Your Fifth Column Treasonous Media in action.

For additional perspective consider that the group from Los Angeles alone was 55 miles long. 55 miles of four lane highway – from ONE CITY:



Even when it was reported in local media, downplay was the word of the day.

“Two Million Bikers” Rally Roars Into D.C. Area for 9/11

Although they didn’t reach a goal of two million riders, thousands of bikers rolled through the Washington, D.C. area to mark the 12th anniversary of 9/11 on Wednesday.

The bikers — riding with the group “Two Million Bikers to D.C.” — snarled traffic on the Beltway with a ride honoring the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the members of the military called to serve after the attacks.

Many participating riders were veterans who said they rode to protect Americans’ freedom in the midst of tumultuous times.

“The enemy has a say when the war is over,” said rider Pete Raymond. “I believe they’re saying it’s not, so we’re here.”

On their Facebook page, in all caps, the group said they will stand by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, adding that they’re “against any fundamental transformation of America.”

Take this for what it’s worth, the DC Police, notorious for under reporting the numbers of conservative patriotic American’s that show up for rallies in DC, admitted that 1.2 million bikers showed up. These were hard working American citizens who took time off from their jobs to protest Muslims demonstrating on 9/11 in Mordor on the Potomac.

A Column stretching 55 miles long rode out of Los Angeles California, just let that sink in for a while… That is a column of Bikers that stretches beyond horizon to horizon. That is a column, that even traveling at 60 miles per hour, would have taken more than an hour to pass any given point. That was JUST the bikers from Los Angeles California.

The Fifth Column Treasonous Media desperately hopes that the sentiment that drove millions of American’s to take a couple days off from work and ride into Mordor on the Potomac to protest Muslims demonstrating on what amounts to a sacred holy day in America, will both go unnoticed and not catch on. The truth is more to the effect that this Biker led protest represents a kind of barometric reading of the mood of America.

Traditionally, the average American is very slow and reluctant to protest. We are a gentle, peace loving and pragmatic people by nature. By the time our collective dander is up enough for us to start protesting, we are mighty pissed off. Yes, there are special interest group driven Americans who will protest pretty much anything at the drop of a hat, but they do not even remotely represent the average American.

You can pay attention to what millions upon millions of average middle class Americans riding into Mordor on the Potomac means, or, you can continue to keep your head up your ass and live in a delusional fantasy world, it is of course, your choice. However, make no mistake about it, reality is coming knocking.





  2. doriangrey1, I’m glad you did this. Thank you for telling me about it. Love ya’! Get in touch when you can.

    • I am so sorry that I can no longer ride. This was the first and most important step toward taking our country back We must stand together and in this way we can make America great again.
      Thank you to all who rode and all those who supported them in any way.

  3. Be an American Patriot SEPTEMBER 19th,2013
    I am sure that the sight of 2,000,000 bikers congregating in the streets of Washington has many of the powers in place shaking in their boots, or high heels as the case may be. It brings to light the aw-sum power of the people in the United States! Proving that when we are treaded upon, action will be taken by the people! As the saying goes “we’re not going to take it anymore.” We are tired of being manipulated, lied too, taken advantage of by those super controllers of industry who influence effect of foreign policy, and national economy. I say screw the rest of the world, and their problems.

    Let’s make the policy makers fully accountable for their actions. From top to bottom! We need to formalize independent watch dog groups to analyze and report to independently allocated American Citizen Sub Committees that we the people, empower to report, and initiate any misdoings found by government or industry. Insurance, so to speak, on behalf of the common man, woman, and their families. A group that goes beyond our appointed, manipulated, misguided governmental representatives. Bringing an end to their ability to dispute, deny, or control their wrong doings. The days of corruption in politics must end. These people need to be ousted, and brought before the proper courts for punishment on charges of treason. Let us stand as one, a people enabled to formulate a plan to render corruption as punishable under national security standards, in accordance with our constitution! If their is resistance by the government to the fight of its own people, then VOTE them out, or bring them down through legal resources, guaranteed by our US Constitution.

