S.E. Cupp, not quite as bright as everyone thought.

One of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media’s favorite Conservative trained seals proved the other day, that she can’t actually carry a tune, or catch fish, or juggle a beach ball. In fact, other than her celebrated stature as an Atheist, she can’t really do much of anything.

S.E. Cupp: If Christie was directly involved in Bridgegate, he should resign


(click link to see video)

As for the rest of the clip, where Cupp teases out a scenario in which Christie resigns, becomes a martyr to his supporters for doing so(?), and then rebounds by running for president anyway, I don’t know what to tell you except that Tapper’s green room must include a mini-bar. Any pol who would abuse his power for such petty, egotistical reasons, lie about it repeatedly, and then actually step down in disgrace isn’t going to be considered for the most powerful job in the world. Especially when a big chunk of his own party’s base already disdains him.

Though portrayed as an intellectual by the Fifth Column Treasonous Media, let’s face it, S.E. Cupp really just isn’t all that bright (Average IQ at best). She’s a moderately pretty face and has a name nobody is really certain isn’t an intentional word play on the size of her breasts (C Cup??). S.E, let’s get something perfectly crystal clear here, ok. Chris Christie is a professional politician, not a Conservative, though a Republican, certainly a liberal Republican at best, if not an outright Democrat who runs as a Republican for political strategic reasons. Anyone with two functional brain cells (does that leave you out S.E??) realized after he cozyed up to President Obama and stabbed Mitt Romney in the back after Hurricane Sandy that Chris Christie has no loyalties to anyone or thing other than Chris Christie’s personal ambitions.

Yes, S.E, that makes Christie a professional politician in the exact same vein as Bill nbd Hill and the current Marxist-in-chief. In other words, their is absolutely no chance in that hell you profess to not believe in that he is going to resign over Bridgegate as you like to call it. To make things even more embarrassing S.E, you are carrying the Clinton water by even suggesting that “Bridgegate” should result in Christie resigning. Now, the remaining question is, are you doing the Clinton’s dirty work because you’re really not all that bright and so easily manipulated, or you’re a Hillary supporter.

Sadly, at the end of the day, this “Bridgegate” while deplorable, is just local politics as usual. Politics have been this way since before Boss Tweed ran Tammany Hall, hell, this is what 99 percent of American’s are talking about when they use the phrase “Chicago styled Politics”. I really hate to sound like I am in any way shape or form in favor of the fat man from Jersey, but when Chris Christie says he had no idea that this was happening under his watch, there are most likely a 90 percent or better odds that he is actually telling the truth. I can’t stand Chris Christie, I think he’s nothing less than a damned Socialist pretending to be a Democrat masquerading as a Republican. Even this much defense of the fat man makes me throw up a little in my mouth, but the brutal truth is, that this is what American politics have devolved to.

If you still aren’t getting the picture S.E, Barack Obama will resign over Operation “Fast and Furious” and Hillary Clinton will admit to being culpable for Benghazi before Christie resigns over “Bridgegate”. Professional politicians simply do not resign over minor scandals, and yes, that’s all “Bridgegate” is, a minor trumped up shiny Tiny squirrel of a scandal designed for no purpose other than to help Hillary Clinton. No, I do not want to see the fat man from Jersey run for President, but he is going to, everyone might as well get used to that. The only thing about Christie bigger than his waistline, is his ego and ambition, so yea, he isn’t going to resign over a petty little made up scandal like this and in any way shape or form diminish his chances. Personally it is my prayer that he garner epic Ron Paul levels of support.


2 thoughts on “S.E. Cupp, not quite as bright as everyone thought.

  1. IF Stone, a lefty, said this one time, “all politicians should be considered guilty, until proven innocent.”

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