“Chocolate rations have been increased from eighty grams to fifty”

Back in the 60’s when I was a kid growing up in Yakima Washington and East Marysville Washington we were so poor and ignorant that we didn’t know that it was Global Warming that was periodically sneaking up on us and raising the temperature from 75 degrees to -20. But then again, we did have a valid excuse for not knowing stuff like that. We didn’t have 24 hour a day cable News and Al Gore and Nobel Prize winner Micheal Mann hadn’t invented either the internet or Global warming yet. Shucks, we were barley out of the cave back in them days. Hell, to hear my mom tell it, grandpa had only accidentally discovered fire a few days before I was born.

Now however, we do know that Anthropogenic Global Warming was in fact caused by grandpa accidentally discovering fire just a few days before I was born, and his driving that dang tractor around to till his wheat fields. I never did envy him driving that tractor with it’s big ole square wheels, cause I know for a fact that round wheels weren’t invented till I was 12 years old (my best friend and I invented them because we was tired of getting spanked for getting to school late), and grandpa died 20 years before I was born, so there just no way he could have had round wheels on his tractor.

Is global warming behind polar vortex?

Global warming may be contributing to the “polar vortex” causing frigid temperatures across most of the nation on Monday, according to some climate change researchers.

While it seems counter-intuitive, the research argues that plunging temperatures could come from changes in the jet stream caused by climate change.

Rutgers University climate scientist Jennifer A Francis has released a number of papers about changes in the jet stream brought about by warming Arctic temperatures.

Her conclusions suggest that warming Arctic air caused by greenhouse gas emissions has caused changing to the jet stream that is pushing colder Arctic air further south, causing temperatures to plunge from the High Plains to the Deep South.

The jet stream shift has sent frigid air across the central part of the country, and deeper into the south than normal.

Alaska, meanwhile, is being hit by unusually warm conditions and California is facing record-breaking drought, Francis said.

She said the strange weather is becoming more likely because of climate change.

“We can’t say that these are extremes are because of climate change but we can say that this kind of pattern is becoming more likely because of climate change,” Francis said.

NASA analysis has also drawn a link between the jet stream, climate change and colder temperatures.

A 2010 NASA analysis tied colder temperatures over the course of 2009 to an event similar to the wavy jet stream, called “Arctic oscillation” — a see-sawing pressure system over the North Pole. That oscillation pushed cold air to teh south.

The NASA analysis also said that despite cold snaps, and other weather changes being a part of naturally occurring patterns, they are still in line with a “globally warming world.”

According to Francis, big fluctuations in the jet stream cause extreme weather conditions to hang around longer.

She argues greenhouse gas emissions are a key factor.

“The process of warming the Arctic is intensified due to greenhouse gas emissions,” Francis said. “The Arctic is warming two to three times faster than the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.”

MIT atmospheric scientist Kerry Emanuel said long-term climate change can only be seen by looking at detailed statistics.

“It’s certainly plausible, at lease for awhile that a changing jet stream, may cause colder winters,” Emanuel said.

But he added that it is difficult to tie a direct link between individual events like the cold snap occurring in the Midwest and East Coast to global warming.

Emanuel added that that doesn’t mean you can disregard global warming.

“If you cherry pick you can always find an excuse to go against [global warming,” Emanuel said.

Fortunately for us we now have a nearly 100 percent Marxist propaganda Media to always tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as they define it to support their political agenda each and every day. No need to think for ourselves or remember the old no longer valid truths they told us yesterday.

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past

Britain’s winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives.

Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain’s culture, as warmer winters – which scientists are attributing to global climate change – produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries.

The first two months of 2000 were virtually free of significant snowfall in much of lowland Britain, and December brought only moderate snowfall in the South-east. It is the continuation of a trend that has been increasingly visible in the past 15 years: in the south of England, for instance, from 1970 to 1995 snow and sleet fell for an average of 3.7 days, while from 1988 to 1995 the average was 0.7 days. London’s last substantial snowfall was in February 1991.

Global warming, the heating of the atmosphere by increased amounts of industrial gases, is now accepted as a reality by the international community. Average temperatures in Britain were nearly 0.6°C higher in the Nineties than in 1960-90, and it is estimated that they will increase by 0.2C every decade over the coming century. Eight of the 10 hottest years on record occurred in the Nineties.

However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.

As for the third message, it referred to a very simple error which could be set right in a couple of minutes. As short a time ago as February, the Ministry of Plenty had issued a promise (a “categorical pledge” were the official words) that there would be no reduction of the chocolate ration during 1984. Actually, as Winston was aware, the chocolate ration was to be reduced from thirty grams to twenty at the end of the present week. All that was needed was to substitute for the original promise a warning that it would probably be necessary to reduce the ration at some time in April.

George Orwell would not be surprised in the slightest to read how it has gotten so damned warm that the temperature has increased from 75 degrees to -25 all across America’s northern states. America has after all always been at war with the Polar Vortex…


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