File this one under: Don’t hold your breath.

Taken from the CNN website:

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So, does this mean that CNN has finally decided to investigate what anyone with 2 functional braincells knew last year? File this under: “I Told you So” (The Kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens)

Why we should hang the Fifth Column Treasonous Media talking heads.
August 1, 2013 at 10:24 pm | Reply

Jake Tapper over at CNN decided to pretend for a day that he’s really a Journalist and that CNN is really a News Organization. Yea…. Right….

CNN buried what really happened in Benghazi (as well as the Operation Fast and Furious scandal) for the purpose of helping Barack Insane Obama win reelection in 2012. That is not reporting or Journalism, it’s pure corruption and propaganda dissemination. The fools and useless imbeciles over at CNN really ought to do a bit of soul searching and investigative journalism and find out exactly what happened to the agents of the Stasi when the Berlin Wall came down.

The propaganda pushing Fifth Column Treasonous Media have placed themselves in a position of considerable risk if and when the American people ever discover what they have really been up to. These occasional fluff pieces where they pretend that they are still the Fourth Estate simple are not cutting it. This should be obvious even to these Marxist assholes given that the polls show that the American people consider Journalists to be lower on the social scale than necrophiliacs and child molesters.


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