Man made Global Warming suffers fatal blow; Mainstream Media desperately ignore and prays for magic flying squirrel to say the day.

Anthropogenic (Man Made) Global Warming proponents and so called Climate scientists are scratching their heads in confusion, something has happened that obliterates their global warming fantasies. No, I’m not talking about the painfully obvious fact that they couldn’t get any of their computer simulation to accurately predict what the changes would be (hell they couldn’t even get their simulations to model known historical data). No, I’m talking about a tiny little fatal flaw their their so called theory, that involves the actual source of earths heat intake. Yea, that’s right, that insanely huge ball of raging nuclear fire that hangs in the midday sky.

Has the Sun gone to sleep?

17 January 2014 Last updated at 05:57 GMT

Scientists are saying that the Sun is in a phase of “solar lull” – meaning that it has fallen asleep – and it is baffling them.

History suggests that periods of unusual “solar lull” coincide with bitterly cold winters.

Rebecca Morelle reports for BBC Newsnight on the effect this inactivity could have on our current climate, and what the implications might be for global warming.

But have no fear, with trillions of dollars hanging in the balance, these global warming snake-oil salesmen will be back as sure as the sun rises with yet another Ponzi/Madoff scheme designed to kill off half of the worlds population ensure that they get their trillions of dollars, and gain control of everything you eat, drink, think, and do. In short, yea, these Anthropogenic (Man Made) Global Warming proponents and so called Climate scientists and other associated Enviro-Nazi’s are Watermelons, Environmental Green on the outside, and Marxist totalitarians to their rotten cores.


2 thoughts on “Man made Global Warming suffers fatal blow; Mainstream Media desperately ignore and prays for magic flying squirrel to say the day.

  1. Big problem with your rant: global temperatures are rising anyway, despite a sleeping sun (if any)–something that you and this article conveniently failed to mention.

    • Wrong answer their chulodo, just because you want a thing to be true, doesn’t automatically make it true.

      Global warming? No, actually we’re cooling, claim scientists

      To The Horror Of Global Warming Alarmists, Global Cooling Is Here

      DEMING: Another year of global cooling

      Global warming is nowhere to be found. The mean global temperature has not risen in 17 years and has been slowly falling for approximately the past 10 years. In 2013, there were more record-low temperatures than record-high temperatures in the United States.

      At the end of the first week in January, a brutal spell of cold weather settled over most of the country. Multiple cold-temperature records were shattered across the country. Some sites experienced frigid conditions not seen since the 19th century. Chicago and New York City broke temperature records set in 1894 and 1896, respectively. These extremes were not singular, but exemplary of conditions throughout much of the continent. Temperatures in Chicago were so cold that a polar bear at the Lincoln Park Zoo had to be taken inside.

      The onset of polar conditions over the United States was also a reminder that cold weather in general is more inimical to human welfare than warm weather. The operation of power grids, gas pipelines and oil refineries was disrupted. Passengers on Amtrak trains were left stranded, and thousands of flights were delayed or canceled. By Jan. 7, the media were reporting at least 21 deaths directly related to the cold.

      The January freeze caused $3 million in damage to vineyards in Ohio. Citrus crops in Florida apparently escaped damage, but California growers were not so lucky. A weeklong spell of cold weather in early December damaged up to half of the state’s $1.5 billion citrus crop. California farmers may (or may not) take consolation in the fact that their state government is attempting to further cool the climate by mandating a reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions.

      As frigid conditions settled over the nation, global-warming alarmists went into full denial mode. We were emphatically lectured that singular weather events are not necessarily indicative of long-term climate trends. True enough, but haven’t we been repeatedly told that weather events such as hurricanes Sandy and Katrina are unequivocal proof of global warming? If we’re really in the middle of a “climate crisis,” is it not remarkable that low-temperature records from the 19th century were shattered?

      Weather extremes also seem to bring out the lunatic fringe. Of course, when we’re discussing global warming, it’s difficult to tell where the mainstream stops and the fringe begins. We were subjected to the oxymoronic explanation that frigid weather was, in fact, caused by global warming. According to Time magazine, cold temperatures in the United States were a result of global warming forcing the polar vortex southward. But in 1974, the same Time informed us that descent of the polar vortex into temperate zones was a harbinger of a new Ice Age.

      It is true that the extent of sea ice at the North Pole is slightly below the 30-year average. However, an event near Antarctica reminded us that sea ice there is near an all-time high. In late December, a ship of global-warming researchers became stuck in Antarctic sea ice. The ice was so thick that two icebreakers sent to rescue the scientists were unable to break through. Passengers had to be removed by helicopter. Despite all the claims that the poles are melting and polar bears drowning, the global extent of sea ice remains stubbornly and significantly above the long-term mean. Apparently, the buildup of heat from global warming is producing more ice, not less, in defiance of both the laws of physics and common sense.

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