President Stompyfoot strikes back…

Barack Obama, the petulant narcissistic blame everyone else for his failure is back, and with a new and improved disposition… Ypu, the complete and total failure of the Obamacare website is… You guessed it, the evil mean ole republicans fault.

Obama: Republicans are partly to blame for ObamaCare fiasco, you know

Obama seems unwilling or unable to come to grips with the scope of the disaster his administration has created. Instead of blaming Capitol Hill Republicans for not clapping enthusiastically enough to save Tink, a competent executive would start replacing the people responsible for the massive failures. In my column for The Week, I wonder why Obama still hasn’t sent heads rolling over the problem — and why we’re supposed to have confidence that the people who couldn’t succeed in three-plus years are the people to fix the problems over the next three weeks:

The most charitable conclusion from all of the revelations in the ACA collapse is that the management of this project has been incompetent, which for most executives would prompt a significant number of personnel changes. After all, leaving the same people in the same roles doesn’t produce a lot of confidence in the ability to fix those problems now.

Even former administration officials have begun to wonder aloud why no heads have rolled in the past seven weeks. “I think the only way to restore ultimate confidence going forward,” Robert Gibbs told NBC News, “is to make sure that whoever was in charge of this isn’t in charge of the long-term healthcare plan.” David Plouffe predicted on ABC News that personnel changes would come “once the website gets fixed.”

Unlike the previous fiascos, this one has seriously damaged Barack Obama himself, and not just in job approval ratings. Over the four-plus years of the Obama presidency, his enduring high marks on personal qualities have tided the White House over some rough times. According to the latestWashington Post/ABC News poll, those days are over. Voter impressions of Obama himself turned unfavorable by a majority for the first time in the series, 46/52; 60 percent viewed him favorably in January, and 50 percent just three weeks ago. Half of respondents now say they don’t see Obama as “honest and trustworthy,” which goes to 46/52 when narrowed down to registered voters. Only 38 percent of registered voters see Obama as a “good manager,” and his ratings as a “strong leader” dropped from 60/38 in January to 44/55 now.

These assessments are long overdue. A strong leader would have paid more attention to the central project of his agenda long before its implementation. An adequate executive would have already removed those responsible for inexplicable failure and replaced them with more competent officials. Even a mediocre manager would know better than to promise more success with the same team that produced a spectacular and costly failure. The longer those people remain in place, the more apparent it becomes that Barack Obama finds himself in far over his head as an executive — and the less confidence anyone can have in his big-government promises and agenda.

Unless, of course, you believe in fairy tales.

Obama has been blaming former President Bush for the last five years for his failure to get the economy moving in the right direction, he blamed Bush for Operation Fast and Furious, he blamed a youtube video that nobody had seen for Benghazi, he blamed low level employes for the IRS intimidating voters in his name, he blamed the media for the NSA spying illegally on American citizens. On those insanely rare occasion when he admits that he screwed up, it’s always with the caveat that it was really somebody elses fault and he’s just accepting responsibility, whereupon he promptly ducks responsibility.

It’s no wonder at all that he has earned the nickname President Stompyfoot; petulant, arrogant, narcissistic, deceitful, and childish are all descriptors that accurately describe his behavior. Competent, honest, forthcoming, principled and a natural leader, on the other hand are not descriptors that can be applied to his tenure as President of the United States of America.

One has to wonder, in all honestly, how much longer before Barack Obama has his very own, “I am not a Crook” moment???


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