The Sum of all Democrat Fears.

Many years ago I opened a Daily Kos account so that I could laugh in their faces at their moon-battery. While that account seems to still exist, I have long since forgotten the username and password (I found Kos to be, well, profoundly boring). Kos, on the other hand hasn’t forgotten about me, consequently I receive various spam emails from them on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how freaked out they are on various subjects. Normally I just trash these petition without even reading them. This week however I received one so desperate and funny I had to share it.


Sign the petition from Daily Kos and Democrats to send a message to the GOP: Drop the bogus impeachment talk and get back to work.

Instead of focusing on issues that matter to the American people––like extending unemployment benefits and raising the minimum wage––Republicans in Congress are busy drumming up bogus charges and talking about impeaching President Obama.

Here’s the good news: We have a real opportunity to end the GOP’s disastrous control of Congress. In 2014, we can elect a Congress that is actually willing to work with the president and for the American people.

Stand with Daily Kos and Democrats and help take back the House of Representatives in 2014. Click to add your name.

Keep fighting,
Rachel Colyer
Daily Kos

Paid for by the Democratic National Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Being the pragmatic conservative I am, I recognize that their is absolutely ZERO possibility that John “Crybaby” Boehner or Mitch “I’m your bitch” McConnell would or could every find the testicular fortitude to file articles of Impeachment against Comrade Obama. To be 100 percent honest, the only time either of those Democrats masquerading as Republican self anointed aristocrats are capable of finding as much testicular fortitude of the average 10 year old boy, is when they are attacking people in their own party.

Boehner, McConnell, McCain and the entire rest of the Establishment GOP leadership Aristocracy are as corrupt as any Democrat. They have no intention of allowing any genuine reform of the Federal government, because they know what genuine reform would mean. It would mean an end to their corrupt gravy train.

In a normal employer-employe relationship, when an employe wants a pay increase, they must convince their employer that said pay increase is somehow in the best interests of the employer and that it is deserved by the employe. Congressional Representatives are the only employes in America where this dynamic is reversed. More importantly, Congressional Representatives are the only employes in America who have the ability to pass laws from which they themselves are specifically exempted. So not only can they give themselves a pay raise any time they want, they can engage in financial transactions that would land any other American citizen in prison. Insider trading? Ya, illegal for you or me, but perfectly legal for a member of congress. Conflict of interest financial transactions, yup, perfectly legal for Congressional Representatives.

To make matters even worse, the only people in America who can bring charges of corruption or financial mendacity against a sitting Congressman or Senator, is the House Ethics committee, which is analogous to a judge accepting as proof positive of innocence, a note saying “Fox is not responsible for the disappearance of those Chickens– signed Foxes Mother”.

So, while it tickles my funny bone no end to see the troglodytes at Kos and the Democrats panicking at the thought that the Republican Leadership is planning to Impeach Barack Obama, I also recognize that the GOP aristocrats would rather vote for Hillary Clinton or even amend the US Constitution to allow Barack Obama to become Emperor Obama, rather than risk allowing a genuine TEA Party Conservative reform minded candidate to become the Republican Presidential Candidate in 2016. In short, the Republican elitist establishment leadership aristocrats have neither the testicular fortitude, the time, energy nor money to file articles of Impeachment against Obama, because they are far to worried and busy ensuring that no genuine TEA Party Conservative reform minded candidates survive or obtain the popularity or financial influence required to become the Republican Presidential Candidate in 2016.


4 thoughts on “The Sum of all Democrat Fears.

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  2. Sadly you’re 100% on target. The Establishment ‘Republicans’ hate the idea of fiscal discipline & obedience to the Constitution. We’ve got to take the party back from these clowns. I’m going to run for precinct committee this fall.

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