Do not believe your lying eyes, it really is getting warmer, honest…

Well, the global warming idiots just keep hammering away with their lies. No amount of reality seems capable of preventing them from constantly creating new and imaginative ways of claiming that it’s still getting hotter.

January Hasn’t Been As Cold As You Think

January 2014 will go down as the month we all learned about the polar vortex (even if meteorologists have known about it for decades). It’s the month when it got so cold that Minnesota closed all schools for the first time since 1997, when much of the Midwest was more frigid than the North Pole, when even Tampa experienced temperatures below freezing. As I write, much of the eastern half of the country is suffering through another bitter cold snap—not caused by the vortex, FYI—one that has blanked the East Coast in heavy snow. Winter, in short, has felt miserable.

But here’s the surprise: on a historical and national level, it hasn’t actually been all that cold. With data from Weather Underground, I calculated the average high daily temperature from Jan. 1 through Jan. 22 for the 10 largest cities in the U.S. The results make this winter look surprisingly average:

First they got caught lying about their data due to the Climategate email scandal, You remember, “Hide the decline”… Then Steve Goddard caught them changing the historical records, by making the past colder than it really was.

How Much Data Fudging Does A Poor Climate Scientist Have To Do?

Every year, our diligent friends at GISS cool the past further and warm the present further. But no matter how much cheating they do, they just can’t get up to Hansen’s “zero emissions after the year 2000” scenario C.

Meanwhile, here in the real world.

Deep Freeze in Midwest, Northeast to Be Prolonged

Bitterly cold air has again settled southward from the Arctic into a large part of the Eastern states. Unlike the outbreak from early January, this time the cold will have more staying power.

Through the end of January, the polar vortex will hover just north of the United States border causing waves of frigid air to blast into the Midwest and much of the East.

The polar vortex is a commonly used term among the meteorological community to describe an area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere which has a semi-permanent location in the Northern Hemisphere near the North Pole. This feature contains Arctic air and occasionally, during the autumn, winter and spring, pieces of this feature can dip farther south, approaching the mid-latitudes.

Why would these Global Warming con artists continue to promote this obvious scam? Well, because their are literally TRILLION OF DOLLARS at stake, that’s why. Con artists never quit trying to get the marks money, it is after all, what they do. These global warming con artists are absolutely no different.


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