Barack Obama to the Rescue.

Way back in ancient historical time, back before the historic passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) Speaker for the House, Nancy Pelosi displayed the steal resolve required to foist off on the American people Socialized Medicine. When the Republican members of the House of Representatives could not be bullied, threatened or cajoled into submitting to her machinations, she did what any good reasonable Marxist tyrant would do. She had the door locks changed and refused to allow any Republican congressmen into the negotiations on what would become “The Affordable Healthcare Act”.

Dems Lock Out Republicans — Literally

Then things got interesting. Republican staff members had secretly set up a video camera outside the committee room. The camera captured a stream of Democrats leaving through a side door of the very committee room they were scheduled to be in — calling into question Democrats’ claim that a scheduling conflict involving another committee meeting prevented their attendance.

Republicans put the video on YouTube, juxtaposing the empty chairs and the Democrats filing out of the room. They put it all to the tune of “Hit the Road, Jack.”

Not everyone was laughing. On Tuesday, the committee’s Democrats let the Republicans know that their keys wouldn’t work in the hearing room anymore. They’d had the locks changed.

Why? “Because they [Republicans] don’t know how to behave,” Chairman Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y., told Politico. Towns’ office did not respond to request for comment.

Now it is necessary to remind everyone at this point, that only one Republican voted yea on ACA (Obamacare) and that would be the former Congressman from Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district, Joseph Cao, who lost his seat in the 2010 mid terms for voting for the ACA. Moreover, it is even more important to remind everyone of exactly how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid passed the ACA. He took a bill that had passed the House of Representative, removed the contents of that bill, and inserted the ACA into that bill, this is a process known as “Reconciliation” and Harry Reid did this literally in the middle of the night, because the ACA was so unpopular that it could not be passed any other way.

After 3 years of code writing, and $600,000,000.00 tax dollars (not counting the billions of dollars in advertising), just how successful has this socialized Medicine program been in attracting enrollment? More American citizens have signed a petition to have the President build a DeathStar than have enrolled in Obamacare. More people have visited this little insignificant blog which receives ZERO federal funding and ZERO Mainstream Media advertising or endorsements in the last 2 month (600,000) than have enrolled in Obamacare (27,000, or 106,000 if you count the people who put a plan in their shopping cart, but never actually signed up or paid).

So, just how bad is the situation? The Democrats, rightfully so are scared shitless that they will be held accountable for this uber world class cluster fuck are now demanding that a new bill be introduced and enacted that will allow people to keep their existing health insurance plans, plans that President Barack Obama promised they could keep, but lied, knowing full well that he was lying and that they would not be able to keep.

Oh, bit it gets sweeter still, this fixes that are being proposed…

Chuck Todd: These fixes are going to “undermine the whole premise of the law”

LAUER: Chuck, can you tinker with a part of the program and not impact the viability of the entire program, numbers-wise?

TODD: I’ve talked to one of the architects of this plan… and he essentially argues, no. If you start messing around with this and trying to grandfather in some of these folks, you undermine the whole premise of the law. The whole way insurance companies can make it affordable for somebody who has a preexisting condition is if they are forcing these younger and healthier people essentially to pay a little more. You know, that’s the way, and this is the problem that the president brought upon himself when they didn’t make this clear. There are always winners and losers in any legislation. There is a small number of losers here if you want to count losing as in, having to pay more for your health insurance. Healthy people are going to pay more. That was always the intention, that was the only way you could make the law work if you wanted to bring down the cost for sick people.

Nancy Pelosi famously said,

Well, we know what is in it now. It’s full of straight up lies, deception and Marxist wealth re-distribution, which no doubt explains why Nancy Pelosi refused to allow anyone to see what was in it before it was passed.

If American’s weren’t the amazingly reasonable and restrained people they are, right about now would be the time that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all the elected Democrat were forced right back into that conference room they changed the locks on, the doors barred from the outside, and the damned building set on fire. Fortunately for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all those elected Democrats, the America people don’t do things like that.

Not to worry though everyone, President Barack Obama is coming riding on his white stallion to the rescue.

Open thread: Obama to make statement on ObamaCare at 11:35 ET; Update: Scapegoat the insurers

Update: Needless to say, one of the grim pleasures in the aftermath of this today will be watching Democrats turn on a dime from attacking Upton’s proposal as a dangerous threat to ObamaCare that will only heighten the risk of adverse selection and higher premiums (which is true!) to praising Obama’s variation of the same idea as a smart bit of leadership aimed at keeping a presidential promise.

In other words, Obama has agreed to destroy his own legacy to avoid the largest Democrat blood bath in American political history, let’s see if the GOP elite Leadership, traditionally referred to as the “Party of Stupid”, are, well, Stupid enough to allow him to do that. Or, if they can find the testicular fortitude to actually put up a fight, and remind the American people every single day from now until the 2014 mid-terms, that this UnAffordable Healthcare Act, was a 100 percent Democrat Ponzi scheme foisted off on the American people against the will of the majority of Americans.


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