    We need to stand as a people and boycott any industry swaying from the growth of our GOP. For example Maytag trying to let everyone think they are American made, when in actuality they had moved all of their manufacturing processing plants just across the border into Mexico, were they now pay about $3.00 per hour, sending thousands of American households, that once were making approximately $27.00 per hour to the unemployment lines. So please look for the made in America labels on any products we purchase. It is the only way to bring them down, and minimize the rape of the American Citizens pocket book. We also need to bring those individuals and industries who pay minimal taxes through tax loop holes designed by government through corruption, to allow out of country stock piling of US initiated funds. I also believe there should be instituted into law a monetary cap of how much money an individual or corporate company can accumulate. To much individual or corporate growth gives over expanded empowerment to those entities or individuals, and should be considered a threat to our National Security. As an American we have the right to prosper and grow, but look what happens when we become to empowered. Government manipulation through pay-offs and corruption. Can’t really afford to buy or have incentive to buy congress if the amount of available earnings of an individual or company has a cap. Just some of my thoughts. Jim Shaw / American Patriot / Vet

    • Thank you to all who rode and all who supported them. This is the most important first step to Americans banding together and taking our country on a good path. This government needs the people to make them understand that we will not just lay down and be tromped on

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  5. So glad to see this and this was just bike riders… It can be ten times more than this once people get fed up. I’m just waiting for a spark to ignite this powder keg.
    Throw off the chains friends before it’s too late… The Government should fear you…not the other way around.

    • Mexi,you are absolutely right.The country I left /ussr/people were afraid of government.In USA the-other-way around.No matter what the marxsist thinks or does in the White House,enough is enough FUNDAMENTALLY socializing this nation.

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  13. Sorry, but that is not the way you judge what a president has done for the economy.
    Here’s the rates of growth in the National debt between the two:
    Bush 2001 to 2009 = $4,942,028,126,307.49
    Obama 2009 to now = 6,270,591,332,878.75
    As you can see, Under Obama it’s well over a trillion dollars and Obama still has 3 more years to go. Although that Bush is nothing to brag about.
    Also the GDP is being out paced by the National debt by over a trillion dollars. Which means we know longer have the ability to pay the bill.
    So I can’t see how anyone can defend either of them. R&D is 2 sides of the same coin.

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  15. For those of you who think the corporations are in league with the government, remember that the regulators have the companies by the short and curly hairs and will pull if the corporations rebel.

  16. It’s only a demonstration of what I’ve been saying for years which is eventually DC will push that one step too far and take away that one freedom too many which will spark and armed insurrection. Right now it seems as though our government is being run by the multi national corporations with no concern for the constitution, the rights of it’s citizens or even right from wrong. we have millions of people whose lives have been destroyed and are living on the streets who were the middle class a few short years ago. The government gave close to a trillion tax dollars to the bankers that put them there in order to save them from the mess they created. For the people who lost their entire lives and livelihoods? not a dime.
    We have homeland security acts and the suspension of rights in order to fight terrorism but those laws and regulations only seem to apply to American citizens not foreign nationals. In the meantime we have our goods and services including food being produced in third world countries by American companies the brought back to be sold for American made prices. They call this free trade? Food in point of fact has almost tripled in price over the last 5 years as has fuel, apparently everything else was priced at a point where it couldn’t be raised any further without sitting on the shelves so it became time to gouge us on basic necessities.
    This is not a partisan issue, it’s not about Bush or Obama, it’s not about republican verses democrat. I’ve watched every administration for the last 40 years take away a few more rights, slowly erode the foundation of freedom and set double standards supporting wealthy privilege while undermining the freedoms of the masses.
    It’s good to see this sort of thing happening because it shows real change is near, America is angry and not just at the media hyped external enemies. We’re also angry at our internal enemies our own government included. It’s time for them to pay attention to the words of our founding fathers about freedom and liberty. It’s time to back off and start treating the constitution as though it’s the foundation of our government, not a piece of propaganda to be ignored by the government back.

