Shutdown: The Governments greatest fear…

What is the real fear behind both the Democrat and Republican’s reluctance to shut down the Federal Government. Is it that without Mordor on the Potomac’s great flaming eye guiding the world, that the world will collapse into chaos? First let’s look at a few things that will not happen while the federal government is shut down.

Federal Debt Service.

No, the federal government will not stop paying it’s bills.

Social Security.

No, Social Security benefit payments will not stop being deposited to retired persons accounts.

Military Contracts and expenditures.

No, military pay checks and contract spending will not be stopped.

A shutdown of the Federal Government will not stop any non discretionary spending funded program from being paid or funded.

No, what the politicians and federal civil servants are most terrified of, is having their pet projects or do nothing bureaucratic branches of the federal government exposed for what they really are. Politically expedient wastes of taxpayer money. They are terrified that once their do nothing but squander tax payer money bureaucracy’s are cut off and shut down that the general public will start demanding to know “Why were we paying these assholes in the first place?”

The Obamanation Administration and the Fifth Column Treasonous Media have been telling the American people for the last 5 years, that lowered standard of living are the new normal. Yet at the exact same time, they have been increasing their own standards of living, and doing so by threatening all the rest of us with certain doom and destruction if we do not give them an ever increasing portion of our constantly decreasing income.

Our elected officials have anointed themselves as America’s aristocrats, and the Federal civil servants as their courtesans. What these Ponzi scheme running crooks are terrified of about a shutdown of the Federal Government is, is that the general public will discover the same thing about the shutdown of the Federal Government that they discovered about the boogeyman known as sequestration, that it’s terrifying nature was all hype and little to no substance.

What they are genuinely terrified of, is that, well life will continue on with little change, with little impact, and that the American people will notice, and demand this new smaller government become the “New Normal”…


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