How to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

President Barack Insane Obama is working overtime attempting to get the dogs of war riled up, he desperately needs a war to distract people from the scandals plaguing his Administration. If and when he finally strikes Syria, it will be his third war.

Obama’s third war

You might as well try to teach a snake to juggle as hope the Obama administration will think strategically. The “peace president” is about to embark on his third military adventure, this time in Syria, without having learned the lessons of his botched efforts in Afghanistan and Libya. He hasn’t even learned from the Bush administration’s mistakes — which he mocked with such delight.

Before launching a single cruise missile toward Syria, Team Obama needs to be sure it has a good answer to the question, “What comes next?”

If Obama does a Clinton and churns up some sand with do-nothing cruise-missile strikes, it will only encourage the Assad regime. But if our president hits Assad hard and precipitates regime change, then what?

If al Qaeda and local Islamists seize Damascus, what will we do? The enfeebled “moderate opposition” we back rhetorically couldn’t dislodge hardcore jihadis, no matter how many weapons we sent (the jihadis would simply confiscate the gear).

What if we weaken the regime to the point where the fanatics rev up their jihad to drive out Christians and other minorities? What’s your plan then, Mr. President? After your night of explosive passion, will you still love the opposition in the morning?

Exactly which American vital security interests are at stake in Syria, Mr. President? Your credibility? Put a number on it. How many American lives is your blather about red lines worth?

Chemical weapons use? Horrible and illegal, a war crime. So is the mass slaughter of civilians. Is it really so much worse to be gassed than tortured to death by al Qaeda or burned alive in your church? Which is more important, the number of dead, or the means that killed them?

Islamist terrorists have killed tens, if not hundreds, of thousands, of innocent Muslims. Aren’t they the real enemies of civilization?

Mr. President, do you really think it’s wise to send our missiles and aircraft to provide fire support for al Qaeda? That is exactly what you’ll be doing, if you hit Assad.

Assad’s an odious butcher, filth on two legs. But in the world of serious strategy, you rarely get a choice between black and white. You choose between black and charcoal gray.

Obama has consistently backed the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda in every episode of the so called Arab Spring, in Libya he armed them with Stinger shoulder fired missiles, now he is preparing to put the American Navy and Air force at their beck and call. When in 2009 the Nobel Prize Committee awarded Barack Insane Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, it wasn’t based on anything he had actually done yet, but on what they believed he was going to do. The Nobel Prize Committee no doubt patted themselves on the back and went to sleep thinking that they had pointed a bright spotlight on the world newest Marxist Messiah. Meanwhile the vast majority of the world mocked them for transforming the Nobel Peace Prize into nothing more than a politically awarded caricature of what it was originally intended to be.

The Nobel Peace Prize 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize 2009 was awarded to Barack H. Obama “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”.

Obama violated the War Powers Act with complete and utter immunity when he attacked Libya and deposed Muammar Gaddafi and it looks as if he has every intention of doing so again against Bashar Assad in Syria. One has to wonder if the Nobel Prize Committee members still feel that smug sense of self satisfaction given the reality of who Barack Insane Obama has in fact turned out to be, the worst war mongering president in US history rather than their supposed light bringer and harbinger of peace. Never mind his support for the terrorists organizations the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, his wars alone obvious qualify him for that Nobel Peace Prize, hell, it’s a damned wonder the Nobel Prize Committee hasn’t awarded Hitler a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize.


One thought on “How to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

  1. Too bad the NCAA is not running the Nobel committee. They would demand the Peace Prize award be nullified, and would suspend Obama from the next few years of the games.

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