    • I agree I am ready to die for our people and our country if it needs to be. I hate the Government because they are dishonest and I think people are retarded that call themselves a democrat or a republican we are Americans start acting like an american. Remember United State, one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all .. that should run through your veins like your blood so stand up and be heard or you will regret it.

      • What is needed is for all of you that say “stand up America” is to let the general public know how. Just exactly how do we fight these unpatriotic people that are running our country for the monies that they can put in their pockets. If you build it they will come.

        • This 2million BIKER RIDE TO WASHINGTON DC is really awesome! The American people have been patient, kind, and longsuffering with this anti-American Muslim-in-chief, long enough! We have given him six years to prove himself worthy of his job. He has failed miserably! The American people will no longer tolerate the impudence,the narcissism, the corruption, and the blatant disregard for the collective will of the American people.
          Let it be known, and forewarned that WE THE PEOPLE OWN this country, not OBAMA, the Muslims, or the socialist lefties. You and your Chicago thuggary have pushed us to the limits. Now, WE WILL NOT REST UNTIL WE HAVE TAKEN OUR COUNTRY BACK from your greedy hands, your Muslim filth ideology, and your socialist/communist ideology that you have consistenly crammed down the throats of the American people!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! WE ARE REGURGITATING UPON YOU, THE POISON YOU WOULD HAVE US DRINK!
          This is only the beginning! Once awakened, the Sleeping Giant will stop at nothing! WE THE PEOPLE ARE COMING from all four corners of this great country, TO RESTORE THE REPUBLIC and FLUSH OUT THE CORRUPTION THAT BEGINS AT 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

    • Thank you, sir, for your comments. I agree with you, as I am sure that the majority of hardworking and conservative Americans will as well. It does appear to me that our constitutional rights are more under attack since the Obama administration is in office. He, along with extremely liberal politicians, are a slap in the face to those of us who value our traditional beliefs, morals, and lifestyle. My sincere thanks and respect go to the 1.2 million bikers who descended on DC representing us. Although the mainstream media ignored or under-reported this historical event, I really feel that this sent a clear and strong message to the powers that be. There is no mistaking the fact that the American people have had enough of this nonsense and that Washington had better shape up.

  17. Fundamentally this is the same thing as when
    Under Roman rule Pilate had Jesus Christ
    Crucified because he was standing up to Rome
    Klandestine muslims are something we need to stand up to

    You can’t believe what the media says
    Or you’ll just be like every blind person
    Understanding the news is important

    Differences in thought can be dangerous for
    Ongoing world peace between us and everybody
    Really it’s just CNN that is keeping us in the dark
    It’s only Fox News that tries to tell the truth
    And I can’t stand that MSNBC either
    None of them care about America
    Get your heads out of the dirt!
    Real dangers is inside the country not out
    Even if you keep your head buried
    You will still be in danger from these Muslims
    1 thing is for sure the letter of the law is not the first thing they think about

  18. I suggest you look in the mirror, you will find things 1000 times more hypocritical there, then you will here. Now it is clue time for you, I am not the mainstream media, I am not a journalist, I am a amateur blogger. This is not a public forum and you do not have a 1st amendment right to spew whatever bullshit you want here. You are here strictly as a guest at my discretion.

  19. Way to go riders!!! Thank you for doing that, it was a very heartwarming thing to read about. It is sad that when I watched the news this morning, I heard NOTHING about this. I am SO disappointed in our Media.

  20. The people of America protested the wars. Don’t confuse the peace loving American people with the warmongering government, that’s like saying those living under communism were complicit in the murder of millions. Do you not hear the protests? Maybe YOU are a warmonger but the majority of Americans are NOT.

    • I hope you don’t classify our military members as warmongers cause that is not the case. They don’t do it for the money or the glory, but for service to our country. They want to make our world a better place.

  21. I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by and commented. The vast majority of you (well over 95%) have been very respectful and polite. While I did find it necessary to delete some comments, I am honestly surprised at how few that number was given the topic. It has been a genuine pleasure to read the majority of your very supportive comments. I would also like to thank the many people who continually redirected the comments back to the the actual thread topic.

