Supersonic shock-waves of the 10 Gigaton Obamacare explosion.

Barack Obama, in his best imitation of Gandalf, standing before the Balrog and saying “You shall not pass.” has declared that, Obamacare shall not be repealed so long as he is President.

Obama on ObamaCare: There’s no way we’re repealing this boondoggle while I’m president, America


Given the overwhelmingly successful manner in which the Obamacare Website has been selling Obamacare to American, and the various other consequences of Obamacare.

As Hospital Prices Soar, a Stitch Tops $500

SAN FRANCISCO — With blood oozing from deep lacerations, the two patients arrived at California Pacific Medical Center’s tidy emergency room. Deepika Singh, 26, had gashed her knee at a backyard barbecue. Orla Roche, a rambunctious toddler on vacation with her family, had tumbled from a couch, splitting open her forehead on a table.

Then the bills arrived. Ms. Singh’s three stitches cost $2,229.11. Orla’s forehead was sealed with a dab of skin glue for $1,696. “When I first saw the charge, I said, ‘What could possibly have cost that much?’ ” recalled Ms. Singh. “They billed for everything, every pill.”

Good thing Obama forced average American’s to get rid of those junk policies that nobody really wanted or could afford, eh…

Cost Is Foremost Healthcare Issue for Americans

September 23, 2009

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans are broadly satisfied with the quality of their own medical care and healthcare costs, but of the two, satisfaction with costs lags. Overall, 80% are satisfied with the quality of medical care available to them, including 39% who are very satisfied. Sixty-one percent are satisfied with the cost of their medical care, including 20% who are very satisfied.

There is a clear gulf in these perceptions between the health insurance haves and have-nots. According to a Sept. 11-13 USA Today/Gallup poll, the 85% of Americans with health insurance coverage are broadly satisfied with the quality of medical care they receive and with their healthcare costs. At 79%, satisfaction with costs among Medicare/Medicaid recipients is particularly high.

The 15% who are uninsured are far less satisfied with the quality of their medical care (50% are satisfied), and only 27% are satisfied with their healthcare costs. (Sixty-nine percent are dissatisfied with their costs.)

Shame that those damned obstructionist Republicans didn’t have any alternatives to Obamacare…

Guy Benson ‏@guypbenson

“Conservatives have no alternatives to #Obamacare” is a lie: … | … | …

Oh, wait, what’s that you say? the Mainstream Media lied, just like Obama when he claimed that “If you like your health Insurance policy, you can keep it, period”…

But hey, it ok… It’s not like anyone in America objects to Obama’s action or his public lying parade. Oh, wait, what’s that?

Liberal law prof: Obama’s unconstitutional power grabs are creating a “very dangerous and unstable system”

Turley makes two valuable points here. One: Courts tend to give the executive a wide berth in separation-of-powers challenges on the theory that Congress has the power of the purse and can defund any executive agency it likes. But that’s not true anymore, he says. Obama, by defying appropriations, has claimed some of that power for himself. What check does Congress have left? That brings us to point two: Even if Congress can’t stop Obama, the courts can. The problem there, though, says Turley, is that O and the DOJ have argued successfully in many cases that no one has standing to sue him because no one can show an injury from his power grabs that’s concrete enough to justify a federal lawsuit. So the courts can’t check him either.

The only check is to beat him at the polls, and since he’s now term-limited, there’s no real check there apart from his party’s fear that they’ll be punished for his excesses instead. Show of hands: Who thinks Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will keep Obama in line? Before you answer, note that leading amnesty shill Luis Gutierrez argued at this same hearing that, if anything, Obama should have a freer hand so that he can go about unilaterally legalizing the illegals Gutierrez has been effectively representing in Congress for years. That’s what’s left of Democratic opposition to the imperial executive.

And if that alone isn’t enough…

Millennials Abandon Obama and Obamacare
A majority of America’s youngest adults would vote to recall the president.

Young Americans are turning against Barack Obama and Obamacare, according to a new survey of millennials, people between the ages of 18 and 29 who are vital to the fortunes of the president and his signature health care law.

