The Iranian Rope-a-dope.

World Net Daily isn’t exactly known as the most reliable of online publications, it’s hit or miss at best. Kind of a National Inquirer of Christian Apocalypse hysterical publications. That said, the topic of today’s interest can hardly be classified as hysterical prognostications. The Islamic regime of Iran has been rope-a-doping the west for decades now with it’s nuclear weapons program. Even the Iranians, given enough time, cannot be expected to fail to eventually assemble a functional nuclear weapon.

Iran has very successfully played the useless imbecilic anti-Semitic fools in Europe into providing them the time they needed, and been equally successful at conning the various American Administrations into not taking drastic actions to prevent their eventual acquisition of nuclear weapons. Time is running out no matter who is to blame. If the statements made in the WND article have any significant veracity, then time has probably already run out.

Iran ‘2 to 3 weeks’ from nuclear bomb

If Iran breaks its deal with the West tomorrow, the country would be only two to three weeks away from producing enough highly enriched uranium to assemble a nuclear weapon, according to Olli Heinonen, former deputy director of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Heinonen directed the safeguards division of the United Nations body charged with enforcing the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The TRUTH behind Iran’s nuclear program is not being told by the national media. Get your autographed copy of “Atomic Iran.”

He was asked Sunday on Aaron Klein’s WABC Radio show about the timeframe in response to statements from Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, who boasted last week that Tehran can nix its deal with the West and resume enriching uranium to 20-percent levels within one day if it so desires.

Heinonen responded that if Iran wanted it would currently take the country “two, three weeks to have enough uranium hexafluoride high-enriched for one single weapon.”

He told Klein: “If [Iran] in reality [abrogates the deal] tomorrow, they still have quite a substantial stock of uranium hexafluoride, which is enriched to 20 percent. … And then technically, when Iran has committed to this month to certain parts of the processes in such a way these tandem cascades are not anymore connected with each other, you can indeed put them back in one day’s time.

Considering the Iranian insistence on threatening Israel with promised nuclear obliteration one has to wonder just how much longer it is going to be before Jerusalem decides that, snide implied threats from the Obama Administration or not, that the time has come for Israel to eliminate the threat of a Iranian Nuclear first strike.


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