Terrifyingly scary question of the day.

If you were tasked with destroying the United States of America, and the only prohibition enforced on you was, that your actions could not result in a war that would go nuclear, what would you do differently from what the Obamanation Administration has done over the last 6 years?


2 thoughts on “Terrifyingly scary question of the day.

  1. There is nothing I would change, sad to say, O has been very successful at bringing down America. I have to agree with Ed Fischer above, he kinda stole my thunder ):
    O has followed Rules for Radicals to the letter.
    Unless the right adopt the same principles and fight back, yes, dirty, then the end is nigh. I don’t mean that the right should turn socialist but fight fire with fire, but the GOPe are weak, and no better than the prog/dems.
    Wish I could say we can overcome what has happened so far, but I don’t believe we can…
    The ship has a hole in it and we are sinking…
    Rock On!!

  2. I would do exactly what Obama has done in the past 6 years. Make promises and threats and do nothing. The attack on the USA will come from within by his Muslim brotherhood.

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