Fourth Estate, not on your life, Fifth Column Treasonous Media, you betcha.

The Los Angeles Times gave a perfect example of why I call the Mainstream Media in America the Fifth Column Treasonous Media this past Saturday.

LA Times: We Don’t Publish Letters to Editor Claiming Man Isn’t Causing Climate Change

It’s one thing for a news outlet to advance the as yet unproven theory of anthropogenic global warming; it’s quite another to admit that you won’t publish views that oppose it.

As amazing as it may same, that’s exactly what the Los Angeles Times did Saturday in an article by editorial writer Jon Healey:

Regular readers of The Times’ Opinion pages will know that, among the few letters published over the last week that have blamed the Democrats for the government shutdown (a preponderance faulted House Republicans), none made the argument about Congress exempting itself from Obamacare.

Why? Simply put, this objection to the president’s healthcare law is based on a falsehood, and letters that have an untrue basis (for example, ones that say there’s no sign humans have caused climate change) do not get printed.

This isn’t objective journalism, it isn’t fact checking, it’s intentionally lying to the public to advance their Marxist agenda, nothing less and nothing more. In other words, its the kind of pure bullshit propaganda that earned 1950’s Pravda the scorn and ridicule of the entire free world up until the early 2000’s.

Since the mid 60’s hippy movement California has been like a giant magnet drawing America’s Marxist indoctrinate useless imbeciles. They came here for the financial advantages that California promised, (Being the 6th largest economy on earth means lot’s of good paying jobs) when they got here, they did exactly what Marxist always do. They infiltrated the educational system, the legal system and the political system and the Fourth Estate. They began a process of indoctrination and propaganda based on a liberal Marxist political agenda and systematical began transforming California into the Marxist republic that it now has become.

These Marxist pretending to be Democrats basically used every illegal and dirty trick in the book (Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”) to steal California away from it’s citizens. A perfect example of those illegal and dirty tricks employed by the Marxists pretending to be Democrats was facilitated by no less than the Los Angeles Times recently when Californian’s seeking to get out from under these Marxist bastards thumbs voted to redistrict California. According to the law as voted on by Californian’s, all political parties were legally barred from influencing or engaging in any political maneuvering to impact the so called independent redistricting council.

Every other political party in California abided by the laws except for the Marxist Democrats. They brought in Marxist Democrat operatives from out of State who blatantly violated the law and influenced the redistricting council. With the result being that the new districts were gerrymandered even more to the Marxist Democrats favor then they were before the redistricting, which was intended to break the Marxist Democrat stranglehold on California. The Los Angeles Times was fully aware that this had taken place, but because the results suited their political agenda they chose to deceive the citizens of California and instead asserted the the redistricting was a reflection of the will of the majority of Californians.

Another example of the Los Angeles times complicity in the corrupt Marxist based political agenda of the Marxist pretending to be Democrats in California is the Dianne Feinstein story. Dianne Feinstein is the single most corrupt politician in the entire history of California and quite possibly the entire United States. Every major newspaper in California is 100 percent perfectly aware of this fact, yet because Feinstein is a Marxist Pretending to be a Democrat, and faithfully pushes the Marxist agenda they willfully and intentionally with a forethought of malice protect her.

Let me be 100 percent perfectly crystal clear about this, Dianne Feinstein has illegally funneled HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to her husbands company. Like I said, every single major Fifth column Treasonous Media organization in California is 100 percent aware of this fact. The problem is, when you steal HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS you literally can afford to buy off not only the entire media, but as much of the Department of Injustice as you need to.

One more example of truths you will never see in the Los Angels Times (at least not as long as it’s infested with lying sacks of shit Marxists). America’s true unemployment rate (California’s is probably even worse).

Real Jobs Numbers Are Far Worse Than Official Numbers Suggest

Labor Market: For many economy-watchers and investors, the nonrelease of jobs data due to the government shutdown is a big problem. How can they know how the economy is doing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Investor’s Business Daily has been polling Americans each month on the job market for well over a decade. Unlike the numbers released each month by the Labor Department, ours haven’t been crunched, tweaked, twisted, seasonally adjusted or otherwise tortured to tell a comforting story.

In October, our jobs data continued to tell a consistent story about the economy under President Obama’s disastrous policies. And it isn’t pretty.

The government’s official unemployment report in September showed 11.3 million people, or about 7.3% of the labor force, without jobs. Not good, but not disastrous, right?

Well, those data exclude a lot of people ā€” particularly the millions of discouraged workers who have simply given up looking for a job. So the real unemployment number is bigger ā€” a lot bigger.

In our IBD/TIPP Poll, we ask a different question: “How many members of your household are currently unemployed and are looking for employment?”

Not surprisingly, the answer we get differs greatly from the government’s data. This month’s survey, completed Thursday night, indicated that 47.9 million Americans are looking for work. No, that’s not a misprint: 47.9 million.

Out of a workforce of 154 million, that yields a gross unemployment rate of 31%. Among all households, 26% have at least one member looking for work.

That’s right, America’s real unemployment is 31%, worse even than it was during the Great Depression. But the lying sacks of shit in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media aren’t about to tell you that, because then you would see what a complete and total failure Barack Insane Obama has been, or even worse, you might begin to suspect that the Obamanation Administration is purposely and intentionally destroying America’s economy in order to achieve his “Fundamental Transformation” of America into a Marxist totalitarian dictatorship.

What editorial writer Jon Healey was basically saying on Saturday was this, “We Don’t Publish Letters to Editor that don’t support our Marxist agenda, or might expose our Marxist agenda”. If Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of America’s Fourth Estate were alive today, he would no doubt be leading a mob to tear the Los Angeles Times building down stone by stone and put it’s propaganda publishing pretend journalists and editors at the end of 50 feet of good old fashioned American made Stout Hemp Rope.


One thought on “Fourth Estate, not on your life, Fifth Column Treasonous Media, you betcha.

  1. The surveys NEVER ask whether anybody in your household is UNDERemployed and has given up looking for a better job after half a decade of trying. How many households would that be – something like 90 percent?

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