Enter the Choom King.

France had it’s Sun King, now it seems Barack Obama is leveraging himself towards a legacy as The Choom King.

Obama’s comments on marijuana could impact legalization efforts in Oregon

State lawmakers and marijuana proponents agree that President Barack Obama’s statement that pot is no more dangerous than alcohol could move Oregon voters towards legalization in 2014.

“I think it will influence people throughout the country,” said Donald Moorse, who owns a medical marijuana dispensary in Portland. “I think that’s why he made the comments.”

In an interview with The New Yorker magazine published Sunday, Obama said he considers marijuana “a bad habit and a vice,” a waste of time and not very healthy, but doesn’t think it’s more dangerous than alcohol.

He also told The New Yorker that legalization efforts in Colorado and Washington are important because of the racial disparity in how those caught with marijuana are punished.

Rep. Vicki Berger, R-Salem, thinks the president’s stance “will certainly have an impact on voters in the state of Oregon.”

Although, she didn’t like the president’s comparison between pot and alcohol.

Berger said it overlooks the differences in how the two substances behave in a person’s body.

My own personal views on the legalization of marijuana are colored by my own personal history. I smoked a whole lot of pot as a teenager growing up in Southern California. Not particularly surprising, since I was a teenager in Southern California during the 70’s. So it might come as a surprise to some that, shocker, I do not support the idea of legalizing marijuana. On the other hand, it might likewise come as a surprise to just as many that I do not support the criminalization of marijuana either.

I tend to think that legalization sends the wrong message regarding marijuana. Contrary to what those in the marijuana legalization industry claim, marijuana is not harmless. Just for the record, neither are tobacco or alcohol. It is my personal opinion that possession or usage of marijuana should not be a offense for which an individual may be incarcerated. Nobody deserves to have their life ruined for smoking pot. But because like tobacco or alcohol, the physical affects of using marijuana are damaging to the individual, it should be regulated in a manner consistent with tobacco or alcohol. I would personally make the age limit for non criminal usage of marijuana set at 25.

American’s are by and large intelligent and rational people, I see no reason to believe that as a whole we are incapable of adjusting to a civil environment where the individual is responsible enough to make their own decisions regarding their own health concerning the usage of marijuana.

If President Choom want’s to make marijuana legalization his legacy, that’s his business, he’s already made himself the laughing stock of American presidents, he might as well go out with an EPIC BANG.


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