    I would especially like to thank Belinda Bee and the organizers of this event for organizing this great event and for linking my article to their facebook page.

    Thank you everyone…
    doriangrey1, writer, owner and administrator of The Wilderness of Mirrors.

  22. This is for Jack and his comment that there was no military in the Revolutionary War.. 1st he is wrong there was a military and it was called the militia the militia was the protection force for each town or village in those days and the closest we have to them today is called the National Guard. They were a military force they had drills they assembled when called and had ranks. I am related to Captain John Parker through my grandmothers family and from her straight back is several generations of Parkers! Captain Parker led a successful counter charge against the British forces which greatly outnumbered his small group of men. If he was just a civilian he would not have the rank of Captain! Now you were partially correct many civilians joined the militia for a common cause and the militia was glad to have their help. I have done lots of research on this and those civilians did not always stay on with the militia as they had to go back home to tend their farms. The militia pretty much abandoned their farms or left a relative to tend to the crops. You can imagine the hardships this must have brought to the regulars that stayed on for all the battles! That is why after the Revolution each soldier was given a 120 acre piece of land by the new American Government since they had nothing but land at the time to give to them. The statue in Lexington to Captain John Parker tells me you are wrong sir! Try going to Lexington and tell then that Captain Parker was just a civilian!

    • Allen your forgetting the 300 thousand hunters in Michigan another 120 thousand hunters in Idaho and so on. In every state there are hunters like myself who will not stand around and do nothing. The hunters would come together to form the worlds biggest army ever so sorry the guard is part of the government and they are our enemy.

      • Again, Our own military is not going to go against it’s citizens. Why do you think that Obama is letting the other agencies buy ammo? It’s cause the military will not fire upon his fellow brothers and sisters.

      • At this point Scot I would not go so far as to say the guard is the enemy…..yet at this point. However given the right circumstances that could become the SQ. In fact anyone could, understood that the military has moreof that kind of potential. I am military myself. I am combat…. 8 tours under my belt. I will say one thing. I can’t tell you, to add to the hunters and others, how many highly trained military members we have in the U.S. that if something were to go down? It would be a military melt down. The majority would stand up and fight against tyranny. It would be foolish for our government to ignore a monstrous potential as that. And U might as well include the veterans of all ages. Don’t think for one minute were not prepared to defend our country outside of the government control if necessary. The large corporate and bank controllers will not accomplish what they think. Their own greed will blind them eventually. But tougher times are ahead first. And first we will be purged and become students of wisdom. The tables will then turn. Like I said we must first travel through the black hole. But the prize is worth the struggle. So prepare ourselves! -Let freedom ring!!!

  23. I must admit the the 2 million Muslim rally in Washington D.C. on 9/11 was terribly bothersome to me. Surely they know that most of us Americans hold Muslim terrorists responsible for what happened that day. It changed my life forever and I’m sure many others.
    Also building a mosque anywhere close to that site would be highly disrespectful of the dead. I don’t think that religion, cult or whatever you want to call it is worth the powder to blow it to hell.
    I would love to ride in that rally next year and show this current administration that we will not go away!

    • This was a very dumb thing to write.

      Islam goes back to about the 700’s. Abraham’s sons existed, well, at least 3-4,000 years before the Birth of Christ.

      Islam rose out of the retreat of Roman influence from Asia Minor and the Arab world. Further, b

      Secondly, very few evangelical Christians in the past twenty years have bombed abortion clinics. This assertion is so spectacularly stupid I’m surprised Jesus the Christ himself hasn’t come down and chastised you for posting something so stupid. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by a Nazi Sympathizer (Margaret Sanger was a close friend of prominent member of the German National Socialist Party and was a fervent believer in White Supremacy and Eugenics) has proceeded to engage in Black Genocide since Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973.

      Understand that the History you Don’t Know can be undone by the History that we know. Before you come over here peddling you billingsgate, understand that we know the true history of the genocidal Left.

      Let’s be clear. You hate Christians and Christianity. Don’t try to dress it up.

