Propaganda Strategy: Taking the Focus off Obama.

Various Fifth Column Treasonous Media outlets and members of the Aristocratic Republican Leadership are currently attacking HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Her Roll out of the Obamanationcare website has been an unmitigated disaster, something that neither the Democrat/Marxists nor the Aristocratic Republican Leadership wanted, and now they are attacking her for that failure.

Sebelius Says She’s Responsible, So Why Is the Administration Pointing Fingers?

Complaints about Obamacare? Blame the insurance companies. Or the contractors. Or the press.

Over the past three days, the Obama administration has blamed almost everyone but itself for the debacle that is and the wave of cancellations that consumers are now receiving.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius did take some responsibility for the website on Wednesday, telling a House panel to hold her accountable for the site’s failures.

But that concession came only after HHS had pointed the finger at three other parties in less than three days.

Sebelius’ prepared testimony for Wednesday’s hearing put the responsibility for squarely on the contractors who built it, rejecting their complaints about poor management from HHS.

Let’s be perfectly clear about something, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is utterly and completely incompetent and should be fired, if she worked anywhere in the private sector she would not only have been fired long ago, she would have been prosecuted for fraud as well. But make no mistake about this, these public attacks on Kathleen Sebelius are nothing more than a diversion, a shiny object to distract people from the more serious issue at hand.

The Evil Republican Terrorist and bomb throwing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh put his finger squarely on it the other day when he played around with the Fred Thompson Watergate investigation quote that cause Richard Nixon so much trouble.

We’re on the track for single-payer Medicaid, and that’s why Obama’s congratulating the governor of Kentucky because — by hook or by crook — he’s way ahead of the game, whether he knows it or not. Nobody knows what they’re doing, and nobody knows what’s happening. Nobody knows jack, and they happen to be the people leading us. You know, the question is, What does Obama ever know and when did he not know it?

It’s, “What does Obama not know, and when did he not know it?” That’s the question. In Watergate, it was, “What did the president know, and when did he know it?” In Obama’s case it’s, “What does he not know, and when did he not find out?” Okay, let’s stay with this. Let me give you the audio sound bites. Here’s the montage of the Drive-Bys, and this is the Limbaugh Theorem on parade. This is the Drive-Bys pushing the idea that Obama didn’t know what the NSA’s been doing.

Pay attention here folks, because this is where you are being deceived and manipulated by the Fifth Column Treasonous Media and the Aristocratic Republican Leadership. Obama knew and has known all along that 75 to 80% of the 17 million American’s who purchase their own health insurance were going to lose that coverage as a direct and intentional consequence of Obamanationcare.

At this very moment, even as million of cancellation notices are being received by unsuspecting Americans, Americans who believed Obama when he told them, “If you like your coverage, you can keep it” the Whitehouse, Kathleen Sebelius and literally dozens of other Democrat/Marxist useless imbeciles are asserting a lie.

Sebelius Explains ‘If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It’

The first question Wednesday that House Republicans asked Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius about’s troubled rollout focused on President Obama’s promise: “If you like your health plan, you can keep it.”

House Energy and Commerce Chair Fred Upton (R-MI) pressed Sebelius on why the president had made that statement, given recent reports of individual policies being dropped prior to 2014, which is when the law’s major market reforms take effect.

“Mr. Chairman, there was no change,” Sebelius said. “The regulation involving grandfathered plans, which applied to both the employer market and the individual market, indicated that if a plan was in effect in March of 2010, stayed in effect without unduly burdening the consumer with reducing benefits and adding on huge costs, that plan would stay in effect and never have to comply with any regulations of the Affordable Care Act.”

“That’s what the grandfather clause said. The individual market which affects about 12 million Americans, about 5 percent of the market. People move in and out. They often have coverage for less than a year. A third of them have coverage for about six months. And if a plan was in place in March of 2010 and again did not impose additional burdens on the consumer, they still have it. It’s grandfathered in.”

Barack Obama straight up lied to the American People, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. His minions are still lying, even in the face of the absolutely indisputable and incontrovertible evidence. The only thing more shocking than the Obama subordinates lies, are how the Fifth Column Treasonous Media and the Aristocratic Republican Leadership are using the lies of Obama’s subordinates to create a distraction from Obama himself. Rather than grilling Kathleen Sebelius, Congress should be grilling Barack Obama under oath about what he knew, and when he knew it.


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