Florida RINO’s attack…

In a typical display of the cowardice that seems to be the hallmark of RINO, Florida’s top RINO’s have gathered their forces to attack a candidate who has dared to stray from the acceptable political rhetoric.

Florida Republican gets Secret Service visit after calling for Obama to be hanged

The Secret Service visited with a Florida Republican running for the state assembly Tuesday after he tweeted that President Obama should be arrested and hanged.

Joshua Black, a candidate for state assembly in Florida’s 68th District, on Monday retweeted another person who wrote, “I’m past impeachment. It’s time to arrest and hang him high.”

“Agreed,” Black added to the end of the tweet.

Under a torrent of criticism, Black dug in his heels in a Monday evening Facebook post:

To everyone who was offended that I said that the POTUS should be hanged for treason, this is the man who droned Al-Awaki on “suspicion of terrorism”–not proof–and later killed his 15-year-old son for nothing more than being his son.

This is also the man who sought to have Bradley Manning and Eric Snowden executed for treason when they didn’t kill anyone, nor does the US government pretend to believe that they cost any spies their lives.

This would be exactly what the President has done to others, and, as Jesus said, “the measure ye mete, it shall be meted to you again.” I make no apologies for saying that the President is not above the People. If ordinary Americans should be executed for treason, so should he.

So, don’t stop at impeachment. Remove him. Try him before a jury (the very right that he arbitrarily denied to al-Awaki and his 15-year-old son), and, upon his sure convictions, execute him. Thus has he done, thus it should be done to him.


That was enough to earn him a house visit from the Secret Service, according to Black.

Still, Black stood by his comments, but also insisted that he was “not threatening the president.”

“I believe that if you are a murderer, you should face the death penalty. I believe that if you are a traitor to the United States and causes [sic] the deaths of other Americans, you should face the death penalty,” he said.

“I’m saying the president should face the same thing George Zimmerman had to face when he killed somebody else’s teenager,” Black said. “He had to face a trial where people had to determine if he was guilty or not guilty of murder, and he had to face the consequences.”

“I believe that everyone, no matter what position they hold … should have to face justice,” he said.

The punk ass RINO cowards controlling the Florida Republican Party, of course found Joshua Black’s comments horrifying. Suggest that anyone be tried and executed for TREASON? Especially if the anyone in question just happens to be the current President of the United States of America? Treason is an offense that those convicted of should be executed for, nor should any US citizen be automatically exempted from being charged with Treason should their actions prove to be treasonous, not even a sitting President should be exempt.

Many people here in the United States fully believe that Barack Obama’s actions in arming and funding Al Qaeda in both Libya and Syria are and can only be defined as TREASON. The mere fact that he is the President of the United States of America does not and never should exempt him from obeying the United States Constitution, which incontrovertibly defines TREASON, as providing aid and comfort to a declared enemy of the United
States of America. Barack Obama, sending money, weapons and strategic information to Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria can only be defined as providing aid and comfort to a declared enemy of the United States of America, ergo TREASON.


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