The Propaganda Machines begin to spin up.

The American people have once again gone off the reservation and must be herded back on before catastrophe strikes. Obamanationcare has taken a huge hit in popularity (Hard to imagine since it has always been profoundly unpopular) since the Grabberment Shutdown that, well, technically really wasn’t a Shutdown since it only affects 15 percent of the Federal hydra.

Approval of Affordable Care Act Inches Up

PRINCETON, NJ — Despite the highly publicized technical issues that have plagued the government’s health insurance exchange website that went live on Oct. 1, Americans’ views of the Affordable Care Act are slightly more positive now than they were in August. Forty-five percent now approve of the law, while 50% disapprove, for a net approval score of -5. In June and August, net approval was slightly lower, at -8.

Trend: Americans’ Views of the Affordable Care Act

These results come from a Gallup poll conducted Oct. 18-20, a few days after the end of the recent government shutdown — which centered on partisan debates over funding the healthcare law — and as media coverage of the poorly functioning health exchange sites increased. The results suggest that the problems with the health exchanges have not negatively affected Americans’ overall views of the law, at least to this point.

While Americans’ approval of the healthcare law is slightly higher than earlier this year, other Gallup research shows that the majority of Americans would still like Congress to modify the ACA in some way — repealing it entirely, scaling it back, or expanding it.

Make no mistake about it, and do not allow yourself to be deceived, this is not a poll of actual public opinion, it is in fact nothing less than propaganda and indoctrination informing you what you are supposed to believe. The concept behind this kind of propaganda and indoctrination is that most people want and need to feel that they are normal, average, sophisticated citizens. That when informed that what they believe is out of sync with the majority of society, they will accordingly modify their beliefs and opinions to return to being in touch with the majority of society.

Politicians and the Fifth Column Treasonous Media have been using this technique to deceive and manipulate the general public for a very long time. They use it, because quite frankly it works. The average person is just too disconnected from politics and too busy in their own personal lives to do the research to find out if they are being lied to or manipulated. When they do spend a few of their precious minutes to do any research, that research is usually rendered utterly useless by something known as bias conformation. In other words, they only seek out information that reinforces what they already have been told to believe is true.

Since Obamanationcare has never, despite what the Obamanation Administration and the Fifth Column Treasonous Media have claimed, been popular, it cannot have taken a hit in popularity.

Edit: Somebody apparently hasn’t gotten the New and Improved Journolist Talking Points Memo.

Americans Losing Faith in Obamacare

New polls suggest it’s not just tech glitches endangering the health-reform law, but also a crisis of confidence

The recent government shutdown may have distracted some Americans from the bungled rollout of Obamacare, but a new Pew survey shows many people are well aware of just how bad things are for the law’s new insurance websites. Forty-six percent of Americans polled on Oct. 9 to 13, while the shutdown was in full swing, said the Affordable Care Act’s online insurance exchanges were working “not too well” or “not working at all.”

While about 41% of Americans approve of the ACA, according to Pew, negative public perception of the exchanges could hinder the administration’s plan to enroll 7 million people in private health plans through the exchanges by the end of 2014. Before the error-riddled launch on Oct. 1, the White House promised the exchanges would be easy-to-use tools, allowing consumers to compare and buy insurance policies in the same way they book travel or buy books online. The harder the exchange websites are to use — or the harder consumers think they are to use — the less likely people are to log on or sign up. These persistent problems mean many of those who have enrolled so far have done so only after making multiple attempts to navigate slow and crash-prone websites.

While President Obama sought to reassure the public in a speech on Monday that exchange-website malfunctions were being fixed, a separate poll found that many believe technical problems plaguing the websites may indicate that the entire law is broken. A Washington Post–ABC News poll conducted Oct 17 to 20 and released Oct. 21 found that 56% of those surveyed believed the “website glitches” are “part of a broader problem with the health care law.”


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