convictions of nearly 11 percent of the Kentucky Legislature.

At the heights of political power, some analysts say, corruption is less widespread, but seems endemic because it is intensely covered — not just by newspaper and other news media outlets, but now by phalanxes of partisan political bloggers.

When you are as utterly corrupt as the New York Slimes, your own political flavor of corruption never raises to the level of actual corruption. When the Attorney General is as corrupt as Erick Holder, those in your political party are never charged or tried for corruption. When the people tasked with bring charges of corruption are the same people who must be investigated for corruption, then only Kabuki theater show trials of well chosen scapegoats are ever charged or tried and convicted of corruption.

Congress is as corrupt as it is possible to be, otherwise Barack Obama would have been impeached long ago over any one of his dozens of criminally corrupt actions. But nobody in congress dares go there, because every damned one of them knows that once people start being charged and convicted on corruption charges, the whole damned congressional house of cards will come tumbling down as both parties file tit for tat retaliatory corruption charges. Harry Ried would be in prison for illegal land speculation and conflict of interest charges. Nancy Pelosi illegal for insider trading, Dianne Fienstien, for illegally arranging hundreds of billions of dollars in federal contracts be awarded to her husbands contracting firm.

Yes, corruption is endemic and systemic throughout the United States Government, from the Federal to the State and the local branches of the United States Government, corruption is business as usual. It’s not getting less, it’s not remaining constant, and it’s not being sensationalized by those damned pesky partisan political bloggers. It goes from the top to the bottom, from Former President Bill Clinton who was a serial rapist who used his power and authority to cover up and prevent his being arrested and tried for rape, to the Mayors of cities like San Diego California (Bob Filner, Michael Zucchet, Roger Hedgecock, Maureen O’Connor and Susan Golding (Who let her husband take the rap for for laundering $300,000 in Colombian drug money) and the governors of States like Illinois (you remember Rod Blagojevich, right) who was arrested and convicted of corruption or former Virgina Governor Bob Mcdonnell who has just been indited on corruption charges.

It’s everywhere at every level, and the smart ones, like Harry Ried and Dianne Fienstien, who have managed to steal enough money to buy off the entire Justice system will no doubt never be charged or convicted. The New York Slimes is not only ok with that being the case, they are basically telling everyone who reads their pathetic excuse for a rag, no no no, there’s no corruption here, move along now and pay no attention to those damned pesky bloggers, they’re just hyper partisan political agitators.


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