    • What do you not understand Pat Byrne, There wont be a rally next year if people don’t get up off their asses and do something NOW!! Because in two months you will be in a Fema camp.They abolished your constitution meaning they decide the laws if you don’t like to bad
      they will just put you in a hole…………..TRUTH

  24. “Want great news reporting, the best in murders, rapes, muggings, thief, car crashes, police shootouts, bar fights, presidents arming terrorist, tune in to ANY NEWS CHANNEL, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 45, to name a few here in the valley of sun, for the most depressing therapy one can receive at any given moment, Is it really any wonder why people suddenly break out doing wrong things that they know in their minds that the results of their actions, brought on by being continually bombarded by such crap news that only begets more of the same, will only bring them and others harm, yes they are breeding the insane! Tom”
    are you one of the true Patriots in DC just now, what haven’t heard much about nothing in regards of what IS real…

  25. My husband and I watched the news all day for coverage and we live in Thurmont MD. Not once did we see any coverage. Kudos to you all. If we stop standing up for what we believe in then what did our fathers before us fight for? The USA used to be known for its freedoms…… Carry on my friends!!

  26. “There were no plane parts found outside the building.” This is simply not true. In fact just a couple months ago, a set of landing gear was found stuck between two buildings right next to ground zero that had amazingly fallen into a space barely large enough to fit them. Your deluded position is scary to me because it is the position of fear from which zealots are created and chaos is born. Please do some better research and educate yourself. Or, as they say in my old neighborhood, check yo’self before you wreck yo’self! Avoid Wikipedia and the crackpots. Check out the investigation from the FAA. There is also a very good documentary available on the History Channel on the subject where they interview the architect of the towers who explains quite simply how the impact from the planes would have blown the fire-proofing insulation away from the buildings’ support beams, setting them up to be melted by the incredible heat from the jet-fuel fires, eventually leading them to warp, allowing the buildings to literally fold like houses of cards. It’s nothing complicated; it’s simple commonsense.

    • the FAA? History channel? hahah. listen tiberius, you can stand in front of a tidal wave if you want but your BS wont stop it. people can see the truth and regarding 9/11 and the verdict is out. jet fuel does not burn at a temp hot enough to melt steel my man. it just doesn’t. sorry..

      • I actually work on jet engines. The burning fuel instantly melts the engine if the cooling airflow is interrupted for even a nanosecond. There was enough fuel on those aircraft to burn for hours (I’ve seen it happen in crashes involving much smaller aircraft) With the ‘chimney effect’ of the rising heat (read about the fire bombings of Tokyo and Dresden), the temperature in those buildings would have been incredible, and quite certainly hot enough to weaken the steel for a structural failure. FYI, I happen to be an aircraft technician that has a Bachelor’s degree in construction engineering. Turbine engine combustion chambers normally run in excess of 650-800 Celsius. Steel begins to soften at 538 deg C. Those are facts, research them yourself. Ask a firefighter if he would rather enter a burning wood structure or steel framed structure. Steel structures are prone to collapse because the steel softens and wood has to burn almost all the way through before it reaches structural failure. Facts, Mother?, facts. They’re a wonderful thing.

    • Pretty simple actually. The structural steel of the WTC was at the center of the building, when it weakened from the jet fuel fire, it collapsed in the center first. (Hence, implosion) Also, what weight bowling ball? Obviously a lighter ball would fall at a slower rate than a heavier ball. Simple physics, not that I believe that ‘fact’ anyhow. I’ve seen buildings leveled in less time than it would have taken a bowling ball reach the ground from the roof. If you REALLY believe our government would kill 3000+ people to start a war, shouldn’t you look for another country to live in?

      • BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!…….. here I am reading all these comments to pass the time at work, thinking about replying when I see something worth replying to and i come across this gem….”OBVIOUSLY a lighter ball would fall at a slower rate than a heavier ball. Simple physics”. Dean, you ignorant dolt, please have a friend stand on your roof with a 16 pound bowling ball and a golf ball. Please stand where the balls will fall. Have your friend drop them. Hopefully when the bowling ball and the golf ball hit your head at THE EXACT SAME TIME this will make you go into a 30 year coma and keep you from further procreation. Why a bowling ball and a golf ball? Well, its more about the golf ball. You see, I play golf and I am currently unavailable to hurl golf balls at you at about 145 mph off my drivers face. Idiots unite!! Dean has been annoited your leader!!!!

