File this one under: You have to be a Democrat to be this corrupt

So Anthony Weiner is trying to run for Mayor of New York City, yes former congressman Anthony Weiner of the famed sexting scandal. And the New York Times, which as everyone with two functional brain cells knows is about as Democrat/Marxist a rag as has every been published is objecting to his run for Mayor.

Gray Lady to Weiner: Get out

posted at 8:01 am on July 24, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

Allahpundit gave a great recap to one of the stranger political events of all time, the attempt by Anthony Weiner to argue for yet another opportunity for redemption. When he entered the mayoral race, Weiner said that he’d learned his lesson after the scandal broke in 2011 and was ready to return, but revelations in the past 24 hours show that he continued his extramarital Internet trolling well after the birth of his child last year. Nevertheless, his wife Huma Abedin stood by his side and declared that she supported Weiner and that the latest reports were old news and an issue between the two of them.

Did New Yorkers agree? It’s too early for polling, but one voice was singularly unimpressed with the spectacle. The New York Times editorial board wasted no time yesterday evening in delivering a response — get out:

At some point, the full story of Anthony Weiner and his sexual relationships and texting habits will finally be told. In the meantime, the serially evasive Mr. Weiner should take his marital troubles and personal compulsions out of the public eye, away from cameras, off the Web and out of the race for mayor of New York City. …

When the first texts were revealed two years ago, Mr. Weiner lied about it, saying he had been the victim of hackers. Then he owned up, tearfully abandoned his office and retreated into private life. Then he was back, telling the world that therapy and his wife’s forgiveness had turned him around and that he was ready to begin a new chapter. That turned out to be the mayor’s race, which he entered in May. What he did not say then, and what voters did not realize until Tuesday, was that his resignation had not been the end of his sexual misconduct.

The timing here matters, as it would for any politician who violates the public’s trust and then asks to have it back. Things are different now, he insists. “This behavior is behind me,” he said again on Tuesday. He suggested that people should have known that his sexting was an unresolved problem well into 2012.

That’s ridiculous and speaks to a familiar but repellent pattern of misleading and evasion. It’s up to Mr. Weiner if he wants to keep running, to count on voters to forgive and forget and hand him the keys to City Hall. But he has already disqualified himself.

The language employed by the New York Slimes is amusing to say the least. After years of Mayor Bloomingidiot the salt/soda/gun Nazi the New York Slimes is worried about New Yorker’s electing a Dick Weiner as Mayor.

Funny thing about their objections to Weiner, is their silence on San Diego, California’s Democrat Douche Bag Serial Sexual Predator Mayor, Bob Filner.

The Mayor of San Diego would really, really like to apologize…

As I hinted at above, this probably doesn’t sound like all that newsworthy of an item. A prominent Democrat is found to be unable to control himself around women, gets caught, a scandal ensues, blah, blah blah. Right? So he resigns in disgrace and we all move on with our lives. But wait! Not so fast.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner released a statement on Thursday afternoon apologizing to city residents, hours after he was accused of sexually harassing numerous female employees.

“I begin today by apologizing to you. I have diminished the office to which you elected me. I have reached into my heart and soul and realize I must and will change my behavior,” he said in the DVD.

Yes, yes, we get it. You’re very sorry. And….?

“I am also humbled to admit that I need help. I have begun to work with professionals to make changes in my behavior and approach. In addition, my staff and I will participate in sexual harassment training provided by the city.

Seeking professional help. Check. Now, about that resignation…?

“In the next few days, I will be reaching out to those who now work to those who now work in the Mayor’s Office or have previously worked for me – both men and women – to personally apologize for my behavior.”

“I only ask that you give me an opportunity to prove I am capable of change, so that the vision I have for our city’s future can be realized,” he said.

You have to understand how the Democrat/Marxist mind works to understand the New York Slimes silence on Bob Filner. Filner is the Current Mayor of San Diego, California and Democrats never waste a advantage. Their only moral or ethical values is, that the end justifies the means. San Diego County is a predominately Conservative Republican county, unlike New York City where the chance of a Republican getting elected is nonexistent, in San Diego it is a genuine possibility should Filner be forced out of office.

The end game for the Democrats is, to stack the deck, i.e. fill as many of the cities unelected bureaucratic positions with hardcore Democrat/Marxists as possible, this is how the Democrat/Marxists take control of metropolitan area’s. Fill the unelected administrative bureaucratic positions with hardcore Democrat/Marxists, which in turn allows them to bring in the Union Goons (which provides them massive political funding), set the metropolitan area’s educational agenda, brainwash and indoctrinate the youth of that metropolitan area with Democrat/Marxist ideology, increase the government assistance dependent population and the next thing you know, that metropolitan area is a Democrat/Marxist stronghold.

Which is exactly why their is so little outrage being expressed by the Democrat/Marxists about Bob Filner being a Douche Bag Serial Sexual Predator. Like I said, their only moral or ethical value is, that the end justifies the means, and Bob Filner, Douche Bag Serial Sexual Predator that he is, gives them the opportunity to do exactly that.


One thought on “File this one under: You have to be a Democrat to be this corrupt

  1. Weiner did it virtually. Clinton did it in her mouth. Spitzer paid for it. Only Stallion Rudy got her to take it in for free, with his kids watching!

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