Obama to give aid and comfort to Al Qaeda.


Barack Insane Obama’s attempts to provide aid, comfort and the armed support of the United States Military to Al Qaeda terrorists fighting in Syria has had several very beneficial results for the Obamanation Administration. The most obvious benefit, is that practically nobody is talking about his scandals any more.

Let us be honest here, (ok obviously I am not talking to any of you liberals or Democrats since you are physically, emotionally and constitutionally incapable of anything even remotely approaching honesty), if Sarah Palin had been elected President of the United States in 2008 instead of Barack Insane Obama and Operation Fast and Furious, or Benghazi, or the NSA domestic spying, or the IRS intimidation scandals had been exposed on her watch the Fifth Column Treasonous Media would be screaming every hour on the hour for her impeachment.

Every mentally deficient meat puppet in Hollyweird would be ranting like a deranged lunatic, fighting each other over network camera face time to denounce her as a criminal. Facebook and Twitter would be staggering under the massive load of their angry diatribes and on the very verge of melting down, if it didn’t collapse altogether.

Barack Insane Obama doesn’t give a rats ass about getting congressional approval to launch an attack against Syria, he not only proved that when he illegally attacked Libya, but he also proved that congress doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to do anything about it. No, Barack Insane Obama is running a sleight of hand con on the entire world, yet again. This isn’t about Syria, it’s about getting people to forget about his criminal scandals.

Will Barack Insane Obama order the US Military to attack Syria? If that is what it takes to get people to forget about Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, and Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. If it is what it takes to get Americans to stop talking about the NSA illegally violating their 4th and 5th amendment constitutional rights, if it’s what it takes to make the IRS intimidation of Obama’s political rivals disappear down the memory hole, then, yes, you’re damned right he will.

Barack Insane Obama has been funding, supporting and arming Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood from the day he took office. He knew where Osama bin Laden was for two years before Leon Panetta finally ordered the strike that killed bin Laden. Then as now, bin Laden was sacrificed to distract the American people from the criminal scandals of the Obamanation Administration.

No amount of accusations of racism from the shit for brains Liberal/Democrat/Marxists useless imbecile crowd is going to prevent the truth about Barack Insane Obama from eventually coming out. No amount of sleight of hand smoke and mirrors con job distraction is going to stop the push-back against those who blindly supported him.

Even the Liberal/Democrat/Marxist aristocrats who have infiltrated the top officer ranks of the United States Military are going to be unable to look their enlisted subordinates in the eyes and tell them that there is/was any justifiable excuse for ordering them to fight in support of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood’s various other terrorists. Do not make the mistake of thinking that our men and women in the US Military do not know who Barack Insane Obama is demanding that they fight on behalf of.

Marine Corps

Make no mistake about it, Barack Insane Obama will eventually go down in history as the single most criminally corrupt and treasonous individual to ever step foot inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and the people who empowered him, who supported him, will be reckoned to be no different than those East Germans who spied on their families, friends and neighbors for the East German Secret Police (The Stasi).

Hat Tip to huckfunn and The Osprey for the Navy and Marine Corps pics used in this article.


One thought on “Obama to give aid and comfort to Al Qaeda.

  1. I would think the military would be in an uproar being asked to support Al Quaida for any reason. Sure Assad is a bad sickness. The Obama cure is worse than the disease

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