        • This is my blog, and I do moderate the comments. The internet is the single most powerful research tool ever created, so powerful that it allows people to present the appearance of being much smarter than they really are.

          Sometime though, someone says something so profoundly stupid that you just have to let the comment stand, because otherwise nobody will believe they said something that stupid.

      • dude… weight does not effect falling speed… you need to brush up ur physics. 9.8 meter a second, regardless of weight. until terminal velocity anyway. and i dont think it was about starting a war. it was about keeping us scared so we went along with the destuction of the constitution.

  27. We should all have the same love and desire as these bikers to show their peaceful demonstration of the wrongful doings of people who hate America. Protesting their desire to take over America! Folks we have to get on board, this is serious. Protesting number’s can make a difference! Lets support those who are willing to make a difference. We can make a difference where we are, lets get going and participate in any way we can! Again, thank you bikers!

    • You are most welcome. It was an honor to ride in memory of those who died. And to support the brave men and women who serve our country every day. My sons being two of them. I know many people who have loved ones who paid the ultimate price to protect our freedom, and to give everyone of you the right to say whatever you feel like saying. We did not ride in protest against anyone. But in remembrance and gratefulness. We will be among the millions again next year and every year after that. As long as we are physically able to ride. You all need to know that a large number of us “bikers” are veterans. We come from a long line of veterans.AND we will unite and ride to remember and honor every time the call is given. You want to be a member of an amazing group of Americans??? Buy a bike, mount up and ride!! If you want to feel in your soul and your bones the way we feel….enlist and serve.God Bless America.

  28. It seems to me the topic is the RIDE, not the indians, and not anything else, but THE RIDE. It was underreported, and all but ignored in the media, but im betting the weasles in DC were watching. Those kinds of numbres are hard to ignore. If there is anyway possible i’ll will be there next year, even if i have to build a basket-bike form scratch.

  29. I am from Canada and I found it hard to believe some of the comments going on here. I love the USA as my neighbor and at times wish Canadians had just an ounce of courage most Americans have towards standing up against the government and their beliefs. We must protect our countries, our rights and most of all ourselves. I was very proud of the ride and what it stood for. 911 had a life lasting affect on me and how I see things. Be careful those of you who are passive and believe in inviting all into our great countries.
    I will not paint everyone with the same brush but I strongly believe for the many Muslims whom come to our great countries (Canada and USA) amongst them are very few who want to leave their ways and beliefs behind are have a new beginning for a better life. When you bring your ways,beliefs, and try to insert your countries laws into these greats countries and want to live the same as where you came from is NOT someone who wants a better life.
    WAKE UP CANADA and USA we are hated nations by these countries. These people want to take over our GREAT COUNTRIES and make them Muslim nations and wipe us out.
    911 was devastating and so many innocent lives lost in such a horrific way. I want to say THANK YOU to those who rode the great ride and I am proud to have the USA as my friend and neighbor.

    • I didn’t write a complaint. I stated a fact to your off topic comment. You now reference jealous relatives! The article was written for the “ride.” Okay, stay on topic and concentrate on the 6 million bike ride next year.

    • As always … thank you to our Canadian brothers and sisters. And Amen on the reason for Muslims in other countries … very few want to accept the lifestyle and laws of the country they are guests in.

    • You are so right…and it is a total shame…I liked our country like it was and our current president is a total disgrace to the high position he holds and to our country…He is trying to destroy us and make it possible for those kinds of people to take over our country and yours… Thank you so much for your comment…I have said the same things myself since he has been elected…To get elected a 2nd time is totally beyond my understanding…Especially when our country is about destroyed financially and he has done nothing to build it back up…Also Thank You Bikers for all that you did…I don’t have a bike and don’t ride but I am proud of the way you all stood up for our country and what we stand for…

      • Brenda, All I can say is AMEN!! I cannot believe that so many Americans fell for his charisma and oratory skills! I could see right through him from the beginning – he is, after all, a product of crooked Chicago politics! (I am from Illinois, and I know a lot about this). But I do believe he is a puppet, and I would like to know who the puppet-master is! As for the Bikers – this is the first indication I have seen that Americans can, and will stand up against the enemy when the time comes. Their march (ride) made me feel safer than I have since 9/11.

