Police had trouble pinpointing the man’s location from his cell phone…

That sentence alone should scare and anger every rational person in America a hundred times more than the Government shutdown. now granted, it take a little bit of intelligence to understand why.

‘Huge misunderstanding’ leads to Springdale, Fox Chapel, Oakmont school lockdowns

According to WPXI-TV, O’Hara police received a call that a man at RIDC Park was overheard talking on his cell phone, saying he was going to “shoot everyone at the school.” Police had trouble pinpointing the man’s location from his cell phone so both districts were advised to lock down their campuses as a precaution just after 8:30 a.m. The lockdowns were lifted by 9:30 a.m.

A random individual is overhead in a public place talking on his cell phone, he appears to be making a serious threat against a public school. That some other random citizen found this disturbing enough to call the police is neither disturbing nor surprising. It is how things should be. Where it gets profoundly disturbing is, that the Police and the media automatically assume that the police should have been able to track and identify a random unidentified citizen by the GPS in their cell phone.

Think about that for a few minutes to let the implications sink in.

90 percent of the American adult population have cell phones. To track a cell phones GPS position, and to identify the cell phone’s owner requires live monitoring of all cellphone traffic in the location where the cell phone is in use. It’s an invasion of privacy that makes the most disturbing of Edward Snowdens revelations about the NSA spying on American’s seem trivial by comparison. The assumption of what the police were suppose to be able to do here goes way beyond mere tracking of Metadata. To be able to identify his cell phone transmission, they would have had to have the actual content of his conversation, not just Metadata, but the actual conversation.

Furthermore, they would have had to have it recorded in order to compare it to what the citizen reporting it asserted they had overheard. Only then would they be able to use that information to ping the cell phones GPS and determine his physical location. If the man was moving around, or he had turned off his cell phones GPS, only then would the police have difficulty pinpointing his exact location.

As if what is so naturally assumed by both the police and the media as being normal police capabilities isn’t bad enough, the profound degree to which the majority of individuals hearing this story completely miss or ignore the mind boggling violations of this mans 4th and 5th amendment constitutional rights is utterly beyond belief. It’s as if they were grabbed by the shirt collar and shook violently and told, “You no longer have any 4th or 5th amendment constitutional rights”, and they looked dazedly at the individual shaking them and replied, “Constitutional whats?”

Even George Orwell when he was writing 1984, could not have imagined a society so ignorant and complaisant to being monitored by Big Brother that they could look right straight into Big Brothers eyes as he watched over them, and be totally and completely unaware that Big Brother was watching and at the exact same time, be 100 percent aware that Big Brother was watching them.


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