The most startling finding of Harvard University’s Institute of Politics: A majority of Americans under age 25–the youngest millennials–would favor throwing Obama out of office.

The survey, part of a unique 13-year study of the attitudes of young adults, finds that America’s rising generation is worried about its future, disillusioned with the U.S. political system, strongly opposed to the government’s domestic surveillance apparatus, and drifting away from both major parties. “Young Americans hold the president, Congress and the federal government in less esteem almost by the day, and the level of engagement they are having in politics are also on the decline,” reads the IOP’s analysis of its poll. “Millennials are losing touch with government and its programs because they believe government is losing touch with them.”

The results blow a gaping hole in the belief among many Democrats that Obama’s two elections signaled a durable grip on the youth vote.

Indeed, millennials are not so hot on their president.

Obama’s approval rating among young Americans is just 41 percent, down 11 points from a year ago, and now tracking with all adults. While 55 percent said they voted for Obama in 2012, only 46 percent said they would do so again.

When asked if they would want to recall various elected officials, 45 percent of millennials said they would oust their member of Congress; 52 percent replied “all members of Congress” should go; and 47 percent said they would recall Obama. The recall-Obama figure was even higher among the youngest millennials, ages 18 to 24, at 52 percent.

While there is no provision for a public recall of U.S. presidents, the poll question revealed just how far Obama has fallen in the eyes of young Americans.

Note to Ron Fournier: Section 4 of Article Two of the United States Constitution: While it requires the House and the Senate to act, both the House and the Senate are rather notorious for caving to the demands of their constitutes when the public hue and cry get’s loud enough.

In the light of these recent success stories, yea, stories like this…

Video: Sticker shock greets those who successfully navigate

“Now that those glitches have been taken care of,” Newsnet 5′s Debora Lee reports, one Ohio woman finally went shopping for health insurance on — and wishes she hadn’t. “I thought it was supposed to help,” Liz Binns told Lee, but now she asks, “How can I pay this kind of money out?”

Binns had been trying to navigate the government’s health care website since October to find affordable insurance for her husband, a 60-year-old who has a pre-existing condition and whose job doesn’t offer coverage.

What she finally found for him Monday carries a premium of more than $400 a month and a $5,000 annual deductible.

“How can I pay this kind of money out?” she asked. “It’s going to take at least a second job and praying that I would make enough on a second job just to pay for this health insurance.” …

“I thought this was going to be the miracle for us,” she said, “and it’s not.”

You don’t apply to governments for miracles, even though Barack Obama clearly needs one at this point more than ever. He’s banking on making a few more speeches to distract everyone from the financial consequences of ObamaCare, but it doesn’t work when those consequences become personal and ongoing. Every clinic visit that requires cash now rather than a co-pay because of increased deductibles, and every paycheck lowered because of premium increases, will remind the Binns and everyone else just how much they’re losing thanks to ObamaCare’s disruption of a market that had been largely functioning well for most Americans. And when the fall of 2014 approaches, tens of millions more will find themselves tossed into the same position.

It’s not the website. The website has been a distraction for Americans. It’s the bill coming due that Obama will have to explain … every day until the midterms.

And thus we return to Barack Obama, in his best imitation of Gandalf, standing before the Balrog and saying “You shall not pass.” has declared that, Obamacare shall not be repealed so long as he is President. How one see’s this depends on what their own personal ideology is. If you are a Leftist Liberal or Marxist Democrat, then obviously it is a courageous stand for Marxist Totalitarianism and Economic Justice, aka wealth redistribution. If you happen to be a patriotic Conservative America, it’s the sound of a despotic dictator screaming Sieg Heil as he grinds his jack booted heal into your face.

If, by chance you happen to be a blogger, writing a conservative blog, it just might look a bit like it could be this…


Wishful thinking perhaps, but Obama certainly does look as if he has crossed the rubicon and the Wolves of November have him cornered, without a weapon, and standing on very thin ice. Yea, he could perhaps somehow pull a Harry Houdini and manage to escape, but considering that in Jan of 2015, close to 100 million Americans are going to either lose their health Insurance, of have it double in price, at the moment it isn’t looking like there is much chance of that.


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