Income inequality; The, you’re dumber than a bucket of used camel snot if you fall for this, edition.

Here it comes folks, the propaganda and indoctrination train has left the station and is coming round the bend again. This time, the agenda is… Income Inequality. The phrase “Income Inequality” is the morally bankrupt justification of Income Redistribution. Income Redistribution, and thus Income Inequality are one of the most powerful tools of Marxist Ideology. It’s a tool whose specific purpose and goal is the agitation of class warfare. Provoke the envy of the have not’s against that have to sow discord and civil unrest. It stems 100 percent from Karl Marx’s mantra, of “From those according to their ability, to those according to their need”.

Yes, by all means, let’s talk about income inequality

I’m not sure exactly when the phrase “income inequality” crept into the US political lexicon, but it’s clearly here to stay… at least for a while. You’ve been hearing it a lot these days, from Bill de Blasio and Hillary Clinton to Elizabeth Warren and even the Pope. Never being one to miss a chance to talk about anything except Obamacare, even the President has promised to make the issue his next in a long series of pivots.

Weakened by problems with his health-care initiative, President Obama turned back to the economy last week to rebalance his presidency with a speech about income inequality. He said he would devote much of his remaining time in office to the issue, calling it the “defining challenge of our time.” The bigger issue is how much he can or will do about it…

Obama has talked about the issue before. His advisers can draw a direct line from his speech in Osawatomie, Kan., in December 2011 through the 2012 campaign, when he made middle-class concerns the centerpiece of his message against Mitt Romney. Jon Favreau, one of his former speechwriters, said in an e-mail that those same themes were part of his speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. But he has rarely been as direct or as pointed about the problem as he was at a community center in Southeast Washington last week.

Yes, Barack Obama is jumping on the income inequality bandwagon. He’s even gone so far as to recently say that it threatens the American dream. So is this a problem? Of course it is. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum it’s impossible to deny that there are far too many people among the working class who aren’t earning enough to enjoy the dream of prosperity which America has typically embodied. The real question – and one of the defining schisms between the two major political parties – is what to do about it. But to really wrap our heads around the question it’s important to understand the widely differing approaches supported by liberals and conservatives and the core cause of the problem.

No one can dispute that throughout all of human history, the wealthy and powerful have exploited those without wealth or power. That they have done so to obtain their wealth and maintain their wealth and power. Nor I dare say would any honest, moral or ethical person attempt to suggest that this was fair or equitable. The wealthy and powerful have always done this and undoubtedly always will. It is one of the tragic and unfortunate aspects of the human condition that we are not going to evolve out of. To understand this, there are certain things about the human condition that you must first recognize and accept.

1) First and foremost, you are alive, but that is not a permanent condition. Being alive comes with the immutable caveat, that you are eventually going to die. The how, the why and the when are variables.

2) Pain hurts. It not only hurts, it can hurt a mind numbingly lot. It can hurt enough to make you do almost anything to make it stop.

3) No two human being are equal. Yea, sorry to break the bad news to you, despite what you want to believe; or your mommy or philosophy professor told you in college, the truth really is, that we are not all equal or the same. Their really are people out there who are, smarter, stronger, faster and better looking than you.

The very concept of human civilization exists precisely because of those differences. When the human intellect reached a certain point we ceased being a herd, or pack, or pride animals dominated by the Alpha Male through violence and intimidation. We began to cooperate, and when the Alpha Male become to violent or otherwise annoying, we ganged up on him and killed him. However, regardless of the increase in our intelligence, millions of years of evolutionary progress did not and will not simply disappear. The inclination towards Alpha Male dominance is written very deeply into our DNA. It is a survival characteristic that allowed our ancestors to survive for tens of millions of years.

That characteristic allowed our ancestors to survive because of another of those rules of life. You know what rules I’m talking about, even if you want to pretend you don’t. Rules like, everything alive eventually dies. One of those rules is, Everything alive has to eat to remain alive.

The Awful Truth

Planet Earth is the habitat for three distinct life forms.

Chemosynthesic, is the biological conversion of one or more carbon molecules (usually carbon dioxide or methane) and nutrients into organic

Photosynthesic, is the process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar.

Animals, which can only survive by consuming the flesh of other once living creatures.

