When ideology trumps everything else, including intelligence and good advice.

So far only fools and psychopathic liars (that would be the the hardcore Obama supporters and the Mainstream Media) would describe the roll out of Obamacare as anything other than a complete disaster of the SS Titanic proportions. Which logically and rationally leaves Barack Obama, with his insane devotion to his signature legislation, looking like a combination of the Captains of the Titanic and the Exxon Valdez. Insane, drunk, delusional, asleep on the job and in complete denial. Not only has he hit the iceberg, but he has order the ship turned full into the iceberg and the engines run up to full power.

White House ready to go on offense over ObamaCare or something

“To kick off the new effort, the President will hold an event at the White House to discuss the health care law’s benefits already in place for millions of Americans and make the case for why we need to move forward to make sure the law is a success.”

The first event is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, but it is just the first wave in a tsunami of information the Obama administration plans to unleash.

This will be a daily event through December 23 as the White House plans to highlight benefits of the Affordable Care Act — sometimes on its own and other times with the help of supporters of the reform package.

The offensive is a sign the White House no longer feels weighed down by the problem-plagued HealthCare.gov.

Update: Indeed:

Again, no matter. The crisis that these errors will create in January is January’s problem. Today’s crisis, one of internal cohesion within the Democratic Party, is more acute. The left demands that caution be abandoned in favor of a hollow display of force.

These panic-inspired offensive operations against ACA opponents are not designed to achieve any strategic objective. They are politically inspired and are aimed at achieving a political goal. Each has had the temporary effect of increasing Democratic unity, but the president cannot overcome the static conditions of the terrain on which they are fighting. The underlying problems associated with the ACA are fracturing the Democratic Party. So long as the ACA remains unreformed, the Democrats are in a losing position.

It really is this simple, the position being taken by the Obama Whitehouse and the Democrat leadership is not a sane, rational or logical position, it is one of pure unadulterated blind faith Marxist ideology. One must remember and keep in mind at all times, that the fundamental foundation of Marxist ideology, is that The End Justifies the Means. The end of course, is whatever the particular adherent to Marxism believes is the greatest degree of equability to the largest number of individuals. This is what wealth redistribution is obstinately about, dividing up the wealth of a nation so that every single individual receives the exact same equal share of that wealth, regardless of their participation in creating it.

This is what “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs” means. It means that everyone get’s the exact same compensation, regardless of what they do, or do not do. Obamacare is nothing less than the implementation of the 100 percent failed Central Committee Command and Control Economics. Central Committee Command and Control Economics do not work, they have been tried over and over and over, and every single time, they have failed utterly, completely and disastrously. Yet somehow, the Marxist faithful continue to delude themselves, that it was the people who tried to implement it that failed, not the system itself. Einstein described insanity as, “Trying the same thing the exact same way, over and over and over again and always expecting a different result”.

Yet the Marxist faithful always fall back on, if only the right people do it, it will work, and unsurprisingly, they always believe that they, themselves are those right people who will finally get it right. Einstein described the Marxist faithful perfectly, even better than his Special Relativity described the Universe. They are clinically insane, and should not be allowed anywhere near any position of authority or allowed to make any decision that impacts the lives of anyone other than themselves.

Just how insane are they, take a look, but loin your girds first, because it’s damned ugly.

Rogers: WH wouldn’t brief us on Healthcare.gov security gaps – even in closed session

Rep. Mike Rogers provides a cheery thought on personal security as the White House gears up to sell ObamaCare all over again. Last night, he told Greta van Susteren that data security on Healthcare.gov didn’t even meet “minimal standards” for the industry. In terms of the “private-sector velocity and efficiency” claimed by the Obama administration over the last couple of days, Rogers says that experts warned him that they would be sued out of business if they rolled out a website with this many security gaps.

It’s so bad, Rogers warns, that the White House refused to brief Congress on the known risks and attacks that have already taken place — even in closed session. “That’s just unconscionable,” Rogers says, especially when the same people who won’t brief them are cajoling people to put their identity information at risk:

That right folks, the Obama Administration knew full well that the security of the Obamacare Website was absolutely and completely nonexistent. But their ideology demanded that they force as many Americans as possible to enter their personal security information into a system that could not and did not protect that information. This is a perfect example of “The End Justifies the Means”. There is no atrocity that cannot and will not be committed to achieve the desired end goal. Exposing hundreds of millions of Americans to every cyber criminal on the planet, is just one example of the sacrifices that the Obama Administration is and was willing to take to achieve their goal, their End as it were.

Here’s your second example, like the first, it is, was and continues to be a case of willful full forethought of malice.

Dropped Coverage: How the media missed the two biggest Obamacare screw-ups.

Nobody could accuse the press of ignoring the fiasco-on-a-server that is HealthCare.gov. The Obamacare website’s woes are dominating coverage on the network news, the cable talk shows, the blogs and, of course, high-octane websites like POLITICO.

But did the press do a good job of covering the Affordable Care Act before the health care exchanges went online—sort of—on Oct. 1? Were we adequately warned of the troubles that were to come? And now that HealthCare.gov’s problems are headline news, is the coverage of it any better?

Sure, one can find a few examples of one news outlet or another warning of impending catastrophe. In March, CQ’s Jane Norman reported that federal health officials were working on “contingency plans” in case the exchanges didn’t work. She quoted two: Gary Cohen, director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, who said he was “pretty nervous” about the rollout, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services official Henry Chao, who said, “Let’s just make sure it’s not a third-world experience.” A few conservative sites picked up the quotes, as did National Journal a few days later, warning flatly: “Prepare for disaster.”

But a June report by the Government Accountability Office failed to sound the alarm, noting dryly: “Much progress has been made, but much remains to be accomplished within a relatively short amount of time”—and the coverage of it was accordingly muted. POLITICO did note that “IT could end up being health reform’s highest hurdle.” The Washington Post, in August, and the New York Times, in late September, highlighted problems with the state exchanges, but not the more serious internal concerns about HealthCare.gov. Overall, the press was not very prescient, not just about the ACA’s looming tech problems, but also in informing readers and viewers about this admittedly complicated bill’s downstream consequences.

So when the law actually came into effect on Oct. 1, Americans were by and large not prepared—not for the website when it froze up and not for the millions of cancellation notices that went out to Americans in the individual insurance market. The news hit like a bomb—and the political impact hit that much harder for the Obama administration. Why hadn’t the media caught wind of HealthCare.gov’s troubles? Had President Obama lied when he promised, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” And if so, why didn’t the media call him on it at the time?

No, indeed nobody could accuse the media of ignoring the disastrous Obamacare roll out, of straight up lying about it, of doing every conceivable thing they could to minimize how disastrous it was, of trying to put lipstick on this dead rancid pig, and of trying to deceive and manipulate the American people about it, yes, but not of ignoring it. On top of that, Politico Magazine even has the gall to place the moniker of “Fourth Estate” on the letterhead of their Web Portal. Soviet Era TASS and Pravda were better representatives of the Fourth Estate than Politico ever dreamed of being, no Politico, Politico dot com, Politico Magazine are not members of the Fourth Estate, they are nothing less than full on card carrying members of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media.

Again, like the Obama Whitehouse and the Democrat Leadership, they are clinically insane assholes for whom ideology trumps everything else, and their ideology is “The End Justifies the Means”.


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