John Boehner betrays his constituents yet again.

Current Speak of the House, Republican Congressman John “Cry Baby” Boehner is according to his aids, preparing to once again, stab the people who elected him in the back. The fact that he keeps getting elected suggest to me that, well either the people of Ohio aren’t all that bright, or, perhaps they just enjoy the feeling of rough prison rape/sex. You know what I mean, the feeling you get when the so called conservative republican congressman you elected votes to put a hundred thousand dollar debt on your kids account, like Boehner did when he stabbed America in the back by caving to Obama’s debt ceiling hike.

Well, here we go again, John “Cry Baby” Boehner is siding with Barack Insane Obama again trying to force3 the GOP to support Obama’s latest effort to fight in Syria on behalf of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Boehner: I support Obama’s call for action in Syria

Not just Boehner but Cantor too. Proof that the GOP establishment is still deeply hawkish, or proof simply that this is the safe political play? Obama’s bumbled Syria so badly that he’s sure to be blamed if things go wrong post-intervention, whether Republicans back him or not. If Boehner backs him and the predictable clusterfark ensues, well, that’s O’s problem. If Boehner and the GOP oppose him and block the use of force, and then Assad gasses another 10,000 Syrians, the White House will inevitably accuse Republicans of being accomplices to mass murder. (As Michael Goldfarb put it to the Times, “Voting to let an Iranian proxy keep killing his own people with weapons of mass destruction may be as risky as it sounds.”) Evidently Boehner’s decided he’d rather risk a minor share of culpability for backing a foolhardy intervention than be scapegoated by Democrats and their media allies for whatever happens in Syria if the U.S. doesn’t act.

Key question: Does the Hastert Rule apply to AUMFs? Seems highly questionable that there’s a majority of the GOP caucus onboard for this.

“I am going to support the president’s call for action,” he told reporters. “I believe my colleagues should support this call for action.”

As some Republicans signal their reluctance to approve Obama’s request for authority to intervene in Syria, Boehner’s endorsement could be influential. The GOP speaker is often hesitant to get out in front of his unruly Republican conference on major issues, giving Boehner’s pronouncement on Tuesday all the more weight.

Following the meeting, Boehner’s deputy, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., backed the use of force, as well.

“The use of these weapons has to be responded to,” Boehner said.

We don’t need Boehner trying to play Chess with Obama and the Marxist Democrats, that is a losing proposition no matter how it turns out. Now to be fair to the sociopath lying cowards like Boehner, the deck is stacked against them. My own states Senator Dianne Feinstein is a perfect example of what Boehner is up against. Senator Dianne Feinstein is as big a criminal sociopath as has ever existed anywhere on earth, ever. She has illegally funneled hundreds of billions (yes that’s Billions with a capital B) of federal tax payer dollars to her husbands contracting company over her tenure as a US senator. She gets away with it, because quite frankly, when you have stolen that much money, you can pay off/bribe pretty much everyone. Also keep in mind, that the entire rest of the United States have been sending their batshit crazy Marxist bastard children to California for about the last 70 years, it a damned miracle that anyone in California is sane.

Now, understand that their are 100 Senators in the Senate and 435 Representatives in the House of Representatives,that’s 535 people the vast majority of whom are criminal sociopaths either committing crimes that would get an ordinary citizen sent to prison for a nice long time, or who are working on making the deals that will allow them to become criminals. Nobody wants to file ethics charges against anyone else because a) that would end their place on the gravy train and b) they themselves would then become the target of others who need to protect their gravy train statues.

All evidence seems to indicate that only a small percentage the incoming freshmen are immune from the poison in the air in Mordor on the Potomac, and those incoming freshmen are not immune to it for long. Let us not deceive ourselves, losing ones elected seat is not punishment, or justice for acts of criminal malfeasance committed while in office. Every once in a great while, the criminal sociopaths in congress will throw one of their own to the wolves (Randy “Duke” Cunningham -R, William ‘Cold Cash’ Jefferson-D) but don’t get that fucked up, that is purely smoke and mirrors to preserve the fiction that those in congress have anything even remotely resembling integrity.

