UFO descends on Whitehouse Publicly abducts Barry Soetoro…

While millions of stunned American Veterans watched in horror this afternoon a giant UFO of obvious Alien manufacture descended on the Whitehouse today. The Alien leader, who named himself Tzerg the Inhaler, claimed to be the Supreme Leader of Narccissicain Confederation and that Earth was now a subject colony of the Narccissicain Confederation. as proof of his supremacy, Tzerg the Inhaler made a public showing of placing President Barry Soetoro in chains and having him dragged kicking and screaming on-board his mother-ship.

Tzerg made this announcement to the stunned million’s of Veterans who just happened to be in Mordor on the Potomac visiting memorials to their fallen brothers and sisters.

To the slaves now inhabiting Earth, We’re here, we’re in charge, get over it. We demand that as tribute to the Narccissicain Confederation for our continued benevolence, 1 million tons of Cannabis sativa be prepared for shipment to the glorious Narccissicain Confederation every month. Since we know that you cannot be trusted to make the right decisions on your own, we are installing as the New President of the Planet Earth our Junior Supreme Overlord, Barack Insane Obama. Make no mistake about this puny humans, our Junior Supreme Overlord is a cruel taskmaster, you shall rue the day you cross his red lines of destruction, terrible and swift shall be his punishment. Resistance is futile, abandon all hope you puny earthlings….

Tzerg, then inhaled deeply from what appeared to be a Vaporizer, his eyes glowing bright red, he turned, strode back to his Mother-ship. Former President of the United States of America, Barry Soetoro was last seen being dragged by his feet into the Narccissicain Confederation Mother-ship behind Tzerg the Inhaler, crying out for Valerie Jarret to save him, the Mother-ship then took off leaving a scowling Junior Supreme Overlord Barack Insane Obama detachededly surveying the millions of stunned and horrified Veterans.

Update: Thousands of riot Police have been dispatched to Mordor on the Potomac, tasked with clearing major arteries and streets so that America’s truckers, who have already pitched in and volunteered their services, are able to quickly and efficiently begin delivery of the 1 million tons of Cannabis sativa now required as tribute to the Narccissicain Confederation.

Reports are also starting to trickle in that an emergency session of Congress has convened to address what the proper form of supplication to Junior Supreme Overlord Barack Insane Obama will be for the safe return of President Barry Soetoro. (Rumors are also coming out that Senators McCain, Graham and Ried have insisted the no supplication be presented that does not also include a separate supplication requesting the make and model of Tzerg the Inhalers vaporizer)


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