Hijacked: Stealing the Republican Party from the rank and file.

Aristocracies by their very nature suffer from delusions of grandeur. The various members of the aristocracy by virtue of being aristocrats, end up believing their own propaganda. They believe that they have all the answers, and that it is their responsibility to ensure that their version of society be protected.

It ends up resulting in their ignoring what the common people want, believe or even need. All the wealth and power of a nation is in the hands of the aristocracy, which they use to control the common people. To affect such changes in society as they, the supposedly wise and benevolent aristocracy see as being best for the nation.

The problem of course, is that in reality all they are doing is protecting what they believe as being their own self interests. However, because they are, at the end of the day, merely human, they are just as prone to making stupid mistakes as anyone else.

GOP, business recast message to diminish conservative activists

Republican leaders and their corporate allies have launched an array of efforts aimed at diminishing the clout of the party’s most conservative activists and promoting legislation instead of confrontation next year.

GOP House leaders are taking steps to impose discipline on wavering committee chairmen and tea-party factions. Meanwhile, major donors and advocacy groups, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads, are preparing an aggressive effort to groom and support more centrist Republican candidates for Congress in 2014′s midterm elections.

At the same time, party leaders plan to push legislative proposals—including child tax credits and flextime for hourly workers—designed to build the party’s appeal among working families.

The efforts, at the national and state levels, come at the end of a year of infighting and legislative brinkmanship, capped by the 16-day government shutdown in October that drove the party’s image to historic lows.

The leadership of the Republican Party has been hijacked by narcissistic, arrogant, self indulgent fools suffering from delusions of godhood. Their own personal ambitions and self interests have become more important than those of the individuals whom they were elected to represent.

In short, they have betrayed those who elected them, hijacked the party and could no longer give a damned what the majority of their constitutes want, need or believe.

In short, it is time for the leadership to discover the beautiful, wonderful, amazing strength of a Constitutional Republic.

Elections, tragically are won by those who have the money to campaign effectively, in other words, the incumbent almost always has a near impossible to overcome advantage. That’s why the incumbent almost always wins reelection.

However, their is a caveat to that, regardless of how much money the incumbent has to campaign with, if the incumbent manages to piss off enough of his/her constitutes, all the money in the world cannot help them retain their office.

From time to time in a Constitutional Republic, the people speak their mind in a manner which simply cannot be ignored. The 2010 mid term election were just just an occasion. Tens of millions of Americans sent what they hoped and believed would be an unmistakable message to their elected representatives.

2010 was perhaps the most pervasive bloodbath in American political history as Americans fired more elected politicians than any other election in or history. This monumental event came about because it became obvious to the average American that the incumbents were not listening to what their constitutes were telling them they wanted.

The 2014 mid term election are coming, and with them, little doubt that the political bloodbath of 2010 will not only be repeated, but most likely even eclipsed. Just as in 2010 the elected politicians couldn’t see the wave of anger coming, they again cannot see it or get out of it’s way.

The Democrats have an advantage in that, because of the epic failure of Obamacare and the tens of millions of people who have lost their healthcare insurance, they know that they are going suffer epic losses in the mid terms. They will do what they do best, they will lie, obfuscate and blame everyone but themselves and hope to somehow retain enough seats for the Democrat Party to not be completely devastated.

The Republicans on the other hand have earned the moniker of the stupid party the old fashioned way, by consistently doing epically stupid things. Take for instance their war on their own base. 80 percent of the Republican base are “CONSERVATIVE“… Not moderates, not liberals, but conservatives. This is not a made up internet fact, but one well documented by every polling company that has ever conducted a poll of the political leanings of the Republican base.

It was the TEA Party Conservatives that brought about the 2010 bloodbath, the exact same TEA Party Conservatives that the so called Republican Leadership have declared war on. The backlash of that war is coming, it’s coming as sure and certain as the 2014 mid term elections. When you go to war against with the very people who put you in your elected office in the first place, it’s not particularly difficult to predict what the outcome of that war will be.

If the leaders of the GOP manage to survive, somehow, they will no doubt in epic fashion manage to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, yet again, and likewise utterly fail to grasp the meaning to the bloodbath they survived.

In short, what really needs to happen in 2014, is that every Republican Representative who has served more than 3 terms needs to be replaced, fired as it were.

Yes, I know, you agree to a point. You agree that their needs to be a change, however, most likely you foolishly believe that your congressman or senator is the exception. You could not be more mistaken, if your representative has served more than 3 terms, then they need to go. Time to end the corruption of Mordor on the Potomac. The only way to end that corruption, is to cut short the stay of those who must suffer entry into Mordor on the Potomac.

Let the bloodbath come, the GOP Leadership has declared war on us, their constitutes, it’s long past time for John Boenher, Mitch McConnell and the other Republicans up for reelection to be fired, sent home in disgrace and the Leadership reminded in no uncertain terms exactly who it is that is the boss and who is the employe.


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