Marco Rubio goes into damage control mode; aka time to fool the imbeciles in the GOP base again.

On 29 July 1967 current US Senator John “Maverick” McCain and then Lieutenant Commander John McCain began engaging in a tactic for which he would in years to come become infamous for. On that day in 1967 Lieutenant Commander John McCain, an American Naval pilot bombed the American Aircraft Carrier, USS Forrestal (CVA-59), resulting in the deaths of 134 American Sailors and the injury of 161.

There are a substantial number of people who believe that John McCain’s being shot down and taken prisoner was neither accident nor coincidence, but rather either an act of divine retribution or intentional fragging. The concept of fragging is where subordinate officers or enlisted men salute an officer on the battlefield resulting in that officer being targeted and shot or killed by enemy snipers.

As a politician, Senator John McCain has repeated the bombing of the USS Forrestal metaphorically so many times, that outside of the imbeciles in Arizona who continue reelecting him, he has been unanimously named the poster child for RINOism. The simpler truth is, that John McCain is a Democrat/Marxist in Republican clothing.

Enter Marco Rubio, the newest psyched you out I’m really a RINO pretending to be a Conservative Republican and sycophant disciple of the master of friendly fire John McCain.

Rubio: You bet I’ll be the lead sponsor of a Senate bill banning abortion after 20 weeks

Time to seek absolution from the base for the recent immigration-related “unpleasantness.” All is forgiven? Some is forgiven?

A tiny little bit is forgiven, maybe?

“If someone else would like to do it instead of me, I’m more than happy to consider it. But I’d like to be the lead sponsor,” the Florida Republican said. “I feel very strongly about this issue. And I’d like to be the lead sponsor on it if we can find language that we can unify people behind.”…

Rubio said “certainly” the Constitution would allow a federal law banning abortions after 20-weeks — it’s just a question of which portion of the document. Rubio is also a co-sponsor of a bill from Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) that would ban abortions after 20 weeks in the District of Columbia, an issue he said that is more easily constitutionally settled given the District’s federal status.

“What we have among pro-life supporters in the Senate is a difference of opinion about: Which constitutionally enumerated power is this flowing under?” Rubio said. “We just have not yet been able to come to a consensus on that.”…

“We have a vast majority of support among most Americans, irrespective of how people may feel about the issue of abortion,” Rubio said. “We’re talking about five months into a pregnancy. People certainly believe there should be significant restrictions on that.”

Yea… About that “recent immigration-related “unpleasantness.”” Rubio was following perfectly in the footsteps of Senator John “I bombed the USS Forrestal” McCain. Like John McCain who blew up his own carrier, Rubio dropped a massive bomb on the GOP, and just like the USS Forrestal incident, it was the “Little people” who took the brunt of the damage.

Marco Rubio is not even remotely a conservative nor is he genuinely a republican, Marco Rubio is a professional politician, his only true goals and ambitions are pure ruthless political power. Like his mentor John “I bombed the USS Forrestal” McCain he will continue to drop bombs on the republican base, the difference however may well be that unlike Arizona, Florida quite possibly might not have as many imbeciles living in it.

New initiative from conservative activists in Florida: Recall Rubio

KrisAnne Hall, a radio host who teaches seminars on the Constitution, tells National Review Online that she and a number of other Florida-based conservative activists hope to recall Senator Marco Rubio. But there’s one catch: You can’t recall U.S. senators in Florida. But that isn’t stopping them. Hall says she and others are working to draft state legislation that would allow for senators to face recall votes. She says that once they put the legislation together, they plan to muster support from grassroots activists, get the Florida state legislature to pass the bill, and then recall the senator, who next faces reelection in 2016.

Hall tells me that the tea-party voters who put Rubio in office are frustrated with his career thus far, especially his support for the Gang of Eight’s immigration legislation.

“They’re done with him,” she says of Florida’s tea-party activists. “They’re not voting for him and they’re angry. They’re angry because they feel they’ve been deceived.”

Whether these Florida Conservatives have the political clout to actually manage to get their recall legislation passed and recall Rubio or not, there can be little doubt that the profound displeasure of his constitutes has come to his attention, and is more than a little bit responsible for his current attempt to pull a classic Mohammad Ali rope-a-dope on conservatives and particularly Florida conservative Republicans.


One thought on “Marco Rubio goes into damage control mode; aka time to fool the imbeciles in the GOP base again.

  1. Next time John McCain puts a hand on your shoulder and asks you to join his Gang, Marco, maybe you should run fast and run far.

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