Pure Marxist indoctrinated stupidity.

You have to give that Ed Morrissey credit, he loves him some Marxist indoctrination and propaganda.

Audio: If you want to toss around bogus McCarthy references …

Exactly. Perhaps they could also learn to be a little more careful with their demagoguery, too. Because tossing around charges of McCarthyism in the manner Finney did about Cruz looks a lot more like the kind of thing McCarthy did than anything Cruz has done since arriving in Washington.

Like most American’s who are Marxists and don’t even know it, Ed drank the kool-aid and asked for more. This imbecilic statement by Ed is proof that Ed doesn’t know any more about Senator Joesph McCarthy than the Liberal imbecile he is attacking. Senator McCarthy was 100 percent vindicated in everything he said regarding the Marxist/Communist infiltration of the US Government. Like most of his fellow useless Marxist imbecile fellow troglodytes Ed obvious doesn’t know the difference between what Senator McCarthy said, and the HUAC.

HUAC was a Democrat/Marxist disinformation program designed specifically to confuse American regarding the true allegations made by Senator McCarthy. HUAC’s specific purpose was to create the illusion that Senator McCarthy was on a Salem styled witch hunt, it was HUAC that blacklisted innocent people, and HUAC that made outrageous assertions, not Senator McCarthy. As I said before Senator McCarthy was 100 percent vindicated when the Vernoa papers were released.

If you want to know the truth, and quite frankly I seriously doubt any of you do, or have the stomach for it, read the following books.

Diana West: American Betrayal

M. Evan Stanton: Blacklisted by History

If, on the other hand you do have the courage and the desire to know the truth, these books will start you on the path. They will, if you are honest with yourselves, show you exactly how far down the rabbit hole you were pulled without your knowledge. Yes, if you are an American citizen and under 50 you have been being indoctrinated into Marxism without your knowledge. You are in fact far more of a Marxist than you realize. That was the plan all along. And yes, it is working exactly as planned.


5 thoughts on “Pure Marxist indoctrinated stupidity.

  1. Finally someone who knows this . Feminism racism,equality, Homophobia,social security,central banks, the civil rights movement,government subsidies ,POLITICAL CORRECTNESS,animal rights, gay rights,drunk driving laws {which are in fact pre crime since no person or property was harmed,the FCC (which 100 % violates the first amendment},,,, these are ALL Marxist.We have traded freedom for a false sense of security .Americans have tossed excellence for mediocrity and Marxism .I’m with you 100 percent.I’m not a racist,I’m not a woman hater,a bigot.nor am I any of the things the Marxists say I am. I’m an INDIVIDUAL ! The same people who are against putting labels on people put labels on people.The hypocrisy of Fat Karl is paramount.What they call racism used to be called PERSONAL PREFERENCE.I look around.I do not see groups. I see only individuals,snow flakes if you will.Thomas Jefferson wanted to protect your stuff Karl Marx wanted to take it.Do the math.I loathe this new world we live in.Few are happy and optimistic.Kids think this is all Capitalism…another Marxist term when in fact they are enveloped and devoured by Communism.

    • Sorry I forgot to add income tax and forced taxes.”Is that Free market Mage.No its cultural Marxism…….YOUR SOAKING IN IT “

  2. All anyone remembers about McCarthy these days is Welch asking him if he “had no shame.” Listen to liberals sometime – they talk about how it was McCarthy who blacklisted all those poor Hollywood types. Then you have to remind the imbeciles that it was the HOUSE Un-American Activities Committee that did that — and McCarthy was a Senator.

    • Exactly, and even worse, is the number of conservatives who were taught all through their public education what a bastard McCarthy was, who have never given it one second of research, who still do not know that McCarthy was 100 percent vindicated, and who still stubbornly cling to the propaganda they were taught in school about McCarthy.

      • She may not be the poster girl for conservatism these days and has the ability to alienate, but Ann Coulter in her book “Treason” lays it all out in clear and concise language. It embarrasses me to say that that is where I first learned about the Venona Papers. And it is embarrassing on the whole that more people don’t. Bring them up on a liberal website sometime and people think you’re making it up.

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