You and I are technically listed under the heading of Animals; in order for us to survive and propagate, we must consume things that were once living creatures. We have no other option for survival.

For every day we are alive some other living creature must DIE, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. Whether it is a plant or another animal without their flesh or their reproductive systems, we die…

So we threw off the oppressive yokes of the Alpha Male… Except we didn’t. Well, we did at the smallest scale, but, the Alpha Males, just like all the rest of us, also became smarter. Each time our new social structure grew larger, the Alpha Males and their cadre grew strong and smarter as well. We went from a single Alpha Male with a dozen or so females, to a tribe with a chieftain. The tribes became villages, the villages became towns and the town became cities and finally states, and the Alpha Males became Kings and Emperors their cadre’s became Aristocrats and Nobles.

Contrary to what Marxist think, when Karl Marx created Marxism he wasn’t attempting to create a Utopian Society, he was seeking to destroy a society that had cast his family out of the Aristocracy because the bloodline had been corrupted. Karl Marx was out for revenge, nothing more, and nothing less. Friedrich Engels was out for power, authority and wealth. Together they formulated a political system (if it can honestly be called that) predicated upon lust for power and envy of what other possessed.

From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs. An equal division of labor and an equal division of the fruits of that labor. It sounds great, until you try to put it into practice and you discover that we are not equal. Some work harder and longer, some work smarter and more productively and some work much faster and get the same amount done in far less time. Does the man who worked 4 hours receive the same reward as the man who worked 12 hours? Does the man who didn’t work at all receive the same reward as the man who worked 8 hours?

This is not the only way in which we are not equal. Before we became intelligent, we had no concept of right or wrong, no question of whether something was fair or equitable. Pain and fear on the other hand are concepts that have always been with us. Pain and fear drove and motivated us long before we even realized that we existed. Pain and fear still drive and motivated us, we like to pretend that they don’t, but the truth is, that they do. There are those amongst us, who understand this reality better than most of us do, and they exploit it.

When we created the concepts of right and wrong, we discovered another of those places where we are not all equal. We discovered that there were those amongst us, for whom right and wrong were mailable, or even did not exist. We discovered that there were amongst us those who would use pain and fear or deception and trickery to deprive others amongst us of the fruits of their labors. We discovered that there were amongst us, those who craved, who needed to dominate those around them. Those who would use any and every means to achieve their personal desires and goals, regardless of who got hurt or whether what they did violated what the majority of us considered right or wrong.

As long as life exists as a temporary condition, as long as death and pain are possible, these individuals will continue to exist amongst us. They will continue to exploit fear and weakness, and the ability to manipulate and deceive to get what they want. These are not characteristics that we can selectively breed out of our DNA without killing off ourselves in the process.

America’s Founding Father’s were genuinely brilliant men, men who understood the human condition, men who were possessed of the highest degree of morals and ethics. They designed a Republic that would provide the greatest degree of freedom and liberty to the largest percentage of the population while imposing such restriction as to minimize the degree and ability of the most ruthlessly immoral and unethical from amassing the power to enslave the majority. Though the Republic that they produced was not perfect, even by their very own admission, it was in fact the closest that any human society had ever before achieved. It came closest because in their wisdom, they recognized that there never would or even could be a perfect society, country or nation populated by human beings.

The fundamental flaw in Marxism is, the failure to accept that basic premise, it therefore falls naturally upon the Marxist to resort to the application of pain and violence deceit and trickery to attempt to achieve that which cannot actually be achieved. Marxism’s has therefore only one involute principal, “The End Justifies The Means”. It is it’s sole and exclusive justification, or more accurately rationalization for existing. That the goal of achieving a perfect society is of such value that any and every atrocity not only can be forgiven, but in fact must be forgiven and even celebrated in the quest to produce that perfect society.

Income Inequality, is nothing more or less than a euphemism, a deceptive tactic employed to provide a justification for employing pain and fear to justify stealing the fruits of one mans labors and distributing it to those who will grant ever greater degrees of power to those deciding whose wealth gets redistributed and to whom it gets redistributed. The have not’s are encouraged to envy the have’s and to surrender what little which they do possess to other have’s in order to obtain that possessed by other haves.


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