    • Sort of like when we all came here and then started living in teepees and gave up our idea of land ownership? What are you talking aboot? It wouldn’t really matter if they did want to take us out. The US Military is larger than the 26 countries behind it on the list combined and 23 of those are our allies. Chill out, enjoy you maple syrup, we got this.

    • Thank you Sue from Canada! You are so right about the fact that the Muslims want to infiltrate, gain power, and take over our countries with all of our natural resources, beauty and great infrastructure, and then force us to submit to Sharia law, or be killed. People need to get their minds off of the so-called “stars” in Hollywood and all our sports “heroes” and start educating themselves on what Islam teaches – their intention is to develop a world-wide caliphate, just as it was in the middle ages. The most telling fact is that so-called “moderate” or “peaceful” muslims sit back and say nothing while the jihadists make war on everyone through terrorist acts. The moderates probably fear the jihadists just as much as all of us “infidels” do (and should). Some muslims will say that they are allowed to lie and befriend the infidels, in order to advance the cause. It stands to reason that trusting any of them is foolish. THEY have made US their ENEMY! You cannot cajole and sweet-talk a sworn enemy into liking and accepting you! Read history – read, read, read! Start with “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

  30. he left can’t quit playing the Victim roll long enough to see what is happening currently and what the possibilities of the future hold as they base all their decisions on emotional feelings and ties. Businesses don’t make money off of emotions, that’s called a Charity!

    The ROLL OF A VICTIM, pull the card that fits the special interest. It’s emotional bs aka rhetoric it holds zero logic and credibility.

    By the way the victim card worked out well for Detroit has it not?

    Detroit is the poster city for what the United States will look like if you keep the Democrats and Rhinos running this country. If you people are to blind to see it, New Orleans, Flint, Michigan, Chicago, Oakland, Los Angeles, DC, everyone shit hole city in the US suffers in Education, is crime ridden, has heavily populated ghettos. Democrats run every single one of those cities, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO MAKE IT BETTER???

    We need to enforce an end to Corporatism and bring back Capitalism and Democracy to OUR Republic!


  31. I to read many good & just stupid posts.. relevant/irrelevant to this story of American pride & what we stand for as a nation… The past is the past period & talking about Indian history is way off topic… The future is now at stake & we can’t fix what was. The bikers who rode stood for our freedom & to stand our ground against the Obamanation that has now engulfed our rights & freedoms of this great nation. Our constitution has been stomped into the ground by the powers of our government upon the great people of all kinds in this nation UNDER GOD. Many say, tell your congressman or senators how you feel… ya, words that fall on deaf ears as it does not put money in their pockets, to them, we are irrelevant. I read a lot of hate, too bad that hate can’t be turned into a force collectively to fight for freedom instead of fight each other over words in posts as it gets us no where… If we all worked together to help solve the problems in the united States like the Bikers for 9-11 who showed true American spirit & made a statement COLLECTIVELY with no backing down & rode for the same thing… excuse my words but…The good, bad & the ugly pulled together for this & put away their differences for America & our freedom, we might just get things fixed…too much bickering amongst others gets us no where… Our lame government has nothing left to offer but to break us down as a nation & everyone is just giving lip service to one another & not trying to put together a plan to try to fix this together….WE THE PEOPLE… how many of you forgot this? The first words in the preamble of our constitution… WE THE PEOPLE can stand strong for our given rights by our forefathers . WE THE PEOPLE can stand strong collectively, non divided in our quest to fix this great country. Together we can stand as WE THE PEOPLE collectively putting away all digressions for a noble cause to save our country together, our government won’t do it as they are a house of cards divided & as we all can see, that house is crumbling below our feet… The Bikers to whom I SALUTE & have full respect from me, They pulled together without regard to race,religion, political preference, gender etc to send a statement for all to hear & power is built in numbers collectively & not a house divided….The past is the past & not much from the past can fix the problems we are facing right now…. our future is at stake & we can’t trust the media, they have their own political agenda… reason for them not to cover the ride, they were afraid to or were told not to… WE THE PEOPLE made the story happen by social media, our way to get the story out collectively with truth & not lies… WE THE PEOPLE>>>> SALUTE!… MY 2 CENTS….

