America to new EPA Chief: Not just no, but hell NO.

The new head of the EPA is a damned arrogant imbecilic Marxist who clearly believes that it is her job to force Americans to do what she and her agency knows it the right thing. To hell with whether it really is the right thing or not, and most importantly, to hell with the consequences of her and her agency’s decisions.

New EPA chief: Can everybody please “stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs?”

The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency told an audience at Harvard Law School on Tuesday that cutting carbon pollution will “feed the economic agenda of this country” and vowed to work with industry leaders on shaping policies aimed at curbing global warming.

“Climate change will not be resolved overnight,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told the 310-member audience. “But it will be engaged over the next three years. That I can promise you.”

McCarthy made a full-throated defense of her agency’s right to address greenhouse-gas emissions and other pollutants, saying that air-quality regulations and environmental cleanup efforts have already produced economic benefits in the United States.

“Can we stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs, please?” she asked, prompting loud applause. “We need to embrace cutting-edge technology as a way to spark business innovation.” …

“EPA cannot dictate solutions,” McCarthy said. “We have to engage.”

The simple truth of the matter is that the EPA has become little more than a club to be wielded against evil laissez faire capitalists who obviously have only one desire, which is to rape the environment, by an ever increasingly blatant Marxist Federal Government.

I have some incredibly shocking news for you Ms. McCarthy, you are a useless imbecile who fell for the worlds largest Ponzi scheme. Yes, I am actually being incredibly charitable here by suggesting that you are merely a useless imbecile who fell for the Global Warming Ponzi scheme. Because the alternative is that you are knowingly and willingly pushing a multi-trillion dollar Ponzi scheme on the American people.

A Ponzi scheme I might add that has indisputably proven to be nothing less than exactly that, a fraudulent hoax and Ponzi scheme designed not in response to scientific research which identified a catastrophic upcoming event, but one which was created from the very get go to provide various governmental agencies around the world with a plausible sounding rationalization for placing draconian restrictions and insanely massive tax increases on their respective citizens.

The key indicator that this is the pure unadulterated truth is in the so called analysis itself. A report which says in absolutely no uncertain terms that no matter how much money is spent by all the world combined governments regardless of the time scale over which it is spent, it is 100 percent impossible for the human race to alter global weather patterns. In other words, spending the entire Gross National Products of every nation on earth for the next 1000 years will not alter the earths mean global temperature by so much as .001 degrees.

Since we know this to be a fact, and we know it before one single penny is even spent, we are therefore left with only one single possible logical or rational conclusion. That conclusion is as inevitable as it is incontrovertible, every single piece of legislation, every single tax levied and every single regulation enacted is being done so for the purpose of extortion.

So yes, as I said above, I am indeed being incredibly charitable in calling you a useless imbecile who has fallen for the worlds largest Ponzi scheme. More importantly, hell no we cannot stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs, because that is exactly what those fake and useless regulations are doing, killing jobs and crippling our economy.


2 thoughts on “America to new EPA Chief: Not just no, but hell NO.

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  2. The EPA is the new terrorist organization funded by none other than us, the American citizen! We will all have to see how it all plays out. One thing is for sure, the people at some point will have to make a decision to just keep talking or put a stop to it. It seems, both sides of the issue is just about talking, except one side has the power of government behind it, and the power to financially ruin this nation!. Let’s just keep bitching, that will fix it all!

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