When you love being lied to…

Many on the right are describing the reaction of the Obama faithful to hearing that Obama knowingly and willingly lied to them about their being able to keep their health insurance if they liked it and wanted to keep it, as cognitive dissonance. The painful truth however, is, that it is not cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance only occurs when an individual hold two diametrically opposed and conflicting values at the same time. That is not what America is witnessing among the Obama faithful.

The Obama faithful are not suffering cognitive dissonance because their is no moral or ethical conflict in their minds with regard to what Obama promised and the reality that he knowingly and willingly lied in making those promises. There is no conflict in their minds, because they believe that despite the deception and lies made by Obama, their is a great underlying fundamental truth to what he promised. A truth that justifies the deception and lies.

They are able to rationalize and justify this in their minds thereby avoiding any internal ethical or moral conflict and the resulting cognitive dissonance because, like Obama, their only true moral or ethical value, is that the End Justifies the Means. What they believe regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act, is that in time, it will eventually result in a greater public good. They believe that eventually, once everyone is enrolled in a single payer government run healthcare system, that the prices of healthcare insurance will self correct and adjust so that the top 5% of the wealthy citizens will end up paying their fair share (i.e. the majority of the cost of healthcare), and everyone elses costs will decline as a result.

This is the kind of thinking that can only take place in the mind of an individual who is genuinely incapable of rational or logical thought. In the mind of those who cannot see the world as it really is, but instead live in a fantasy delusion where cause and effect to do not exist, where perpetual motion is real but greedy capitalists keep it hidden so as to maintain their control over everyone else. In the minds of such people, all economics are a Zero sum equation, where the amount of wealth on earth is and always has been a fixed amount, and the only way that it can be transferred from one person to another, is, for one person to have a dollar, it has to come at the expense of someone else.

Where the Obama faithful actually suffer from cognitive dissonance, is in their belief that things like perpetual motion or free energy really exist, but greedy capitalists prevent it from freeing everyone from the cost of energy, yet at the same time believe that all wealth is a fixed sum that never changes and can only be redistributed through various means.

The fatal flaw in their logic (if you can call stupidity of that magnitude logic) is making the assumption that physical matter constitutes wealth, and is therefore a fixed and unchangeable quantity. That assumption requires that the physical matter comprising the Earth is a finite volume that remains unchanged, totally and completely fixed. Any scientist can tell you that is a fallacy, as the Earth plows through space it is constantly being bombarded by matter that is in it’s path. A hundred of thousand of tons of matter rain down on earth every single year, that may not seem like much, until you take into account the age of the earth and the cosmic time scale. More importantly, cosmologists and physicists can’t even agree whether all the matter in the entire universe is a finite fixed amount since quantum theory argues that matter is constantly popping into existence and back out again.

The problem with that assumption is, that it just isn’t true, economics are not a fixed sum equation and wealth is not a finite unchangeable value. Wealth is in fact a abstract symbolic representation which fluctuates constantly based on hundreds of variables. The single most significant variable in what any given object or idea is worth, is how desirable it is, or how useful it is to someone. To a dying person, a ton of gold is only worth how much longer it will keep them alive. If it won’t keep them alive, but 1 gram of anti-toxin will, then the anti-toxin becomes more valuable than that ton of gold.

This is the reality that really drives economics, that wealth is constantly being created and destroyed and has no genuine fixed or constant value. Economies fluctuate as a response to the creation, destruction and transfer of wealth, not the other way around. Economies do not create wealth, they measure the rate of creation, destruction and transfer of wealth. It’s just as important to understand that all wealth creation is predicated on 3 specific things, need, use and desirability. Without these three key ingredients, nothing has an intrinsic value of it’s own. A planet the size of Jupiter made of solid gold has absolutely zero value, if their is no one in the universe who places a value on Gold.

The Obama faithful have placed the preeminence of valuation not upon the means by which their desires are achieved, but upon the end goal of their desires, ergo, The End Justifies the Means. They do not care HOW they get where they believe they are going, just so long as “THEY” get there. They convince themselves that their end goal is of such a high moral and ethical value, that any “means” required to achieve that end goal is fully justified, regardless of what that “means” is. For them, transforming the world into a Utopia (as conceived by them) is of such moral and ethical value, that they do not care who has to pay for it, or what that price is, just so long as the goal is achieved.

If 5.5 billion people have to die so that 500 million people can live in a perfect Utopia then that is an acceptable cost for achieving Utopia (just so long as they are part of the 500 million who get to live in Utopia). Cognitive dissonance among the Obama faithful would occur only if, they were to suddenly be given the moral dilemma wherein the entire world could enter into the perfect Utopia, but the cost was for them personally to suffer eternal torment for that to take place. Suddenly the End would not Justify the Means, it would be profoundly unfair, not to say that some of them would not do it, but they certainly would not if they genuinely understood what eternity of torment meant.


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