The amazingly duplicitous dishonestly of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media.

There is little doubt that some small inkling has finally reached the useless imbeciles which infest the once honorable Fourth Estate, which is now nothing less than a Fifth Column Treasonous Media, that the American general public, and not just a few far right conservative, no longer consider them to have anything even vaguely resembling integrity.

Independent TV news analyst Andrew Tyndall marvelously observed to THR, “It’s a bit rich for Todd and Mitchell to cry foul now about their journalistic purity being contaminated by commercial and ideological considerations. As if the MSNBC lineup where Todd and Mitchell ply their trade every day is not shared with activist ideologues such as Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz.

As Allahpunditover at HotAir rather dimly puts it.

So NBC thinks Hillary will soon be President Hillary and that President Hillary and her cabinet won’t be quite as eager to talk with Brian Williams as she will the other network anchors. That’s the only scenario I can imagine where they’d have reason to worry about a Clintonian grudge.

Well for one thing, yes the Clintons really are that vindictive and vile, though that really has nothing to do with the Fifth Column Treasonous Media’s reasoning. This is all about attempting to repurchase their virginity. What most people fail to grasp is that their is a separate reality for mediawhores than their is for average regular human beings, not that I would ever consider including any member of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media in the catagory of human beings.

But the brutal truth is, that they get to reinvent themselves every single time they go on the air or publish a new article. They grasp the concept that not everyone is actually paying attention. They can tell you one lie today, and a completely contradictory lies tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that the overlap between yesterdays viewers and today’s viewers is small enough that yesterdays lies will be forgotten, overwritten as it were by today’s lies and then again by tomorrows lies.

This tactic allowed them, in the days before the internet, to change their lies on a daily basis with near complete and total impunity. What they are now discovering is, that things have changed and thanks to the internet, that former reality of misdirection, deception and obfuscation that was once their sovereign domain has violently collided with real time fact checking and aggressive push-back reality. In short they have lost their creditability with their once captive audiences.

This does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that they have thrown their hands up in despair and surrendered, oh no, quiet the contrary, they are doubling down on their efforts to deceive and appear to still retain some small measure of credibility and integrity. Were this not true, CNN and NBC would never ever have thought that they could produce a mini series about the Hillary Clinton who is utterly without question or doubt the Democrat Presidential candidate in 2016 without violating at least a dozen federal election laws.

No, that arrogant hubris still infects them like the HIV virus in the Homosexual community, no amount of public vehement aggressive denial will change the actual facts. Witness the hubris in it’s fullest manifestation.

Those of us in Washington live in an era of Democratic triumphalism. Most of the Democrats I talk to are convinced that their destiny is almost upon them. To be sure, they thought that before, in 2008, and that turned out to be incorrect. But ultimately, they expect changing U.S. demographics to deliver the sort of rock-solid control of the political process that they enjoyed between 1932 and 1968.

If the Republican Party isn’t worried about this, they should be. But should Democrats be worried too?

Pay very careful attention here, this is not projection of opinion, it’s not assertion of fact, this is a Fifth Column Treasonous Media whore engaging in pure political propaganda telling you what you are REQUIRED to think. Here is another example of that exact same “We’re smarter than you and will tell you what you are now required to think” arrogant hubris.

I really do think tribal feelings determine how you view the significance of Edward Snowden’s revelations. It is almost impossible not take into account everything associated with the manner that they were released: the dramatic flight to Hong Kong, then Russia; the dramatic differences in press freedoms in the U.S. and U.K.; the detention of David Miranda and the destruction of hard drives inside the headquarters of a newspaper. No matter how hard we try, we can’t help but fail to segregate our judgment of the NSA’s actions. We want to side with the side we identify with: civil libertarians, journalism, or with the intelligence community, with policy-makers. We accept their assertions and their evidence more than we do the assertions of the “other” side, even though this type of controversy does not lend itself to binary divisions.

I will make the case for why I think the NSA scandal is as bad as it sounds in a future post. Now, I want to make the case, somewhat simplified, that the Snowden revelations, and everything we’ve learned until this point, do not paint a picture that resembles anything Edward Munch might come up with. I will not qualify any of the reasons below with phrases like, “but of course, they could do much, much better” or “without a doubt, the NSA hasn’t been nearly as forthcoming as they ought to be” or “of course Americans have a right to know more.” I do believe all of it, and I’ll save that for the next post.

To quote Ronnie James Dio, “Tell a little truth with many lies, It’s the only way I’ve found” and the truth is, that is exactly how it is done. When you tell a lie, the only way that people will fall for it, is if their is just enough truth mixed in it to make the lie seem believable. The first imagery presented, is the imagery that retains it’s greatest impact. It’s why the prosecutor always goes first in any trial. Unless you are dealing with an amazingly brilliant person or a complete sociopath, you can always tell what they really believe by where they position themselves at the start.

The Fifth Column Treasonous Media is relying on people not paying attention to what they have said and done, and now they are attempting to rewrite history, to portray themselves as honest objective journalists, but the truth is that the cat is out of the bag, they are lying scum sucking perverts trying to rehabilitate their image. the only question left is, is there still a large enough segment of the population of the United States of America with their heads still stuck up their asses for their lies and deceptions to, as Joesph Goebbels once claimed “Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” to happen again?


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