An example Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius are too dishonorable to follow.

In the December issue of “Guns and Ammo” columnist Dick Metcalf wrote an article for their Backstop column which launched into a discussion of the need for more gun regulation. The response to this Obamacare grade screw up from “Guns and Ammo” readers was near instantaneous and unanimous. G&A editor Jim Bequette proceeded to show what taking responsibility for ones actions really means, unlike either Barack Obama or Kathleen Sebelius, who having neither honor nor morals or ethic, Jim Bequette not only apologized to his outraged readers, he fired Dick Metcalf and resigned himself.

Guns & Ammo Editor fires Dick Metcalf, resigns, after anti-gun rights column

When the December issue of Guns & Ammo (which I still haven’t got my hands on) came out, readers were apparently met with something of a surprise. Long time gun rights activist Dick Metcalf had penned an editorial for their Backstop column which launched into a discussion of the need for more gun regulation. We don’t have the full column at hand, but the folks at The Free Patriot republished a few of the salient portions.

“I bring this up,” he wrote, “because way too many gun owners still believe that any regulation of the right to keep and bear arms is an infringement. The fact is that all Constitutional rights are regulated, always have been, and need to be.” Facepalm moment anyone? Now that Metcalf is no longer in a fit mental capacity to be left alone, someone should send Adult Protective services over for a welfare check.

“Many argue that any regulation at all is, by definition, an infringement. If that were true, then the authors of the Second Amendment themselves, should not have specified “well-regulated.”

I won’t include more, as it pretty much goes downhill from there, parroting some of the time worn arguments constantly put forward by those opposed to gun ownership who seek to twist the Constitution to their own ends. The response from the readers was instant and pretty much unanimous. In response, G&A editor Jim Bequette took immediate action.

As editor of “Guns & Ammo,” I owe each and every reader a personal apology. No excuses, no backtracking.

Dick Metcalf’s “Backstop” column in the December issue has aroused unprecedented controversy. Readers are hopping mad about it, and some are questioning “Guns & Ammo”’s commitment to the Second Amendment. I understand why…

Dick Metcalf has had a long and distinguished career as a gunwriter, but his association with “Guns & Ammo” has officially ended.

Jim’s actions were not limited to Metcalf, though. He seemed to adopt a policy of saying that a housecleaning was in order and it needed to start at the top.

I made a mistake by publishing the column. I thought it would generate a healthy exchange of ideas on gun rights. I miscalculated, pure and simple. I was wrong, and I ask your forgiveness.

Plans were already in place for a new editor to take the reins of “Guns & Ammo” on January 1. However, these recent events have convinced me that I should advance that schedule immediately.

Your new “Guns & Ammo” editor will be Eric R. Poole, who has so effectively been running our special interest publications, such as “Book of the AR-15” and “TRIGGER.” You will be hearing much more about this talented editor soon.

G&A editor Jim Bequette did not make excuses or attempt to blame anyone else, he didn’t lie to anyone and he didn’t rationalize or justify what he did. Unlike Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius, Jim Bequette did not make the empty deceitful assertion that he was accountable or responsible and then continue doing exactly what he was doing what cause the screw up, no, Jim Bequette did exactly what a genuine man of honor and integrity would do, he accepted responsibility, corrected the problem and resigned.

Neither Barack Obama or Kathleen Sebelius will follow Jim Bequette example, because at the end of the day, neither Barack Obama or Kathleen Sebelius have one single ounce of honor, integrity or ethics between the two of them. They are nothing but liars, thief’s and frauds masquerading as honorable people.


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