What would George Orwell (Or Stalin or Goebbels) have made of this…

Look out folks, here it comes. Propaganda and indoctrination in the digital age may be about to become as fast and simple as a software patch or upgrade. American’s have been being indoctrinated into Marxism without their knowledge or consent for decades now, and their is little evidence that those responsible have any intention of ceasing their efforts, regardless of how catastrophic a failure Marxist has proven to be. More importantly, it looks as if science is about to hand them tools to complete their agenda that eve3n the most fervent of Marxist could have only dreamed about.

First human brain-to-brain interface allows remote control over the internet, telepathy coming soon

The first human-to-human, brain-to-brain noninvasive interface has been created by researchers at the University of Washington. The system allows one researcher to remotely control the hand of another researcher, across the internet, merely by thinking about moving his hand. The researchers are already looking at a two-way system, to allow for a more “equitable” telepathic link between the two human brains, and the telepathic communication of complex information.

Only a crazy conspiracy theorist could possible see this new technology being used for nefarious purposes, right? Because scientific advances have never been misused by tyrants, despots or evil people with secret agenda’s, right… It’s not as if the NSA and the US Federal Government have used their monopoly on violence to coerce large software companies and internet service providers to grant them access to the aforementioned companies customer data or anything.

So, one day you are at at peace with the entire world, and the next you put on your brand spanking new mental digital software upgrade helmet to upgrade your job skills and the next thing you know… “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia”…


6 thoughts on “What would George Orwell (Or Stalin or Goebbels) have made of this…

  1. You need to proof read if you’re going to try to ba journalist. It’s bad enough you’re loony tunes, having spellins and grammatical errors desn’t help.

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