Let’s make the rich pay their fair share.

Millions of Californians proudly voted for Barack Obama, not once, but twice. Now they are starting to wake up to what they voted for. Anthem Blue Cross just sent out over 1 million policy cancellation in the State of California. Surprise California, No, you can’t keep your health insurance if you like it, and No, you can’t keep your Doctor if you like him/her. Yes, on the other hand, you really were played for fools and you really were lied to by Barack Obama.

Calif. Insurance Commissioner: More Than 1M Californians Having Insurance Cancelled Due To ACA

More than 1 million cancellation notices have been sent to Californians as the Affordable Care Act begins allowing individuals to buy insurance through exchanges, Jones said. The federal law requires policies to offer minimum levels of coverage, forcing companies to terminate many existing plans. But Jones said that under the law, insurers have another year to do so.

No California, that burning pounding pain you feel in your derriere isn’t surprise sex from that beloved Gay office co worker of yours. It’s the sensation of slowly awakening to the reality that you not only just got royally screwed, but that you begged and pleaded for this screwing. But then again, on the positive side, those 65 percent of you so called moderates and the 95 percent of liberal democrats who begged and plead for this screwing will continue to blame everyone but, a) Barack Obama who lied right straight to your faces, and yourselves, who begged and pleaded to get screwed.

Yes, you will blame it on those evil obstructionist Republicans who warned you time and time and time against this was exactly what you were asking for. You’ll blindly insist that it was the fault of the evil TEA Party extremists who somehow forced Obama to lie because they refused to support you getting royally screwed. Like any alcoholic or drug addict you will point your fingers at everyone but yourself and claim that they are responsible.

And best of all, that royal screwing you are experiencing, yea, it hasn’t even started in earnest yet. That right… The cancellations that have gone out now, they’re the small percentage of cancellations that are mandatory under Obamacare, the major portion of those mandatory cancellation, the employer mandate of those cancellations, yea, they take place in 2014. That’s when 95 million people across the country lose their health insurance and are forced to buy insurance policies that cost up to 10 times as much as the policies that they already have goes into effect.

If you think you are getting royally screwed now, just wait till 2014.

But hey, the truth is, you begged and pleaded to get royally screwed, this is exactly what you voted for when you voted for Barack Obama, so suck it up and enjoy that burning pounding sensation in your ass, because not only is it not going away any time soon, the pain you are feeling, hasn’t eve3n started yet. When the employer mandate kicks in, not only are you going to lose your health insurance, but just about everybody you know is going to have their hours cut or they are going to lose their jobs, and that my fellow Californian, is when the burning and pounding agony in your ass is really going to kick in. The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions, you should know, you paved it, so sit back and enjoy the fucking ride assholes.


2 thoughts on “Let’s make the rich pay their fair share.

  1. From January 1, 2014, our (my wife and I, age 58) health insurance at Anthem Blue Cross jumped from $328 to $1,130.16 per month, or from $3,936 to $13,561.92 per year. The payments have more than tripled.

    Before that time, we used to have the ‘Clear Protection 5000’ plan. Our deductible was $5,000. Right now, we have the ‘CORE Direct-Access CAAE’ plan. Our new deductible is $5,600. Since we are still healthy, we always choose the lowest cost (highest deductible) plans. Right now, there is nothing in between $328 to $1,030 per month. The lowest is $1,030 per month. There are no choices and we are forced to have it.

    Agony and pain !!!

  2. I remember when the tax hike for highspeed rail was passed. I heard some statistic that since only a minority in the state – 40-something percent – everybody voted for somebody ELSE to pay those taxes.
    I suspect that a lot of people in California who managed to give it a modicum of thought are looking forward to Obamacare because they think they’ll be eligible for subsidies. And in many cases, they will. But it won’t do them any good. Because they’ll be paying for care that may not be available. If what you need isn’t in the specified network, it will ALL be out-of-pocket.

    It’s not just that they’re screwed. No flowers, no dinner either

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