Democrat Morals; The joys of killing babies.

Between Wendy Davis, the current Democrat champion for murdering babies, a gold digging whore with no intimate relationship with the truth, and the media and fundraising apparatus of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, one is left with only one possible conclusion regarding the average Democrat. That they are religious zealots caught in an ecstatic trance wherein each new baby rolled down the white hot arms of Moloch into the fire brings on yet another wave of ecstasy.

Wendy Davis Has a Problem With the Truth

Perhaps the slogan of the Wendy Davis campaign should be that behind every successful woman is a good man.

It turns out that the Texas gubernatorial candidate has been telling a version of her life story that glosses over key facts, an article by Wayne Slater in the Dallas Morning News reveals—especially the contribution to her success made by her second husband, Jeff Davis.

Wendy Davis, of course, needs no introduction. Her filibuster of a bill to ban abortion in Texas after 20 weeks—a measure that would be uncontroversial even in Belgium or France—made her an instant star for progressives and much of the media. For them, few things are as stirring as a lonely, principled stand in favor of near-infanticide.

Her personal story was also catnip for TV producers and profile writers, who were thrilled by the trajectory of the former teen mom who lived in a mobile home and eventually earned a law degree at Harvard on the way to becoming the nation’s foremost defender of late-term abortion. It’s as if the protagonist of a Horatio Alger novel pulled himself up by his bootstraps and onto the board of Planned Parenthood. What’s not to like?

Given her enormous wave of positive free media, its remarkable that Wendy Davis still felt the need to gild the lily, but so she did.

“By 19,” her website said, “Wendy was a single mother.” Actually, as Slater reported, she didn’t get divorced from her first husband until age 21. She lived in a mobile home alone for a few months after the two separated, before moving back in with her mom and then into her own apartment.

According to her website, she got through school “with the help of academic scholarships and student loans.” This is true, but elides the fact that after she married Jeff Davis, a successful lawyer 13 years her senior, he paid for her last two years at Texas Christian University and cashed in his 401(k) and took out a loan to put her through Harvard.

The marriage eventually hit the rocks. She and Jeff split in 2003. He tells Slater, “It was ironic. I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.” When they divorced, Jeff Davis was awarded parental custody of the kids, rare in Texas, because by his account Wendy thought, “While I’ve been a good mother, it’s not a good time for me right now.”

So, this is the Democrat’s champion in the State of Texas, a woman waging a war on children, a literal war, not a metaphorical one, a war where babies are murdered by their very own mothers, ripped apart every bit a viciously as any solider blown up by a roadside bomb in Iraq or Afghanistan. Since 1973, this war against babies that Wendy Davis and the Democrat party are waging so valiantly, has claimed more than 50 MILLION victims here in the United States.

Democrat Fund Raising Letter Accuses Republicans of a ‘Revolting Anti Choice Agenda’

Women’s Health Rapid Response Fund accused Republicans of embracing a “revolting anti-choice agenda” for supporting pro-life candidates and organizations.

There you have it. Democrats genuinely believe that not ripping a baby apart, not sucking it’s brains out while still in it’s mothers womb, is a revolting idea. You want a good look at Democrat morals and ethics, there it is right there. Black has become white, up is now down, day has turned to night. Murdering innocent defenseless babies is the zenith of moral superiority, wanting to protect and preserve the life of a baby, a revolting idea. If you ever bother to wonder why America is crashing and burning, there it is right there.


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