The fact is, congressmen and Senators routinely engage in criminal activities like insider trading, embezzlement and outright fraud and their is absolutely no legal remedy for the American people against this criminal activity. Senator Dianne Feinstein illegally funneled hundreds of billions (yes that’s Billions with a capital B) of federal tax payer dollars to her husbands contracting company, Harry Reid purchased land for next to nothing than passed legislation which put federal projects going through that land which he then sold to the Government at tens if not hundreds of times his purchase price. Virtually every Senator and Congressman have either engaged in this kind of criminal activity, or are trying to and once they have left office, there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. moreover, not only have they exempted themselves from criminal prosecution while in office, they won’t even hold each other accountable because it would end their own ride on the gravy train.

No, 80 percent of Congress has absolutely zero morals, ethics or integrity, you think otherwise? Wake the hell up and smell the coffee, it burned up and caught the house on fire while you were sleeping. 80 percent of America very vocally objected to the “You have to pass this bill to find out whats in it” Obamacare when it was being proposed, Congress crammed this abomination of legislation down the American peoples throats anyways, then as it began to be implemented, what did they do? That’s right, they exempted themselves and their staffs from the Marxist social medicine they forced down everyone else throats. Thank you John “please let me bend over and take it up the ass” Boehner.

Rumor has it John “please let me bend over and take it up the ass” Boehner has decided to retire after his current term is up, more like Johnny boy has decided to get out while the getting is still good, perhaps before the citizens of Ohio realize how profoundly he betrayed their trust and decide to tar and feather his punk ass.

Report: GOP operatives, former Boehner aides expect him to retire after midterms next year

Nothing concrete, just speculation, but speculation from people who know Boehner well.

Before you pop the champagne, ask yourself: How much of an improvement would Speaker Cantor be?

“He has to say that [he’s staying]. He can’t not say that. The minute you say [you’re leaving], you’re done,” said one former GOP leadership aide who is part of Boehner’s circle. “Everybody around him thinks this is his last term.”

Despite the effort by Boehner to tamp down speculation that he will depart the House after the 2014 midterms, multiple cooks in Boehner’s kitchen cabinet think the Republican is still strongly considering making his exit just over a year from now.

“I’d be surprised if he did [stay],” said one former senior aide to Boehner, who, like many consulted for this article, spoke on condition of anonymity to protect their relationships. (HuffPost spoke to four top former Boehner aides, two current aides, five former leadership aides close to Boehner’s inner circle, and a GOP operative on familiar terms with his circle.)…

“It’s probably not up to him,” said one GOP operative. “The natural assumption is that he leaves. It’s the overwhelming, working assumption as people are making strategy going into 2015 and 2016.”

Why the suspicion that he’ll quit? Simple: He barely got 218 votes in the last Speaker election, and with excruciating votes upcoming on Syria, immigration, and this fall’s budget/debt ceiling clusterfark, odds are fair that he’ll end up alienating enough tea partiers that it’ll be impossible for him to win re-election among the caucus. He’ll take stock next year and, if the votes aren’t there, he’ll quietly prepare to leave rather than subject himself to a humiliating defeat in January 2015. If the votes are there, one former aide says, he might stick around through 2016 in order to try to nail down a grand bargain on entitlement reform with lame-duck Obama. But what are the odds of that?

So, yes, John “please let me bend over and take it up the ass” Boehner is throwing his full support behind Barack Insane Obama’s attempt to commit treason by providing material support as well as aid and comfort to America’s sworn as well as legal enemies, Al Qaude and the Muslim Brotherhood. With elected Representative like John “please let me bend over and take it up the ass” Boehner and Barack Insane Obama it genuinely is true, America doesn’t need any enemies, it already has more than enough serving in Congress and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


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