All is well; and other liberal Marxist Democrat lies…

Why you shouldn’t worry about the bad jobs report

One might argue that the employment report was itself very seasonal, and hiring took place before the holiday season in most sectors, but any way you slice it, most sectors were extremely weak with construction, information and government jobs showing negative growth.

Although this is largely a negative report, the change in the unemployment rate and the added strength attributed to the November report is enough to prevent the Fed from changing its course on tapering.

In fact, anyone reading the Labor Department report can see that the focus is on the trend, and according to the Labor Department and other general economic observations, the trend is still favorable.

Therefore, even though the December jobs report was a negative one, and even though job creation was focused on seasonality while almost everything else was muted, the overall trend has not changed much and the Fed is likely to stay the course and taper according to schedule in the face of this negative news.

America’s economy is a facade, a Potemkin Village on steroids. If it weren’t for EBT cards, welfare, food stamps and constant unemployment benefit extensions, Americans would see the soup kitchens that marked the 1929 great depression. Yes, the economy really is that bad, the $40 Billion Dollars a month that the Federal Reserve is printing right out of thin air is no different than $100 Trillion Dollar bills printed by Zimbabwe.

$100 Trillion

The Mainstream Media is controlled for the most part by Liberal Democrat Socialist/Marxist sympathetic individuals. Fools, in other words who actually are stupid enough to believe that the only reason that Marxism has never succeeded anywhere it has been tried before, is that the right people haven’t been in charge. Worse yet, is that these fools believe that it is they, themselves who are the right people. As a consequence, they engage in utterly dishonest propaganda whose sole purpose is to advance their Marxist Utopian dream while demonizing anyone that disagrees with their political agenda.

Combine this with an utterly insane delusion that over 70 percent of American’s labor under, to wit, that a Marxist putsch or coup can never happen in America and you have the perfect conditions for a disaster in the American economy of genuinely EPIC proportions. Yes, throw away the intentionally falsified unemployment numbers cooked up to help Obama’s reelection and the unemployment rate in America is actually worse than it was in the 1930’s at the height of the “Great Depression”.

To make matter even worse (yes, that really is possible) taxation rates and an utterly insane regulatory environment have put a stranglehold on the only thing that could possible save the American economy, that would be the private business sector. There really are certain economic laws that are utterly immutable. The number one immutable law of economics, no economy that produces nothing can survive. Service based economies are absolutely incontrovertibly unsustainable. Number two, Wealth creation is not a zero sum equation. The amount of wealth on planet earth is not a fixed immutable sum. True wealth is a unique concept, it is both tangible and abstract at the exact same time.

Within the framework of these two immutable laws of economics lay the reasons that Marxism always fails, and why capitalism actually works. The single most overpower drive on the planet earth, is the survival instinct. It isn’t just us humans that have a survival instinct, it’s every single living thing on earth that does. Things that do not have a survival instinct become extinct, it is that simple.

At it’s foundational level, Marxism is a intentional denial of the individual’s survival instinct, which is why Marxism and it’s bastard children Socialism and Communism always fail. Marxism demands that the individual sacrifice it’s individual survival instinct for the communities survival. Without the individual, there simply is no community. Communities are groups of individuals who come together for a common purpose, first and foremost, that purpose is the survival of the individual. It’s simple mathematics, ten people have better odds of defending themselves, or producing the food and shelter required to survive than one person does, a hundred more than ten, and a thousand more than a hundred. The larger the community, the greater the odds of any one individual surviving.

Marxist economic theory is likewise predicated on a fallacy, Marxist economic theory assumes that all wealth is a fixed and immutable sum, known as a zero sum equation. In this economic theory, wealth cannot be created or destroyed, only redistributed. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. This completely ignore the incontrovertible reality that no two human being are ever genuinely 100 percent equal. Some work harder, some are stronger, some are smarter, some are more attractive, some have moral’s ethic’s and principals, and some do not.

There will always be those who are stronger, smarter, faster and have little or no moral, ethical or principals, who are 100 percent willing to use their natural advantages to exploit those around them who cannot stop the stronger, smarter, more ruthless from taking what they want and killing or enslaving those who they wish. Marxism provides a platform for the most ruthless to victimize numbers far greater than they could otherwise victimize. It does so by stripping the individual of their individual survival instinct, and forcefully placing that survival instinct on the community where the oligarchy are always the most powerful and ruthless and always define themselves as the community.

Capitalism works, because it protects the individuals survival instinct by rewarding the individual for producing wealth, rather than redistributing someone elses property. The basic premise underlying Capitalism is that on a Macro abstract level, society will achieve a Nash equilibrium but that it neither can nor will at the individual level. The reason that it cannot be achieved at the individual level is the number of random variables are to great for any one individual to calculate. In other words, inherent in the capitalist system is the understanding that not all participants are a) rational, or b) playing by the same rules.

Capitalist societies set up rules which they place on all individuals providing an equal playing field where the greatest number of Nash equilibrium’s may be achieved by the greatest number of individuals. Economist Milton Friedman describes how this works in this video.

So there you have it, the end result of unsustainable taxation rates, destructive regulatory practices, and a concerted media and political effort to fundamentally transform America into a Marxist Utopia. The economy is crumbling, while the politicians and media lies about it’s condition hoping that you, the average individual will continue to believe that “It can’t happen here” until well after their fundamental transformation is complete.


One thought on “All is well; and other liberal Marxist Democrat lies…

  1. Right on…Brother! There will always be takers in life as long as there are GIVERS of other peoples money and resources! It looks like the “meek will inherit the world” has been replaced by “the lazy with food stamps, government supplied cellphones (so they can send an emergency text and take pictures of police violence) will milk the world first!

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