A new Laser like focus on the economy?

So, Obamacare is obliterating the health insurance industry, destroying the American public’s trust in the Obamanation Administration, causing the cancellation of millions of American’s health insurance and causing tens of millions more to have to pay massively increased insurance premiums. Naturally Barack Obama would now like to… Change the subject. Now, for the what 4 millionth time since he has been elected, he want’s to pivot and turn his laser like focus on the economy.

Obama: How about we change the subject, mm-kay?

Well, who can blame him? Today’s competing radio addresses tell the meta-story, as CNN reports. Republicans focused on the meltdown at HHS over the ObamaCare rollout, while Barack Obama provided his 387th pivot to the economy:

While Republicans continued on the anti-Obamacare offensive, President Barack Obama largely pivoted away from the troubled rollout of Healthcare.gov, instead focusing his address on the economy.

Actually, you can get a pretty good sense of the news value of each speech from its position in CNN’s report. The Republican speech by Rep. Michael Burgess gets quoted in the second and third paragraph:

Texas Republican Rep. Michael Burgess, a physician and vice chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, called the Affordable Care Act a “train wreck for doctors, a train wreck for patients, and most importantly, it’s a train wreck for the American people.”

“It has now become clear that the reality of the president’s health care law does not match what he promised: A website that was launched before it was finished. Waves of cancellation letters. The sticker shock of high premiums, coupled with ever-increasing deductibles,” Burgess said in the GOP weekly address released Saturday.

Readers have to scan down all the way down to the seventh paragraph to get to what Obama said, and even then the pivot isn’t so much a policy rollout as it is cheerleading for stagnation:

“Over the past couple months, most of the political headlines you’ve read have probably been about the government shutdown and the launch of the Affordable Care Act,” Obama said in his weekly address.

“And I know that many of you have rightly never been more frustrated with Washington. But if you look beyond those headlines, there are some good things happening in our economy. And that’s been my top priority since the day I walked into the Oval Office.”

For the love of God, somebody throw a damned duck at Barack Obama, hell throw four or five, every time he pivots and focuses his attention on the economy, the damned economy goes into anaphylactic shock. The only thing that has kept his laser like focus from burning the economy to a frickin crisp is his incessant scandals, which keep distracting him from focusing on the economy. It seems like the only time America is safe from his laser like focus on the economy, is when he is lying about one of his endless scandals or on the damned golf course.

Here’s a crazy idea, maybe somebody can convince one of the evil Koch brothers to pay Tiger Woods to be Barack Obama’s new best friend forever, if Tiger could just keep him on the golf course more, he might damage the economy less. yea, I know, that’s asking tiger to take a really big one for the team, and despite Tiger’s well documented propensity to make bad decisions, I honestly don’t think he’s stupid enough to go for it. Hell, if I thought it would get Obama on the golf course more often I would even lobby my friend Carter Penley to send him a set of ET2 shafts (the very best golf shafts on Earth BTW).

Again, sadly though, giving Barack Obama the finest golf shafts on earth would be akin to giving a monkey a machine gun, he wouldn’t know what to do with them, and if he ever found the trigger, well the epic funny would ensue…


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