  32. Total respect from the UK! to all the bikers that rode !! The gagged world news cannot stop the real news on the Internet

  33. every state start a constitutional convention drive. it only takes 75% of the states to pass an amendment to the constitution for things like term limits, limitations on government agencies and such. If 36 six states pass the amendment than there is nothing congress or the president can do but follow the states wishes.

  34. Go to you tube, type in the song by WASP, “Forever Free”. I dedicate this song to these heroic bikers. This song fits them perfectly. God bless them.

  35. I have taken the time to sit and read every comment on here.
    And please escuse me for thinking that a lot of you people could do with pulling your necks back in.
    This thread was purely and simply about a Bike ride by committed American Bikers, and actually a lot of British ex pats.
    Over here in the UK we felt proud of the actions of these bikers. Who took the time in solidarity to ride for Freedom. In memory of those who died in the 9/11 atrocity. And in honor of the Military who have to fight terrorism every day. And not forgetting all the men and women of the emergency services.
    We proudly and humbly honor them.

    Unfortunately after reading hundreds of the comments on here about Native Americans, First Nations, Freemasons etc, etc,
    I can only conclude that the people posting these irrelevant comments, are simple minded moronic dick wads.
    Thank you The 2 Million Bike Ride group.
    From an ….. Irish / German / Jewish / Gypsy Englishman

  36. So much crap in this tirade it is hard to know where to begin.
    The indiscriminate killing of the unborn has little to do with “women’s rights” unless of course you mean the rights of the women slaughtered in the womb.
    Voter suppression , really? So you believe asking for proper identification before entering a vote is suppression? Well by that logic I am being suppressed when I try to buy alcohol, a gun, cigarettes or sign a loan agreement. I am suppressed when I try to rent an apartment or write a check. To verify identity of an individual taking part in American elections is good sense. You pick and chose which rights you should support based on a hypocritical understanding of liberty.
    And I am sorry but in America, the elected serve the desires of the electorate. Just because you have been elected does not mean you get to make all choices for Americans. You do not get to decide what is in our “own best interests.”
    Never once have I seen any “sane” human being calling for a restoration of slavery or the removal of suffrage. This is a straw man argument just meant to allow you to spill your vitriol on a discussion about a bike ride.
    All Americans? I wonder why you say “all Americans” when you mention affordable health care but hide the fact that the very people seeking to institute it have written themselves and exemption from it.
    As for the John Adams quote, you conveniently leave out the rest which says “not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion,-as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen(Muslims),-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.” The phrase is “as it has” really insinuates pertaining to, in regards to. Also the very fact most ignore is the Islamic faith calls for the elimination of all forms of nations not governed by Sharia.
    As I said earlier:
    John Adams said about our government, that “… we have no government, armed with power, capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution,…” This has been the downfall of this once great nation. We have forgotten or been led to believe the lie you spout that our nation was founded by “Deists, Agnostics, and Free Thinkers.” Adams continued “…Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    And also from Adams:
    Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers. Rulers are no more than attorneys, agents, and trustees, of the people; and if the cause, the interest, and trust, is insidiously betrayed, or wantonly trifled away, the people have a right to revoke the authority that they themselves have deputed, and to constitute other and better agents, attorneys and trustees.

  37. The bottom line is your media is a bigger threat to your way of life than a Muslim rally is.
    Its time you fixed what is the Western Worlds most biased, ineffective in holding those in power to account, media.

    If you do not have a strong independent media reporting facts you do not have a sound basis for a

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