Those incredulous denizens of the Professional Blogsphere… (—-> points at Jazz Shaw)

When dealing with individuals whose craft and livelihood is the constructing of visualized abstract concepts out of words and phrases, the notion of extending to them the benefit of a doubt regarding their unending sense of childlike naivety requires as Hilary Clinton Samuel Taylor Coleridge once proclaimed, a “willing suspension of disbelief”.

The following is an example of that “unending sense of childlike naivety” as expressed by HotAir’s weekend contributing Blogger, Jazz Shaw.

Juror B29 was framed… sort of

posted at 10:01 am on July 27, 2013 by Jazz Shaw

Allahpundit took a first look at the big Juror B29 Breaking News on Thursday, and like many of us, was left scratching his head. The headlines which showed up all across the media all focused on one money line from ABC’s big interview with “Maddy” because it was just so gosh darned irresistible. “George Zimmerman Got Away With Murder.”

Another person who jumped on that headline, albeit from a different angle, was Dr. James Joyner. That’s not surprising given the number of others who reported the “news” pretty much as presented by ABC. But now he’s had time to look over the situation and found that there was a lot more (or perhaps less) to the truncated interview clips than met the eye. Joyner points us to William Saletan, who takes a look at the unedited interview and determines, “The media are reporting that a juror says Zimmerman is guilty of murder. That’s not true.“

Helloieeeee….. Jazz Charley Brown……. How many times are you going to insist on falling for Lucy van Pelts promise to let you kick that football??? ABC are charter members of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media. I have said this at least a thousand times now. Dan Rather’s throbbing memo i.e. Rathergate, was not the exception, it was the rule.

The Fifth Column Treasonous Media keeps getting caught, over and over and over again, and yet people like Jazz and Ed and the other members of the Professional Blogging Class remain totally and completely incredulous regarding the Fifth Column Treasonous Media’s status as purveyors of lies, deceits, deceptions, falsehoods and intentional misrepresentations.

At some point, anyone in possession of more than two functional braincells has to ask themselves, is it really possible for any individual to genuinely be that naive? If, perchance, you really are that naive, what the hell are you doing writing for a political blog?


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